We have a SPOT that will be used when we are out and about. The points will only show for a about a month before they cycle out. I will be archiving the points on another page.

We will try and update the SPOT location once a day while underway or distanced from an internet connection if possible, there will be places that the SPOT doesn’t work or times when the message may not send as expected, these occurrences should not be cause for alarm.

Here is a map of our recent SPOT check ins.
[gigya src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” width=”550″ height=”600″ flashvars=”id=42324@1″%5D

If you would like to see our SPOT map in a bigger window click this link.
[gigya src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” width=”100″ height=”100″ flashvars=”id=42324@2&openLinksInNewWindow=true”%5D


6 thoughts on “SPOT Map

  1. Bill Smales

    Have not been able to see recent position reports, and the blog appears to have lapsed since August.
    Hope you are well & OK
    Bill, Tanya & kids

  2. kim & terrie

    where are you guys? we are in new bern, leaving today, will be anchored out by a national forrest that kim would like to check out,not too far from here.

  3. Hey guys, we followed along with your “SPOT” during the hurricane, and thank you for hitting that spot, as often as you did… I was relieved every time I saw a new spot! So, now that the hurricane is over……… no new spots?! Why is that!!!! Where are you….. We are currently awaiting the Wrightsville Bridge, in NC… at mile marker 283.1 to open…. it is due to open in about 7 minutes!!!! We are hoping to do about 44 miles today…….. We have our blog up and running, and I try to update it daily, so if you check it out…. you will know where we are! Contact us….. let us know you are okay, as I am sure that you are, it just would be nice to hear from you already……… Hope all is well….. we miss you guys!
    Kim & Terrie

  4. You guys are awesome! Have fun exploring the Caribbean!

  5. Hey Josh, I would really like to know how you embedded spot into your wordpress blog. I saw your post on the help web site but there wasn’t much of that. Can you explain to me how you did it. Cheers — great blog by the way

    • Josh

      Did you figure out how to use the SPOT Map? I have been away from the blogging for some time now. Just going through my messages and wanted to fallow up.


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