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Shea- Special Delivery

Over the last week and a half Josh and I have spent our evenings in the Slip Holders Lounge cooking meals, using the internet, and most importantly staying warm! We have spent several of those evenings looking at heaters for the boat, we have gone back and forth over what kind we might get and how much we were willing to spend. We usually head to bed thinking we can just tough it out until we head south only to come back the lounge the next night and pull up the links we have open to different heaters. We had narrowed it down to the Heat Pal 5000 but still couldn’t convince ourselves to shovel out the $200 to pay for it. While we hymed and hawed over it Josh pulled up some pictures of the heater on google, the newer models are plain stainless steel while the older models caught my eye whith their vibrant fire red and retro orange paint! If we are going to get one I like the fun ones. Like usual we ended the evening saying we will keep it in mind and decide later.

Yesterday while Josh was working on making more cupboards in the head and I was going through some of the cleaning supplies that was left on the boat we heard a knock on the hull, I climbed out and peaked over the side. “Merry Christmas!” I was greeted by two of our new friends that we have been having lunch with, one of them was holding a flame red and retro orange Heat Pal 5000 with a red bow on the side! They brought us an early Christmas present, the vintage heater belonged to his grandpa and was in excellent condition! We were so surprised, just as I was thinking it is amazing how God provides one of them said “You didn’t know angels made special deliveries did you?” We put are work aside and eagerly joined our friends for lunch while they showed us how the heater worked.

The grinder we have been waiting for to do some of the cabin top work showed up and the stanchions were move during lunch, so I could finish painting the hull. Josh got as far as he could on the cupboard and we wrapped things up for the day just in time for the sun to go down as we headed up to lounge to make dinner.

It has really been astonishing how the path has laid since we found Full Moon! We have met so many ¬†encouraging and supportive people since we have started this journey, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Update Hygiene: Today we scrubbed our scalps with baking soda and used apple cider vinegar to condition our hair, My hair smelled like the vinegar until it dried. Hair and scalp feels clean and soft and was much easier to brush after using the vinegar.

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