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Repurpose Me! Travel Mugs

Since we are living on limited space we can’t afford to keep things on the boat that don’t have at least one purpose, and since we are living on limited budget we can’t really afford to just throw things away once they are no longer working or needed for their original purpose. This gives us an opportunity to stretch and apply our creative thinking skills. As we come across items that we need to find a new use for  we will be putting up a new blog post with the title “Repurpose Me!”  and a description of the item, along a picture. We would love to hear how our readers would repurpose things (maybe we can steal some ideas) as well as suggestions as how we could use them on a boat.

With that said we have 2 travel mugs that we got shortly after we arrived in VA, we found that they make everything taste like heavily scented soap, and have given up after trying all the tricks. We looked at reviews for them and it turns out that it actually the mug not something we did to it. It has a stainless steel exterior and a plastic interior, it really is leak proof, which makes it water tight and good for something on a boat.we just aren’t sure what yet. We are willing modify them in order to make them useful if anyone has a good idea please let us know!

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