Josh’s Journal

Josh’s attempt to keep a daily journal, there will be times that several days may pass between entries depending on internet availability and sought after adventures.

15DEC12 Saturday

This morning we went ashore to see if the mail had come. We were able to take the bus so that wasn’t so bad. It still wasn’t there but we took advantage of being close to Walmart and did a little shopping then took the bus back. When we got back to the boat Shea worked on doing some cleaning and practiced her ukulele while I stayed out of her way taking a short nap and catching up transcribing the journal onto the computer. We then went ashore to check the email and do some things online, I forgot to update the blog though… We then returned to the boat and turned in for the night.

14DEC12 Friday

This morning we took the dingy to the SW side of the bridge and got soaked by the confused water and wind. We then walked to the post office but found it was not the correct one. The correct one was about four miles further. A kind guy offered us a ride, we visited with him and his friend on the way over then found only my package had arrived, Shea’s had not yet… The guys were nice enough to then return us to the dingy, we then returned to the boat and got soaked again so we decided to just move the boat from the NE side to the more protected SW side. That was done easily enough, Shea then made some banana bread. After all that we went back ashore and stayed dry this time and met up with my aunt and uncle and some extended family. We all went out for pizza, it was a nice time visiting and near the end of the night my aunt, uncle, Shea and I went to a huge surf shop where Shea got a ukulele so she could learn how to play, it was a lot of fun!

13DEC12 Thursday

This morning I put out some more scope and the kellet so the winds and waves wouldn’t make us drag like a few other boats close by had done. Shea and I then met up with Kim and Terrie because they are close by! We rode around and visited with them all day and they treated is to dinner. It  was great to catch up with our friends!

12DEC12 Wednesday

Later this morning we went to visit with Michelle and the kids on Bay Tripper and help her give their son a haircut. When Mike got back from shopping we visited for a bit then Shea and I took the dingy to the SW side of the bridge and tied up at Cocoa Village so we could go visit a large hardware store. We got all sorts of things that we have been needing along with some we didn’t but we didn’t get a lot of things that we wanted. We returned to the boat and hung out for a bit then Mike came to visit for a bit. Late on we went over to Bay Tripper and visited for the night.

11DEC12 Tuesday

This morning we set out for Cocoa. We dropped the anchor near Cocoa  Village on the SW side of the 520 bridge. We decided to move to the NE when we found out that the stores were closer to that side. Shea and I then went to do a little shopping and found that I had forgotten my wallet back at the boat so I ran back while she shopped. This evening Shea made burritos for dinner and they turned out great!

10DEC12 Monday

The fog moved in this morning and locked is all in. It finally lifted around nine thirty so we headed out to see how far we could make it. We ended up making it to Titusville just after sunset and dropped anchor just south of the railroad bridge. The weather picked up a bit but we had a smooth enough ride even with the winds coming out of the South for most of the night.

09DEC12 Sunday

Today we motored to Datona. I put us aground while trying to get into the anchorage… I muss understood the directions into it, we got off easily enough though. Once we dropped the hook Shea and I rowed over to S/V Duchess to say hello to our anchor neighbors. We ended up visiting for a while, it was fun of corse. We then rowed over to Bay Tripper to look at tomorrows plans and visit. Michelle and their son had made us some bread! It was great and we appreciate it a lot!

08DEC12 Saturday

This morning Shea and I went to see if we could find the farmers market. We had no luck but stopped by a little grocery store and couldn’t believe how much everything was. We then went to meet up with the previous owner of Full Moon since they now live down here. It was fun to catch up and we had lunch together. We all then walked around and saw the sights, it was a good time. Once they headed out Shea and I walked for a bit then returned to the boat after taking showers where the dingy was tied up (part of the rate for tying up). We watched the parade of boats with Christmas lights from Bay Tripper then Shea and I went ashore to see the lights and get subway for dinner. We had the sandwiches piled with veggies, it was great!

07DEC12 Friday

This morning Bay Tripper planned to go to the Sailors Exchange (a shop full of boat stuff). We tagged along and I ended up getting a bell for the boat. It needs to be cleaned up but its neat. After that we had lunch with Bay Tripper at a pizza place that made great brick oven pizzas. Shea and I then walked to West Marine and a grocery store looking for Kerosene but had no luck finding any. After returning to the boat we went to visit Bay Tripper for a bit and they gave us a hanger for our new bell, it was a fun day.

06DEC12 Thursday

Today was another short day. We wanted to check out St. Augustine so we anchored near the Bridge of Lions. Shea sent out some emails with the wifi we found and this evening Rabid Rabbit stopped in to visit. Mike from Bay Tripper also stopped by for a bit. It was fun to host on Full Moon.

05DEC12 Wednesday

Today we only went as far as Sisters Creek, Bay Tripper wanted to take the kids to a playground close by and we saw no reason to rush on. We ended up staying on some free docks for the night. It was nice to walk around for a bit and we visited with “A” and Mambo for a bit. It is fun to run into boats that you meet along the water way. Shea also made some really good stuffed breads in the oven. She is getting used to the galley!

04DEC12 Tuesday

Another short day; the shoal spots went by with no problems and we rafted up with Bay Tripper tonight in Fernandina Beach Florida! Full Moon was born near here. While rafted up we also saw Grey Fox and visited for a bit with them. We then went ashore and took showers then walked around a little before returning to the boats. After dinner we visited for a bit then went to bed.

03DEC12 Monday

Today was a short day due to some shoals that we need to hit at or near high tide, so we’ll take them first thing in the moring. We ended up anchoring on the East side of Lanier Island for the night.

02DEC12 Sunday

This morning I took a cast iron skillet that we had bought to use as a heat defuser in the oven but found out it was to big and so I ground the edges down with the grinder. I then de-sulfated/equalized the house battery bank. Shea got things ready for the potluck. This evening we visited with everyone and had a great time with the other two boats.

01DEC12 Saturday

This morning was a real short motor into Darien to use the free docks. After Rabid Rabbit, Bay Tripper and us had all tied up we went exploring around the area. It was a neat little town and we picked up some things at the store for a potluck tomorrow. Shea made some cheese cake; both in the oven and some in the pressure cooker. It turned out very good! The bugs are terrible here down on the water though…

30NOV12 Friday

Another early morning, we motor sailed for the day then anchored in Duplin River for the night. Ed and Marry Ann were there as well and since we would probably not be seeing them again we spent some time visiting with them after visiting on Bay Tripper for a bit. It’s really neat to have made so many great friends.

29NOV12 Thursday

Today we set out to see how far we could make it. It was another long day of motoring. We ended up in a neat little anchorage called Breakfast Creek for the night and while visiting with Bay Tripper Rabid Rabbit came in after Dark.

28NOV12 Wednesday

Shea and I got underway a little before sunrise so we could try and catch up with the group. Bay Tripper had gone ahead but Rabid Rabbit was just heading out when we passed their anchorage, good thing too because we were missing a chart to get into Beaufort. We fallowed them then anchored. We were able to find a wifi signal even while anchored out so we updated the chart database on the computer. We then went over to Bay Tripper and shared some hot buttered rub that we forgot the first row over so I had to row back to Full Moon to pick it up . After visiting Shea and I went over to Rabid Rabbit to share some with them and visit. It was a fun night!

27NOV12 Tuesday

This morning we took the dingy in to refuel and re-water. While getting fuel we saw Ed and Mary Ann so we chatted for a bit. When the tides changed we got underway and ended up anchoring in Church Creek for the night while Bay Tripper and Rabid Rabbit anchored a few miles ahead.

26NOV12 Monday

Today we walked around and checked out a large street market after doing laundry. For lunch we got some pizza and I left my sweatshirt behind so once we got back to the boat we had to go back to get it, it was a bit of a walk. Tonight we went over to Bay Tripper to talk about tomorrows game plan then SHea and I returned to the boat.

25NOV12 Sunday

Shea and I went ashore to look around and found a place to get online. We contacted a friend we had made at Yankee Point, he was wintering nearby. He was down at his boat and offered to come pick us up, we spent the rest of the day visiting and sightseeing. It was a lot of fun and we are so glad we could meet up with him.

24NOV12 Saturday

We set out early again and thanks to a very kind bridge tender near the end of our long day we were able to anchor in Charleston before sunset. We just spent the evening relaxing in the boat and watched a movie on the laptop.

23NOV12 Friday

This morning we pulled back into the free dock then walked to WalMart with another cruising couple. Shea and I shopped for a bit then we started our walk back and not far into it a guy stopped to offer us a ride to the docks. It was very kind of him and we really appreciated it. This evening we visited with Bay Tripper for a bit then a guy Shea and I had met during the Turkey Shoot Regatta at Yankee Point found out that we were there so he came to visit for a bit. He then invited is to come out to his boat tonight once we anchored out. So after we went and dropped the hook we took the dingy over to visit and had a great time aboard Grey Fox

22NOV12 Thursday

This morning we pulled into Georgetown public day dock and shared a great Thanksgiving with Bay Tripper and some other cruisers. It was a fun little potluck that Bay Tripper hosted at the dock. This evening we both pulled out and anchored not far from the docks.

21NOV12 Wednesday

This morning we tried to make it to Georgetown but it was just to far with the currents and bridge times. Full Moon anded up anchoring in a little spot behind Butler Island shortly before sunset just seven miles from Georgetown.

20NOV12 Tuesday

An early start this morning got us to Calabash Creek shortly after one this afternoon. We hung out on the boat and Shea made pita bread then Mike from Bay Tripper and his son cam to visit for a little while, another fun day with friends on the water.

19NOV12 Monday

Last night I had to get up and adjust the anchor snubber during the rain and wind. It was cold and wet, that’s why we’re headed south! Today the weather was better so we continued on our way. We made it to South Port and Bay Tripper showed us some seasonally free docks that we could stay at over night. We visited for a bit ashore then Shea and I turned in shortly after sunset.

18NOV12 Sunday

The weather was crummy all day so Shea and I stayed inside mostly. Shea made some more pita bread that has turned out amazing every time, then made some cookies. Later this afternoon Bay Tripper came over and asked if we wanted to share a cab into town to do a little shopping. Even with the wind and the rain we were happy to go so we all piled into his dingy and went ashore. Once at Harris Teeter he did the shopping for his boat while we did for ours. Shea and I were also able to run over to a hardware store and pick up some peat moss for the head (composting toilet). When we returned to the dingy we loaded it up with everything and the three of us and then returned to the boat, it was a fun ride. This evening Shea and I cleaned out the head and put new moss in, it went really smooth even being below decks during the bad weather. After all that Shea made dinner and we sat around on the rolling boat.

17NOV12 Saturday

First thing this morning I changed out the bow roller because the old one is completely worn through. Once that was done we got underway for Wrightsville Beach. It was a lot of playing with the currents but we made all the bridges in good time and anchored near Bay Tripper, they invited us over to visit so we spent the evening chatting and making new friends! The kids are really cute and it’s neat to meet a couple cruising even with the challenges with the kids.

16NOV12 Friday

We walked around Morehead City for a short time near where the boat was tied up then set off down the water way. We had one little hang up along the way where a shoal had been created by an inlet and even though it was marked it was still a funky turn and we parked the boat. The current was so strong that we couldn’t slow down and keep steerage so it was a fairly quick sudden stop. Lucky for us the error had been on the up current side and with a little jockeying we were off and navigated through with no more trouble. This evening at the anchorage we met a man and his son in their dingy. We chatted for a bit and he gave us a good place to go tomorrow, they along with his wife and daughter are aboard Bay Tripper.

15NOV12 Thursday

This morning we went to see what Thistle’s plans were. They needed to do some things and didn’t really want to go out in the possible rain. We decided to make a short day of it and go to Cedar Creek. When we got out there we found it to be an enjoyable day of motor sailing so we pushed for Morehead City. We got in shortly before sunset and looked over a couple anchorages. We found no good ones, even tried dropping the hook in a windy one but found an uncharted shoal while setting so we decided to go tie up at Sanitary Restaurant for the night. It was fairly cheap. We also met a couple on a boat there that were very friendly. Shea and I then grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant and met some more friendly people.

14NOV12 Wednesday

This morning we went in to get fuel then followed Thistle  south. We were able to do some nice motor sailing and dropped the hook in Broad Creek. We then took the dingy into the marina that Ed and Mary Ann were in and went to a dinner the marina was hosting. It was a lot of fun visiting with other cruisers, Pearl was even there!

13NOV12 Tuesday

Full Moon got an early start but Thistle soon caught and passed us by. Later on, I took us aground while leaving a ditch because I confused what side to take the marker on. We’re glad Thistle was close by to give is a tug off. We then fallowed them to a marina and anchored out but the winds were to high so we went ahead a bit and anchored off of Bell Heaven for the night.

12NOV12 Monday

Another early morning, on the way out we met a boat named Pearl and went all the way to the South end of the Alligator River. Pearl, Thistle and Full Moon visited for a bit and even took a short field trip around in the dingies. It was fun, after that everyone returned to their boats for dinner.

11NOV12 Sunday

This morning we chatted with a guy that owns a sailboat named Pichu Pichu and became friends, he sailed with us intil the Northern part of Elizibeth City. Thistle and is ended up staying the night at the Mid Atlantic Christian University and met some very kind people that took Shea and Mary Ann to a grocery store this evening.

10NOV12 Saturday

Thistle (Ed and Mary Ann) and Full Moon weighed anchor at sunrise and headed for the dismal swamp. It was Shea and my first time going through a lock and it was a neat experience. Both boats stopped at Drumond pond feeder ditch then we all took dingies up to see the pond. After that we went to the Dismal Swamp welcome center and met some very nice ladies that ran the place, we stayed the night at the welcome center dock.

09NOV12 Friday

Ed and Mary Ann were held up by weather so they came in tonight. Shea and I spent a lot of the day in Portsmouth. We purchased some alcohol for the stove/oven and walked around a bit. We found a neat antique shop and visited with the owner for a while, a real nice lady. We then returned to the boat and found Ed and Mary Ann had arrived. We ended up sharing dinner with them and visiting, it was a fun evening!

08NOV12 Thursday

The mail I’ve been waiting for came today! Shea and I also went to Harris Teeter to get some groceries then returned to the boat to wait for Ed and Mary Ann to Show up.

07NOV12 wednesday

Today I found out that the regulator for the grill wouldn’t fit in the new elbow. It turned out to be a good thing because it was a low pressure regulator and the big bottle is high pressure. So we returned to Mile Marker “0” and Bob the owner went out of his way to help me build a new hose with the regulator to bring the pressure down and it was much cheaper then trying to use the West Marine conversion kit that I would have still needed more parts for. We stopped for lunch at a place that the guys at the store said was cheaper and good. The waitress was a lot of fun to chat with as well! I’m glad to have the grill taken care of and be able to use the large tank now.


06NOV12 Tuesday

This morning we ran the engine for an hour to see if we could get the batteries to take a charge. We then went to Portsmouth to drop off the propane bottle and walk around for a while. Shea found a coffee maker that should reduce water usage as well as a silicone baking sheet. We then returned to Mile Marker “0” to pick up our propane and grill part. We met a couple from the UK and visited for a bit then they invited us for tea on their boat. It was great visiting with new friends! this evening we went to tour a sailing ship called the “STATSRAAD LEHMKUHL” from Bergen, Norway. It was neat to see and hear how their navy trains their officers. We then returned to the boat and SHea made bangers and mash for dinner. What a great life, I hope to be able to continue making this work for a long time.

05NOV12 Monday

This morning we went to do laundry and I got online to chat with my mom for a bit. When we finished that we took the laundry to the boat then went to Mile Marker “0” to see if the could get us a new elbow for the grill since we planned to wait the North Easter out anyway here at anchor. He ordered one and said it would be in tomorrow, he also said he would go fill up our propane tank for us, a very kind person. After that we went back to Norfolk and walked around for a bit.

04NOV12 Sunday

Today we went to Portsmouth to look around a marine store called “Mile Marker 0” and found a hose that would connect a propane tank to the grill. We then walked around for a bit looking for a place to get online. We found a coffee shop but it turned out the wifi didn’t work so we gave up. On our way back we stopped back in “Mile Marker 0” and asked if they knew of a place to get online. The owner was very kinda and let us get on his network to check our email. We then returned to the boat and I tried the adapter hose on the grill with the aluminum bottle that Mike had given us. It worked perfect with an almost empty bottle. I then stowed everything and as I was moving the grill the elbow that connects the regulator to the grill fell into the water… I fished at the bottom with a net connected to two boat hooks so it would reach down to eighteen foot depths, no luck. So now I need to get a new one. On the bright side Shea made tater-tot casserole for dinner.

03NOV12 Saturday

Shea and I ended up going to the grocery store again in Ghet, it is a Harris Teeter. Before that though we walked around the area and visited some shops, one being a music store, I purchased another harmonica, this one in the key of D to go along with the one I’m trying to learn in the key of C. After going to Harris Teeter we returned to the boat for the night.

02NOV12 Friday

Today we went ashore on the Norfolk side and said goodbye to the four young people we met before, they are headed south. We also saw our friends from Toronto, they tried to head out today but were held up, maybe tomorrow. Shea and I saw that Dirk’s boat was in the marina, what a neat surprise! We left a note for him then we went to take showers. It is nice to feel clean even though our friends have been reassuring us we don’t smell. On our way back we found that Dirk had returned to his boat and invited us aboard. We visited for a bit then walked into town to see if he could find a coffee maker and so we could fins a cookbook for pressure cookers. After some shopping Dirk headed back but first invited us to dinner. We then went to find the cookbook and ended up getting two that look neat. Shea and I then returned to Dirk’s boat and found that he had prepared spaghetti for dinner, it was a great dinner with a great friend, we are so blessed to have met so many kind people.

01NOV12 Thursday

I was antsy all day but didn’t want to work on much outside because of the cold winds. I puttered inside for a bit then took a little nap. Shea made cookies in the oven, they turned out good of corse. This evening we took the dingy over to see our friends from Montreal, they had moored to a free dock to do a little work before heading out in the next couple days. We shared some cookies with them and then ended up walking to find a grocery store in Portsmouth with François (Frank). He purchased some things for dinner as did we then we returned and shared a wonderful meal together. It was another great night of visiting with new friends!

31OCT12 Wednesday

This morning Shea and I went to a coffee shop to do a little catching up online. After that we spent a little time at the  mall then went to see if we could find out anything regarding my mail, they had no word on it at the post office. This is getting ridiculous… After that we walked to a grocery store and picked up a few more provisions then returned to the boat. Shea made a really nice dinner in the pressure cooker. It was a pork stwe that turned out nice and tender and it didn’t even take to long.

30OCT12 Tuesday

Today we left the boat since the winds dropped and the weather seemed to be getting better, it is cold though. We went to the international market to get some supplies and stretch our legs. After the outing we returned to the boat for a bit then were invited over to Art and Jean’s boat. We ended up having dinner and catching up. It was a nice evening with friends.

29OCT12 Monday

Another day onboard with winds and rain. I adjusted the anchor lines a little but everything has been pretty good there. At one point the tide and all the blown in water was allowed to exit the bay due to a wind shift. We couldn’t get the boat to point into the wind because the huge amount of water going out. We sat with high winds on the beam for around an hour. I increased windage on the stern and put the helm hard over and lashed it then tossed a large bucket with a line attached to it over the bow, the bow came into the wind a little (down current) and the stern slipped a little but we had to just wait it out. That was the only real large event so far. Aside from the house batteries not wanting to keep a charge now…

28OCT12 Sunday

We spent the entire day hunkered down on the boat. I only went topside to let the snubber out a little so to prevent major chafing and put some chafing gear where it goes through the chock. The wind has been howling and the water choppy but the boat has held well.

27OCT12 Saturday

This morning we saw that our friends Art and Jean had anchored near us. We stopped to say hello, they nor us realized the other would be here so it was a pleasant surprise. Shea and I then came back to the boat to recheck everything. Not long after that we heard Art hailing on the VHF radio, he said a nearby boater had fallen into the water while trying to set a second anchor. Art didn’t have a dingy in the water so he asked if I could respond. Shea and I immediately headed over and arrived just as another boater was pulling up in his dingy. We helped him out of the water to to get things under control then to set a second anchor. After that the other dingy operator invited Shea and I over for a beer. Him and his sailing buddy are from Montreal Canada. It was a fun visit and we didn’t get back to the boat until dinner time. The wind had already begun to pick up as well as the rain!

26OCT12 Friday

Today we spent most of the day preparing for hurricane Sandy. We did go ashore for a bit to pick up Shea’s mail but came back to the boat to double check things. I put the kellet out and used an extra long snubber after running out some extra rhode. I also put the danforth anchor on deck and flaked out all its rhode so if something happens all we have to do is toss it over the side. So now our windage has been reduced and everything strapped down.

25OCT12 Thursday

Shea and I stayed around the boat for a while, Shea organized and cleaned. In the afternoon we went ashore and said hello to our new friend from Toronto. Shea and I then got online for a bit then walked around. We ended up getting some burgers for dinner then returned to the marina the dingy was tied in. We ended up visiting with four young people that are cruising on a sailboat. It was neat to run into more people our age.

24OCT12 Wednesday

This morning we went to do laundry and take showers. We met a very nice couple from Toronto and chatted about the upcoming hurricane for a bit, we also met some guys off of a sailing ship that help Israeli and Pakistani youth learn to work together aboard. They gave us a tour and told us about their mission. It was really neat to see the way they are helping others. Shea and I then came out to the boat for dinner, it was really good curry (as always). After that we took some cookies over to our Toronto friends and spent much of the night visiting.

23OCT12 Tuesday

This morning we stayed around the boat. Shea cooked some food, including cookies! I worked on updating the journal on the laptop. We then went into town to post that and see if the mail we are expecting had come. We fond that the post office we had found online is a contracted office and does not normally  handle public mail. They had recieved my mail yesterday and marked it “return to sender”. We then went to see about finding another post office that wouldn’t do that, we finally found one one a couple miles away. After that we did a little shopping at a market near by then got some mexican food on the way back to the boat.


22OCT12 Monday

Shea and I took the dingy over early so we could say goodbye to our friends and cast them off if needed. They have all been so kind to us, I hope to see them again. Shea and I then took the tram back to the international market with a large backpack, the bus was running today so we got a ride directly there. We did some shopping then had a little Mexican food for lunch. On our walk to a bus stop I found a mason’s level laying in the road. It was a neat find but I wasn’t sure what I would do with it. When we were getting close to the boat a young guy asked if I was a mason and admired the level. He could tell the brand from across the way as he walked over. He showed me some of the trick in the design, we talked for a bit then I gave him the level. He can get some use out of a nice tool like that at least since that’s what he does. We then dropped a few things at the dingy and went back to exploring. We walked around town and rode the tram a little more. We then came back to the boat after visiting a book store.

21OCT12 Sunday

We said god morning to our friends then went for a ride on the public tram system. We went to the West end of the line and didn’t see anything of interest so we didn’t even get off an rode the other direction. We ended up at the East end and got off, we walked a couple miles and found an international market, score! This is the first grocery store we’ve found and we have been looking. We looked around for a couple hours and picked up a couple things then walked back to the tram and after our ride back, took the dingy to the boat for the night.

20OCT12 Saturday

We stopped by our friends boat for a while and they shared breakfast with us. Shea and I then went out exploring for a while and hung out in a park for some time. This evening Paul found us and invited us for dinner. After a good dinner Shea and the guys stayed behind while the girls went to their fashion event. We ended up sitting with another couple that were playing a guitar and Matt played his banjo as well!

19OCT12 Friday

Shea and I just wandered around the city for the most part today. We spent some time in the mall and visited Barnes and Noble. Shea picked up a book that tells all about spices and what is useful for what. On our way out we ran into our friends and went on a search for ice cream with them. We ended up getting some at a gas station because there was no were else we could find. We spent the evening visiting after that.

18OCT12 Thursday

We stayed around the boat until around noon then took the dingy over to see if our friends were about. They had gone out already so we just went exploring some more, we found a neat Irish shop in an almost empty mall. It was fun and when we got back our friends were there, we visited and had dinner then the girls in the family went to a fashion show while Shea and the guys stayed. We all went for a walk and visited. people are what life is about, not possessions.

17OCT12 Wednesday

Shea and I laced around for a bit then went to sight see. A few of the things we did; went to a thrift store and found a nice sweater for Shea, stopped and tried Gyros at a local shop, and walked around the oldest part of the area that is still around. The history out on the East coast is really neat! This evening the friend we made in Urbanna (Paul) motored by and told us he had some things that we had forgotten at Ed’s. We met up with him and his son in-law and walked some of the city and stopped at an Irish pub for a beer. When we all retuned to his boat the rest of the family showed up by car, it was fun meeting everyone.

16OCT12 Tuesday

Shea and I were up early and cast off at five this morning. we put up the staysail a little before sunrise to dampen the wave action since with wind was out to the North and we were taking decent size waves on the beam. Just after sunrise all the sails went up. We made decent time heading to Norfolk but once we started our down wind portion the fallowing seas were really rolling us. The waves were between three and four feet high. We ended up giving up a knot or two to lessen the motion by dropping the main and only using the staysail and jib. The winds shifted a while later and the waves dropped a little so we put the main back up. Just outside of Norfolk harbor we started the engine and struck the sails. The sun would be setting soon and with all the traffic we thought it would be safer. We motored to Hospital Point and anchored for the night around twenty hundred.

15OCT12 Monday

Today Shea and I got things ready to go. I cleaned out the head and put new pete moss in it while Shea worked on cleaning up inside the boat. We visited with a new friend (Paul) for a while then went up to watch a movie and say goodbye and thank you for everything that Ed and Mary Ann have done. The packages had arrived and the wind will be right in the morning so we plan to head out early.

14OCT12 Sunday

Shea and I attended early service with Ed and Mary Ann. It was being held at a camp ground outside. After that we went to Sunday school. This afternoon Shea and Mary Ann went out to watch their granddaughter play softball while Ed and I tried to free up a zinc on my engine. We didn’t have any luck so we puttered a bit on Ed’s tug. When the girls got back we had Chinese that they had brought and watched another movie.

13OCT12 Saturday

Shea worked on cleaning up the boat while I helped Ed some more on his tug. This evening we had dinner with Ed and Mary Ann and watched another movie.

12OCT12 Friday

Shea worked on the blog today while I helped Ed on some projects aboard their tug boat. Ed even took us for a ride aboard! This evening we visited and watched a movie.

11OCT12 Thursday

We ended up ordering some bibs for Shea online and getting them shipped to Ed and Mary Ann’s house. I was able to help Ed replace a hot water heater in their house. It was fun to visit with our new friends. Ed helped us move the boat to a dock right next to his tug.

10OCT12 Wednesday

Kim and Terrie headed out early today. We decided to stay behind and go shopping with Ed and Mary Ann. We looked for some foul weather gear but didn’t have much luck. We did get some odds and ends though. We spent the evening at Wednesday night service with them and met some more people, it was a good time.

09OCT12 Tuesday

We spent the morning hiding from the rain then took the dingy over to see what Kim and Terrie were up to. They were going to visit with Ed and Mary Ann so we joined them. Ed and Mary Ann are very kind people. They helped us get a new starting battery for the boat and helped Kim on a project as well. We spent the evening visiting at their house. It was another great day.

08OCT12 Monday

We spent the morning visiting and sating goodbye. This afternoon we motored over to Urbanna and anchored. Kim and Terrie had come over as well.

07OCT12 Sunday

The second race this morning, we had breakfast at the marina then got underway after the skippers meeting. I didn’t trim the sails as well as they could have been bit it was still a lot of fun. Afterwards we visited some more and said goodbye to some friends.

06OCT12 Saturday

This morning was race number one out of two. We went over to the marina and had breakfast then Kim and I attended the skippers meeting. After that we returned to their boat and got underway for the race. It was a lot of fun and I think we did well placing fourth place. This evening we had dinner withe everyone and visited with all of our friends some more!

05OCT12 Friday

We decided to go all the way to Yankee Point. It was a good night. We took watches and slept in between. The winds were variable and we fluctuated between two and five knots over ground. I think it was a good learning experience. We arrived at Yankee Point around nine this morning then buttoned everything up and went ashore to see all of out friends. The Turkey Shoot Regatta was just beginning for the weekend so most of our friends were there. It was great to catch up withe everyone!

04OCT12 Thursday

This morning we stopped at a local fuel dock and topped off the tanks. We then motored out into the Bay and set sail South. This evening we are trying a night sail!

03OCT12 Wednesday

Today we got things ready to go. We took the dingy up to a marina to see if they had a bow light (red/green) for the dingy. The were out so we returned to the boat and finished things up. We then went to say goodbye to Calvin and thank him for all of his kindness. We spent a while visiting then returned to the boat.

02OCT12 Tuesday

We spent another day just hanging out on the boat. This evening we went to visit with Calvin for a bit and ended up having dinner with him.

01OCT12 Monday

Shea and I stayed on the boat for the most part today. We moved the boat from the dock to a nearby anchorage off of Main Street. This evening we took the dingy up Back Creek and walked around for a bit.

30SEP12 Sunday

This morning we slept in then went to meet up with Scot (Calvin’s friend) for linch. After that we all rode bicycles all over checking out more historic places. One of the places I really enjoyed was a Turkish festival that we stumbled upon. Once all the sight seeing was done we got some dinner at another salad place then retuned to pack our things. We visited for a bit then it was back in the car for the ride to the Solomon’s.

29SEP12 Saturday

This morning we visited for a bit and made breakfast then we took the bicycles that Calvin had and rode all over the place. It was really neat to see all the sights. I really enjoyed the experience to see all the history. After that we returned to the house for a nap then went out for the evening. It was interesting to see the night life. We stopped at a couple places to get a drink and met up with some of Calvin’s friends, it was really late by the time we got back.

28SEP12 Friday

Shea and I stayed around the boat for the first half of the day. Shea worked on organizing and packing while I puttered on cleaning topsides. We then went and did a load of laundry at the marina that Kim and Terrie were at. Once that was done we went to see if Calvin was around. He showed up shortly after we got there and said we could moor to the dock. We returned tot eh boat and brought it over then brought out things up to his car. Once all packed up we drove up to Washington D.C. It was a fun drive and when we got there we unpacked everything then went to get some dinner and walk around a little. We stopped at a salad place and had huge salads that were really good then retuned to the house.


27SEP12 Thursday

Terrie invited us over for breakfast this morning so we went to visit with them. We then all rode bicycles around and stopped at little shops. I ended up getting some swim fins at one place and a dingy “all around white light” at another. We stopped at the Holiday Inn for a while and had some drinks and just relaxed. It was a good day, that evening we returned to their boat for a bit then SHea and I took the dingy over near Calvin’s to see if the plans of going up to Washington D.C. had gone through. He said everything looked good but he would let us know tomorrow for sure.

26SEP12 Wednesday

This morning we got up and took showers! We then prepared to get underway so we could head out at the same time as  George, Carolynn, and Tim. We headed back to Solomon’s while they began their adventure. We dropped anchor up Back Creek near the mooring field and then cleaned up the boat. After that we went to say hi to Kim and Terrie and went on a bike ride around town since their marina had bicycles we could use. After the ride and visiting we went over to the Lotus Cafe and got a drink and checked our email. Calvin showed up shortly after that. We ended up going out to a Japanese Grill, that was a lot of fun.

25SEP12 Tuesday

This morning we hung out on the boat for a while then headed into town to check our email. We found out that Kim and Terrie were in town at a marina so we went to look for them. We took the dingy around and after a little searching we found there boat but they had gone out on some errands. We waited a little bit but decided it was getting near time for us to head out. George had arranged to let us moor at the Navy Marina tonight so we could visit with them. We returned to the boat and prepared to go, as well as eating some lunch. We then brought the anchor up and went across the river to the base. We tied up near his boat and just as I was taking the garbage ashore they pulled up. Tim, a guy that we had met when they left Yankee Point was accompanying them as well. George had brought a couple gifts for us, one was an extra VHF radio he had and the other was a inspect screen he had made and it now served as a spare. We are very grateful for both! I was able to install the radio with no problems and it seems to work perfectly. We then spent the evening visiting and eating onboard their boat. George and Carolynn have been very kind to us. We are still amazed at all the wonderful people we have met.

24SEP12 Monday

This morning we cleaned up the boat a bit and I checked the transmission and engine oil. The oil levels looked to be within normal range, so I’m not sure where the bit of oil that has dripped has originated from. I’ll have to continue to monitor. After that we motored the sailboat into town and anchored right next to Main Street, Now that the weekend is over we have the whole anchorage to ourselves it seems. We then went to get online at a local coffee shop and updated the blog. I worked on the archive map for the old SPOT points as well. We then walked a couple miles into another little town area and picked up some things that we need. By the time we were headed back it was late in the afternoon. The friend we made yesterday spotted us walking and came to say hello. We invited him to take a look at the boat and brought him out on the dingy. After the tour we returned to his place and had some dinner while visiting. We really enjoy getting to meet so many people!


23SEP12 Sunday

We spent the morning on the boat then took the dingy to town just after noon. It took us a little while to figure out where we could tie up. We finally notice a little spot that a couple other boats had used, so we joined them. It was a nice a walk around checking things out. We stopped at the Solomon’s House and learned some history about the area. On our search for Wifi we passed by a little shop a couple times but didn’t stop in until a bit later. We found out that they did have Wifi but were closing as we came up. We ended up sitting out front and visiting with some people for a while. One guy invited us to come check out his place above the little shop. After visiting for a while and hearing about the boat he insisted on is using a real shower. We always appreciate a real shower if we get a chance to use one! We ended up staying and having dinner and watching a movie. It was a lot of fun and we really appreciate his hospitality. By the time we returned to the boat it was midnight. ANother great day!

22SEP12 Saturday

Shea and I set off early this morning for the Solomon’s. As soon as we got out on the Potomac we hoisted the sails. The wind was great! we had to reef the main sail for a bit. Once we did we had the boat up to six point nine knots for a while. It was a nice sail up and when we got to the Solomon’s we motored around checking things out and trying to find a good place to anchor. Once we dropped the hook in Mill Creek we took the dingy out. We ended up getting some dinner at a place some locals recommended to us then returned to the boat for the night.

21SEP12 Friday

Shea and I worked around the boat a lot until mid afternoon. SHea made a really good soup and flat bread while I worked on anti chafing gear. I used some old fire hose and then attached some small line for securing it around the protected line and to hold it in place. We then took the dingy around to explore. At one marina we chatted with the people for a while. I was offered a job helping with roofing if we would be around in a couple weeks, we’ll have to see what happens. We then returned to the boat and finished dinner. It turned out really good. After that we just cleaned and searched for the phone that was misplaced.

20SEP12 Thursday

Shea and I were up early. We got underway just before day break. We slowed down near Mike’s on the way out of the Great Wicomico river so I could run the dingy over and pick up the phone charger that was left behind. We then ran up into the mouth of Cockrell Creek to fuel up on diesel. After that we set out on the bay. There was a little wind coming from the North so we tacked back and forth trying to sail up wind. We didn’t get to far by noon so we decided to begin motoring once the wind died out. We made it into Maryland and anchored with Kim and Terrie in Jutland Creek. This evening we had dinner with Kim and Terrie and played dominos.

19SEP12 Wednesday

Today we just hung out with Kim and Terrie. After spending the morning and afternoon visiting we decided to head back to Full Moon and secure for sea and clean up. Shortly before five I realized there was a small marina with a fuel dock on the other side of the river. We ran the dingy over to fill up our jerry cans and found that they only had gasoline. We topped off that can then puttered around checking things out before returning to the boat for the night.

18SEP12 Tuesday

Mike’s wife Lynn invited Kim and Terrie to brunch so we took the dingy out to wish them a good morning and pass on the invitation. They agreed so we came motoring in one after the other. After brunch we chatted for a bit and watched the beginning of some stormy weather come up. Kim and Terrie noticed that their anchor had slid a little so they returned to their boat and went further up river to a more sheltered place with a better bottom. We spent some time visiting then decided it would be better to anchor up river as well. We motored up and found Kim and Terrie behind Rogue Point. We anchored then went to visit with them and play some dominos!

17SEP12 Monday

This morning we prepared to leave then took the dingy over to say goodbye to Reed. He wanted to check out the famous Full Moon so we brought him out for the grand tour. It was fun and he got a chance to use our inflatable dingy since he has thought about one in the future possibly. After we returned him to his boat we went to say goodbye to Art and Jean. It was a nice chat for a bit then we went back to the boat and got underway for Mike’s in the Great Wicomico river. It turned out to be another perfect sail on nearly one tack. Near the entrance to the Great Wicomico we thought we spotted Kim and Terrie far off in the distance but figured we must be wrong since they had mentioned that they were headed North yesterday. It did turn out to be them though and once they were within range of our handheld VHF we heard them hailing us. We found out they were headed for Sandy Point as well so we planned to meet up. When we were just off of Mike’s house we tried the anchor once but found the same lose bottom so we pulled into Mike’s dock. We then visited with them for the night.

16SEP12 Sunday

We just puttered around the boat most of the day. This evening we thought we would go say goodbye to our friends that worked at the pub if it was open. We found it closed though so we checked out another place on the water called Mallards. THere was live music so we listened to that for a bit and got a light dinner then returned to the boat for the night.

15SEP12 Saturday

This morning we hung out on the boat, around noon we took the dingy over to Reed’s boat to say hello and found Art and Jean visiting as well. We chatted for a bit then headed for town to see if the farmers market was still open. We found it being broken down so we missed it. We then walked around a bit and checked out the local museum grounds for a while. After that we returned to the boat and SHea made an early dinner while we just relaxed for the night.


14SEP12 Friday

This Morning Shea made coffee then Art and Jean came over to visit and even brought some blueberry muffins! We had a nice visit and when everything was wrapped up after that I worked on changing the transmission oil. It went easy enough just a little messy. Shea cooked and cleaned while I worked. We gathered the last of the things that needed to be gotten rid of and asked if we could barrow Reeds truck to get rid of everything at the garbage center. I got a little lost while looking for it but it turned out good. When we returned the truck we visited with Reed over a drink, Then Shea and I returned to the boat to put some long sleeved shirts on and go for an evening walk in town, another nice day.

13SEP12 Thursday

I took our mounted VHF over to Reed’s to see if there were any different indictions. It looked the same as before so he ran me up to an electronic shop. I asked if they could just look at it and give me an estimate so I wouldn’t spend to much. I’ll go check back in on it tomorrow. When Reed and I returned to his boat I found Shea getting a Taxi ride in with Art and Jean. We all visited for a bit then Art and Jean went to do some shopping while we visited with Reed. When Art and Jean returned we helped them load up their dingy. Shortly after that we returned to our boat as well and hung out for a but getting dinner and what not. We then went into town and checked the email and walked around. On the way back out to the boat Shea invited Art and Jean over for coffee in the morning.

12SEP12 Wednesday

This morning I worked on mounting the barometer while Shea cleaned some more. Shea and I then went to check the email and walk around a little. When we returned to the boat we ate a little for an early dinner and shortly after that we were invited over to Art and Jean’s for cheese and crackers. It was a lot of fun visiting with our new friends. To wrap up the night we walked around town and had a drink at the pub and visited with some of the people that work there.

11SEP12 Tuesday

Shea cleaned more while I went into town with Reed to get a oil pump for changing oil. It looks like the transmission may have a small leak and is a bit low on fluid so I want to change it then monitor it. I’m not sure what fluid to use though because the manual isn’t clear at all about that. We borrowed Reeds truck so we could get some things from Walmart in town and when we returned we helped him lift his dingy ashore and put it into the back of his truck. We then took everything to the boat and stowed it away. This evening we walked around town to stretch the legs and find out that most things are closed up on a Monday night.

10SEP12 Monday

Shea made some cookies and substituted flax for eggs. They turned out really good. For lunch we split a sandwich and checked our email at Janet’s Cafe then walked to the thrift store again. After that we returned to the boat and made tacos for dinner.

09SEP12 Sunday

This morning I took the bikes to Reed and visited for a bit while Shea cleaned on the boat. I then returned and worked on some projects topside so I could stay out of the way. I did barrow a spare radio that Reed had so I could check the antenna. everything on that end looks fine. I’m about certain it’s the radio.

08SEP12 Saturday

We spent the day enjoying Harbor Fest, we ate a little food and checked things out. Just before noon we watched a race with boat made out of paper. It was fun and no ones boat sank, we then waited for “3 Sheets” to begin playing in the park, it was a lot of fun to hear and visit with them. I really like the sound of the Hammer Dulcimer that one of the guys plays. We then walked around a bit with Art and Jean and spent the evening visiting. A large storm front blew in right as we were getting some food. Heavy winds put a quick end to the festivities so we took the dingy out to the boat. On our way out we saw a sailboat pull anchor and watched as the wind blew it directly at Full Moon. They were able to start the engine and pull away from us and the shoals just in time. We sighed with relief as we climbed aboard and secured everything for the blusterous night.

07SEP12 Friday

Today we went into town. We visited with Reed for a while and met a couple that are anchored near us. There names are Art and Jean. It was a fun day of checking things out and the town was setting up for Harbor Fest that began this evening. We went aboard Reeds boat and visited for a bit then we all decided to go see the live music at the pub. It was a great group playing called “3 Sheets” I ended up purchasing both of their CDs. For the past while now we’ve notice our VHF radio has been receiving less and less. It’s finally not receiving anything at all. I’m trying to figure out if it’s the antenna or unit.

06SEP12 Thursday

This morning we decided we just didn’t have room for the fold up bikes. We took them out of the cabin and worked on cleaning the boat some. We then went into town to check our email and get a little lunch. After eating we walked about a mile and a half down the road and found a thrift store. We looked around and I ended up getting a nice shirt for two dollars. We then returned to the boat since it looked like rain. We spent the rest of the day on the boat during the rain. Last night our new friend Reed left some habaneros in the dingy for us!

05SEP12 Wednesday

We found the guy that showed us were to anchor working on his boat so we motored up to say hi. We spent a couple hours visiting and where even able to help him go aloft to retrieve a lost lazy hack line. We then went into town and ate at Janet’s Cafe. It was a very nice lunch and we were able to get the iPhone working that Lynn had given us since ours had gone through the wash, we use it to check email. We walked a little then went into a pub to get out of the sun. We ended up visiting with a bunch of people and had dinner. By the time we left it was after dark so we took the dingy back out to the boat and went to bed.

04SEP12 Tuesday

The boat had a terrible motion last night straining at the anchor chain every couple minutes, it seemed like we may have popped the anchor once then it reset so I decided to put another anchor on the same rhode. After attaching it on deck to the chain that was still out I let out another fifteen feet or so. Now when the boat pulls the chain taught it has to lift the second anchor, it greatly softened the motion and we didn’t pull out again.
This morning we took the dingy over to Tangier. it was really neat seeing all the watermen work houses up on the piling, only accessible via boat. After motoring around for a bit we tied up and took the golf cart tour. It was about fifteen minutes to go around the entire island, once done we visited a couple small shops and got some lunch. We then walked around the island and decided we had seen all there was to see after finding the locals really didn’t like tourists to much. It reminded us of back home on the island and how we used to feel. The dingy ride was fun with two to three foot waves. Once aboard Shea looked at the charts and saw that Onancock was in range. Janet had told SHea it was a neat little town. We hoisted the anchor then set the sails. It was a fun sail with some nice wind. We made it all the way to the entrance on one tack and motored into town just before sunset. We grounded lightly, we thought we were going slow enough to pop right off but found it was stuck a bit more then that. A local said he would get his boat if we needed, we have done this to much by now though. We shifted a little weight then swung the boom out and I hopped up and down. We were off! Another guy went way out of his way to make sure we found the only anchorage, very nice people. Just after sunset we went ashore and walked the town. It was nice.

03SEP12 Monday

This morning we went to explore Reedville, there wasn’t a lot to see other then the Fisherman’s Museum. It was an interesting tour learning about the history of the local waterman. When we finished up we got a little ice cream at Chitterchats, that was fun. We then headed back out to the boat and decided to head out. We weighed anchor and set our course for Tangier Island. On the way out there were four dolphins that swam alongside visiting with us for a while. Once the sails went up I thing they got bored with how much we slowed down so they went to find new friends. We sailed for a while, moving along slowly then decided it would be good to motor sail until the wind picked up. It never really did… About half way over we tossed a message in a bottle over the side for our young friend (Mike’s son). After marking that in the log and with the SPOT we finished motoring into the South East portion of Tangier. It was a little choppy but the anchor went out and set easily enough. We cleaned the boat a little and ate dinner before heading to bed.

02SEP12 Sunday

This morning we got all of our things together and spent some time figuring out everything and visiting some. WHen we finally cast off it was 1339. It was a leisurely motor over to Reedville even with a little drizzle. We puttered around looking for a good anchorage out of the way of all the other boats. We finally found a spot and dropped the hook at 1508. We then worked around the boat for a bit before heading out in the dingy. It was a fun little motor about for a while, we finally decided to stop and get dinner at the “Crazy Crab”, we decided after dinner that it would be the “Crusty Crab” now. Now we are just relaxing back at the boat with a light drizzle outside.

01SEP12 Saturday

Dave (our friend picking us up for the race) picked us up this morning and off Shea and I went. When we arrived at Merry Point we found our friends Arthur and Janet feeling a little short handed and since Dave had Mike helping him (a new friend to us today) we ended up on Arthur’s boat. It was a blast racing with friends and even though the wind almost completely died we still finished, unlike many others who gave up. I did run us aground once trying to push my luck and Arthur ran us aground the second time. We freed ourselves quickly both times because of Arthur’s quick response and due to the fin keel. It was a great time and we hope to meet up with everyone again to do some sailing! This evening when we got back to Mike’s we decided to head over to Reedville and check it out tomorrow.

31AUG12 Friday

Mike had some insulation he wanted to get under the second floor in the old store. We spent the day working on that and about finished it up. A friend we had met earlier in the year tracked me down at the old store and invited us to go sailing tomorrow in a regatta that was mostly just for fun.

30AUG12 Thursday

We finished up most of the lattice work today. It’s nice to have a large job done with.

29AUG12 Wednesday

Mike and I worked on lattice some between rain showers. It was a somewhat productive day with lots of breaks.

28AUG12 Tuesday

Since the stain had been a different color Mike and I worked on putting the same colors in certain areas so it wouldn’t look funny. The evening was spent visiting with everyone again.

27AUG12 Monday

Today was kind of a lazy day for everyone. We didn’t do much since the weather wasn’t the nicest and Mike was feeling under the weather.


26AUG12 Sunday

Mike was able to attend church while I finished up most of the staining, there is just lattice to put up now. We’ll probably do that tomorrow, as a decent storm blew in today.

25AUG12 Saturday

This morning the boat was found to have pulled anchor some because of the shells and heavy winds, so we moved to Mike’s dock. The rest of today was about the same as yesterday. We had rain showers that interrupted the staining, we were able to get most of it done though. We found out that some of the stain is a slightly different color so we have to re stain a couple areas to match now.

24AUG12 Friday

Another day of staining around small rain showers, we spent a lot of the day visiting.

23AUG12 Thursday

First thing this morning we set off to continue staining the decks, we made good headway but still have more to do.

22AUG12 Wednesday

Mike wanted to stain his large decks at his house today so Shea and I worked on cleaning them off then while we waited for the stain I finished painting some lawn chairs. Mike and I were able to get a large portion done by the end of the day. Shea was able to email some friends so we could stay in contact with people.

21AUG12 Tuesday

Mike had invited us to attend a house auction with him this morning then go and do some work at the old store of his. The auction was interesting but made me not really want to deal with those people. They seemed consumed with money, more the people hosting it overall. We then went to do a little work, first we tried to make an insulation blower that still needs tweaking, we then worked on putting up a ceiling fan, Mike had done most of it before so I just put the blades on and wire up the lighting assembly. It worked nicely. We all then retuned to Mike’s for a little lunch before working on cleaning his large windows and hanging blinds, they needed a little work but came out nice. We spend the evening visiting then retuned to the boat.

20AUG12 Monday

Shea and I spent a drizzly morning inside the cabin working on things, Shea cleaned up and cooked some extra chapati so we could have some for a couple days while I worked on the shock cord that the curtains hang on. I sized either side of a length to make little eyes that could then be strung over each port light. During early afternoon Kim and Terrie came up in their inflatable boat, we chatted for a bit then they went to explore while we got Full Moon underway and headed just a couple miles North to Mike’s house in the Great Wicomico River. When we arrived we found that was where Kim and Terrie had anchored as well. It took us four time before the anchor held. We found out that the bottom is mounded with oyster shells in some places and hard to anchor to. When Kim and Terrie returned to their boat we wanted to test our VHF radios since I was unable to hear them last night but they heard us loud and clear. We found out that theirs was a little weak on transmitting and that my squelch didn’t want to open no matter how near the threshold it was. Shortly after that Terrie invited us over for dinner that evening. We decided to to go say hello to Mike before dinner. He and the family are doing well and he said he would appreciate a hand for a couple days. Shea and I then went to dinner on Kim and Terrie’s boat. It was great as it always is, then we played domino trains. Another great day!

19AUG12 Sunday

This morning we weren’t sure what we were going to do so Shea did some laundry while I replace the bucket in the anchor locker with a wide mouthed one we picked up. I think it’s just a little small so we will probably deem this a line storage container in the cockpit and get a bigger one. Kim and Terrie weighed anchor and radioed that they were headed for Mill Creek and we were welcome to join them. We thought that may be fun so we cleaned up and I found Mill Creek on the chart then we headed out. It was a great sail and we even sailed along at 5.9 kts for a bit. When we arrived we looked all down the creek but no sign of our friends, Shea found that there are at least three Mill Creeks in the Chesapeake Bay, so they probably went to another. We ended up running aground twice on our way out of the creek and the light drizzle that had been on and off all day was beginning to pick up. The second time aground we had to attach three anchors to the boom and shift a bunch of stuff to the starboard side then I went out on the boom as well and we finally got off. We quickly found a place to anchor near the entrance of the creek and then ducked below as the weather picked up. Shea is making a warm meal for dinner and we are enjoying being dry now.

18AUG12 Saturday

We went back into town this morning and on the walk in another person offered us a ride. We then did our shopping and got a little something at Specials new bakery. The Kringle with chocolate filling was really good and the fresh bagel was great. Once we picked everything up we headed back for the boat. When we arrived at the marina we found out there was a fishing derby today and power boats everywhere. We took the tender back to Full Moon then got her underway so we could fill up on fuel and water at the marina. It was a mad house getting to the fuel dock then a pain getting back out. We then set our course for Little Bay. It was a nice enough motor over but power boats did race by every so often leaving large wakes right alongside. We went aground while looking for a good spot to drop the hook but were able to come off with little trouble. After we had settled into a decent spot we saw Kim and Terrie come sailing into their own anchorage. We waited for a bit so everyone on both boats could finish tying things up for the night then we rowed over to share some of our wine. Terrie invited us to dinner so we had wine with spaghetti. It was fun visiting and when it began to get late we rowed back.

17AUG12 Friday

Today we motored from Little Bay to Chesapeake Boat Basin and anchored in Pittmans Cove. Then went ashore and walked a mile and a half into Kilmarnock. We got some lunch at Savannah Joe’s then went to the library for a quick internet check. We then walked around town for a bit before going to specials for a wine tasting. Ian and Judy were unable to make it but Judy’s daughter was one of the hostess, so that was fun. Shea and I picked out our favorite bottles then we bought one of each to share with friends. On our walk back to the boat someone stopped and gave us a ride. People are really kind out here!

16AUG12 Thursday

Shea was up early preparing to get underway. We left the mooring and headed for the Chesapeake Bay. We were able to sail most of the day but ended up motoring at the end because the light wind was not in a favorable direction and it was getting late. We decided to anchor in Little Bay, that is located just inside of Fleets Bay. We went for a swim then took a dingy ride to the beach and picked rocks. We then came back to the boat to make dinner.

15AUG12 Wednesday

Today we walked all around Irvington. It’s a neat little town and all the people were very nice. We were able to get online for a little bit at a coffee shop and get in touch with our friends. We returned to the boat around four and cleaned up. We planned to meet Ian and Judy for dinner when they brought their sailboat in. It turned out that they planned to do dinner on the boat so we rafted up and then rowed over to the dock to pick up Judy’s daughter and her boyfriend. Shea prepared some chapati that we cooked on the grill while Ian grilled some veggies, we then grilled an eggplant and then both grills were topped with steak. It was a great visit and great food with friends.

14AUG12 Tuesday

We decided to make it a stay aboard day and do some projects and relax. First thing was to change out a fuse on the house battery bank since we blew it when starting the engine on the wrong bank. I had to crawl inside the port cockpit locker and access the top battery box. It was easy enough, just something that shouldn’t happen. I may put a special selector in so it won’t be likely to happen anymore. After that I whipped a thimble onto some 5/8 braided line then tied an alpine butterfly knot just after the centered thimble to allow outward pull. It is now rigged as a traveler for the main sheet. When that was wrapped up I used some three strand line to make a snubber for the anchor chain. I put an eye splice on one end then put a 3/8 chain hook on that so the windlass won’t need to take the load of the set anchor. Shea cleaned the hinges for the cockpit locker hatches then I installed them later in the evening. They seemed to go on smooth enough but they are still a little warped from back when the cockpit hadn’t been reenforced. We went for a little ride in the tender around sunset just to get out and see what was around and get a little air. It was a nice little trip around quite creeks. There are lots of work boats tucked around huge summer houses. A bit of a contrast but still very nice.

13AUG12 Monday

We planned on heading out early but ended up not getting underway until after ten. It was pretty good sailing in the Rappahannock but we had to tack upwind so it was getting later in the afternoon when we arrived at Yankee Point to top off the tanks. We ended up running aground while under sail so that took a bit to get off. Kim shouted out that I should swing the boom out and crawl on it to heal the boat over and it worked! We then pulled in and said hello to our friends while re fueling and re watering. By the time we left it was already four thirty so we decided to find a closer anchorage, it turned out that Irvington was the closest that looked promising. We spent some time motoring around the area after our sail there. While looking for an anchorage we were waved to a dock and saw it was our friends Ian and Judy they said to anchor nearby and come have dinner with them. It was really nice of them and they even let us use the shower, I hope we didn’t stink to badly… The rest of the night was spent visiting and eating. It’s so neat that we have friends around and that even though we haven’t made it to Fleets Bay we still had a great time.

12AUG12 Sunday

It was just a lazy day mostly. We walked the town but it was mostly closed up. We took the tender for a ride up the river and just relaxed. In the evening we purchased some ice cream and root beer then returned to the boat to have floats. I then worked on charting a route to Tangier Island. I want to practice my charting so I derived all my course change points on the paper chart then input them into the GPS. I only made it to about Fleets Bay where we plan to anchor before crossing the Chesapeake on tonight charting, I’ll have to finish in the morning.

11AUG12 Saturday

The local Farmers Market was today so we walked to that. It was fun seeing all the merchants. We purchased some fresh habanero bread and a scone at one place. Another place we purchased some veggies that included a couple purple bell peppers. We then bought some goat cheese that was a garlic chive spread. The last thing was some honey, it was great visiting with everyone, the honey guy told us all about honey and bees, I didn’t know it was used as a topical treatment. He also said he knew of a guy that lived on milk and honey for something like three months with no dramatic changes to health, and that’s all he consumed. We then made our way back to the boat and ran into Ed and Ruth, they were spending the weekend in Urbanna as well. Shea and I played tourist the rest of the day.

10AUG12 Friday

We played tourist again in Urbanna, it was nice to really feel like we are “doing it” we met lots of people, one of whom was called “Doc” he has sailed all over and we exchanged some stories, he told us that the large fero-cement boat anchored not far from ours was his. he plans to go sailing again soon he hopes.

09AUG12 Thursday

We took the tender over to the dingy dock and just walked the town. It is a great small town and everyone is really nice and always has a smile when they say “Good morning” or wave. we visited some of the stores and ended up getting a hat for each of us, we call them our adventure hats and really like them. It’s fun to get excited over something so simple, it seems like it has been a long time since I’ve done that.

08AUG12 Wednesday

We prepped the boat then weighed anchor and went into Yankee Point to fuel and water up. Once we said goodbye we headed out. We motored into the Rappahannock then tried to set sail, we made it a mile maybe in a couple hours in the beating down sun with almost no wind then decided to motor the rest of it. We made it in and anchored with ease then took the tender ashore to see what we could see. It is a great little town but most things seemed closed this late in the day so we found a restaurant called “All Fired Up” to eat at. A small storm blew by while we ate making us glad that we had stopped when we did, after dinner we headed back to the boat.

07AUG12 Tuesday

We wanted to get going today but foul weather threatening and not sure of a destination held us back. We of corse saw our friends but ended up spending most of our time working on the boat. Shea helped me remove the lexan from the fore-hatch, then clean it up and re-bed it with 3M’s 4000. It turned out pretty good and now we don’t have a leaky hatch! Shea said she would like to see Urbanna, so we decided to sailed there tomorrow.

06AUG12 Monday

Still checking for Mike and visiting some, we got back to work on the boat. We cleaned a bunch of stuff out of the boat and worked on finding homes for the things we kept. The boat is finally just starting to settle into a bit of a normal routine so things can have more permanent homes.

05AUG12 Sunday

Terrie made another great breakfast then we spent the day about the same as yesterday, visiting and checking to see if Mike would show up.

04AUG12 Saturday

Terrie invited us for breakfast so Shea and I went to visit and eat good food! we spent the rest of the day visiting and checking to see if Mike would come for launch so we could see if he wanted any help on his store in return for the winches. He never showed but we had fun visiting.

03AUG12 Friday

We motored off of our anchorage and the rest of the way out of the Western Branch. Once in the Corrotoman we put the main and staysail up and then sailed for a while. We wanted to try and catch Kim and Terrie launching their boat so we headed for Yankee Point. We sailed up to the marina then Shea motored us to anchorage while I let out the anchor and rhode. We found out we were to late for the launching and our friends hadn’t seen us come in under sail (with red tanbark sails)! We spent the evening visiting with Kim, Terrie, Hal and the previous owners of Meridian Trek, celebrating the launching.

02AUG12 Thursday

I worked on changing the oil and making sure the engine was ready to go. Shea secured for sea the best she could in the time we allowed and once I finished up I helped by securing the cockpit locker’s things. We got underway after thanking Leo and Linda and then headed up the other branch to see if we could find Dirk’s house. It turned out to be a lot of shoal water and we ran aground just off of Dirk’s dock. I didn’t think we could anchor so we turned back and out the Western Branch. On our way out a large storm front built up so we ducked into Senior Creek for the night and anchored with great shelter.

01AUG12 Wednesday

Russ dropped Shea and I off at Leo’s with all of our things since Betsy would be returning this evening. We sorted through things to get rid of and prepped the boat. Shea helped me install the winches and finish up the combing project.


31JUL12 Tuesday

We made some decent progress today, I think we’ll be able to head out within a day or two. Shea painted the hatch covers since they were the only things left that had not been painted, we are going to have to do another thin coat over much of the boat but at least everything has been done over once so far. I worked on putting the stainless steel combing backers in this morning. I cleaned the holes up that I drilled yesterday with the grinder then set them in place and marked for the holes on the deck. They all came out pretty well so it was primer after that. Shea mixed that up and put the first coat on. She had also cleaned up the dingy earlier since we had it our of the water on the other side of the point. We then put it in the water and about that time our friend Dirk came motoring by, he invited us to stop by sometime since his house wasn’t to far off. We waved goodbye to him as we finished getting the dingy ready then motored over to the dock on the other side of the point. Shea used the dingy to wax a little on Leo’s boat but found that it was to hot to really make any progress. Once that was done it was after noon so we took a break to get some lunch. Shea found a can of chili that we have been avoiding since they seem to make our stomachs hurt. I said I would have that with some crackers. It didn’t taste bad at all but later on I think the Sun mixed with it really got to me. Once our break was over we puttered for a bit then Leo came down with the bolts for the winches, they had been left at his mailbox instead of making it all the way to the house. We then got to work laying that portion of the combings out and drilling the holes. I had some problems with a steel support under the deck, I drilled almost directly into it and found that I was going to have to come into it at a angle. I don’t like doing that but I did the best I could to angle it in. It’s a little chewed up so we’ll see how that works out tomorrow when we bolt the combing on. After that we finished it all up by bolting all the stainless steel backers on, the rain started as we put the last one down so we closed it all up then went up to see if Russ had arrived yet, he pulled in shortly after that and we were done for the day!

30JUL12 Monday

This morning I worked on finishing up the nets that I had started yesterday so that we would have a little more storage space inside the cabin. Shea worked on cleaning up topsides and washing the top and sides of the cabin and decks. We then painted the cabin sides with a couple coats of the nonskid paint that we purchased. We are using a normal roller so the texture is non intrusive but still have a little stick. I really like the way it turned out and hope that it works well. Once that was done we worked on little projects around the boat, I was also able to get the belts installed on the engine and we started it up to make sure that it ran smoothly with no problems. We did find that the tach was kinda jumping a little then when revved to higher RPMs it went completely dead and sat at zero. I checked the wiring for it and everything looked fine so I then played with the sensor a little. When we started it back up it seemed to work, I’ll have to keep an eye on it I guess. When Russ came this evening we were ready to go, it was a hot day and we are both tired out.

29JUL12 Sunday

This morning we were all slow in getting up. Shea and I borrowed the truck to go to Russ’s workshop and drill the holes in the stainless backers for the combings. It took a bit but we finished it up and then went back to Russ’s house. We visited for a bit and worked on making the curtains then Russ’s daughter gave me a ride to the boat so I could work on it while Shea stayed behind to continue working on the curtains and make dinner. I planned to take the combing backers but I forgot them so I worked on some little projects as well as figuring out how we were going to hang the netting that Shea had purchased yesterday. I cut one of the nets in half and prepared all the places that I wanted to re-sew. Since Shea had the sail thread back at the house I figured I would finish it up tomorrow. Russ came by to pick me up later in the evening and we returned to the house.

28JUL12 Saturday

Russ’s daughter planned on coming into town today so he had us drop him off at the marina so she could meet him there then we took the truck to Full Moon. I stayed behind to help Leo some and do a little on our boat while Shea went into town to do a little shopping. When she returned we looked over the car netting and things that she had found, I think it will work out nicely. We needed to head out soon after that since Russ planned to use his truck this evening. Once we returned to the house we worked on making curtains for the boat and relaxing out of the heat.


27JUL12 Friday

The marine fabrication shop that I had make some backers for the cockpit combing had finished their work so Russ was kind enough to drive us all the way to Topping to pick them up then we stopped at a couple stores on the way back to Leo’s to get a drill bit and some food items for tonight. Once we arrived at Leo’s it was already noon and near if not above a hundred degrees outside. Shea rigged up an additional tarp along with the two we had already rigged over the boat for shade. It helped a lot and once that was up we got to work figuring where the best spot for the dodger would be. It really didn’t take all that long to figure a decent spot to start working from and then we mounted the pieces that hold the dodger to the deck. Once we had done all that and cleaned up the 5200 we rested under the tarps for a bit then Shea went to work cleaning up inside and arranging the galley in a way that would fit what we have. I worked on the dodger some more trying to figure out the best way to make it work on the boat since it was designed for another boat all together. I have some ideas but I’m going to have to play them out a bit I think to see what will really work in a fashioned that I’ll be happy with. I then worked on figuring where to drill the holes for the new cockpit combing backers. I took a lot of measurements and tried to figure where the best spot would be to mount them. I finally decided on the general spots and marked the holes on the stainless steel backers. Russ said I could use his drill press to put the holes in them so I’ll hopefully get that taken care of in the next day or so. We are waiting for the long through bolts still since they were back ordered. Once we get those we’ll get to finish up the cockpit combings! This evening back at the house Shea made some really good dinner, she copied what Russ had made the other night for himself. It was fresh locally grown tomatoes cut into slices then garnished with some avocado and mozzarella cheese. We also had chicken that we put on top of it and salad with a piece of pumpernickel toast. I really enjoyed it and am now ready to fall asleep.

26JUL12 Thursday

It was not a very productive day on the boat overall I felt. I began the day by helping Leo finish some projects up and by the time I made it over to Full Moon it was incredibly hot outside. Shea and I worked on finding decent places to store things and we decided that we just have to much stuff. We’re going to try and eat our way out of some of the extra food items we have and as time goes on we’ll try and get rid of stuff around the boat. We spent a part of the day just not moving much because of the heat, I finally decided to work on mounting the dodger since we had purchased the bases that it will mount into. I had just gotten everything in place and all the tools out when Russ arrived to pick us up. I rushed to stow everything below with Shea helping put things inside then we buttoned it all up and headed back to the air conditioned house. It was nice to walk in and feel air that was cooler then outside! We just relaxed the rest of the night mostly. Shea made up some left over quinoa and worked online a bit while I just read a book.


25JUL12 Wednesday

When Russ dropped us off I got right to work helping Leo wire and place his new bilge pump while Shea worked on putting primer on the cockpit hatches. When we took a break from the bilge pump I went over to see if I could replace the zincs in the engine. I was only able to get to one of the three and when I put a strain on it with the wrench it wouldn’t budge. I tried several ways for a while but still not luck, I finally gave up. I then helped Leo with some other things and on the next break I worked on installing the thermostat on Full Moon’s engine. That went easily enough and only took about a half hour. After that I helped Leo finish installing his new nav lights up forward. Right as we were finishing up Russ drove in, perfect timing! Shea was just finishing closing up the boat so we headed back to Russ’s for the night. Shea made some more quinoa with curry seasoning for dinner. It smells great and I’m looking forward to dinner!


24JUL12 Tuesday

When we arrived at the boat this morning first thing I did was hook up the solar panel. I decided to hook it into the house leg coming out of the battery selector switch. That way it will feed the house while charging what ever battery has been selected (usually the house bank). After that I helped Leo with some projects on his boat for a bit. When I started working on Full Moon again I drilled and put small eye bolts on all four corners of each port light so that we can put screen and curtains on them. After that Shea crawled down inside the cockpit lockers and did the dirty work on installing the rest of the eye bolts while I gooped 5200 around them. They all appeared to turn out pretty good, I hope they work out well. After that we just puttered a bit. I was able to take a little piece of shock cord and make one curtain “rod” with it. I seized the line at both ends then seized a bight on both ends. I really like the way it turned out and though they will be mostly hidden I think it will be good practice for me and I really enjoy doing it. We then struck the tarps below to prepare for probable thunder storms that were being advised and finished picking up everything outside. Russ came by and picked us up then we all went into town to get some things for dinner. Shea prepared some pork that Russ and I tried to barbecue, it turned out that the grill thought we wanted them done crispy even though we had it turned down. There were flames coming out the side when we looked out the window and by the time we got them off they were a little crispy on the outside but cooked pretty good otherwise. Shea also prepared some salad and cooked some cabbage. We topped it off with some grilled corn, I really enjoyed the meal.

23JUL12 Monday

Russ dropped us off at the boat this morning, Leo and I worked on a few things on his boat while Shea did some stuff on ours. It wasn’t long until the heat and humidity was terrible. Leo had planned to head to West Marine and do a little running around and offered to let us go with him. We stopped off to look at belts at a auto store and I was able to get one of the two I needed though he wasn’t able to find any that would fit his engine. We then drove down to Deltaville and did some shopping at West Marine picking things up for the boat. After spending some time there we drove around doing some grocery shopping. It was neat to stop at a couple little farmers markets and get some fruits and veggies. By the time we got back to Leo’s Russ had been waiting for us for a little bit since he was early so we headed back to his house for the evening.


22JUL12 Sunday

Leo was up pretty early so we worked on the running lights and in the engine room some more. Things made progress but we didn’t get anything wrapped up just yet. Shea puttered on the boat cleaning some and stowing some. I was able to clean the caulking off the second T-track after we put everything away for the day then in the evening Russ came to pick us up. We ended up going into town with him and getting some things to make dinner. Shea prepared some hamburger patties and then made salad and guacamole. I cooked the burgers on the grill and we enjoyed a great dinner together then sat down to relax in the air conditioned house for a bit while I got things ready to post on the blog.

21JUL12 Saturday

It was good to stay the night on the boat again. It finally feels a bit like we are living the way we set out to. This morning I helped Leo begin to install some new running lights and with some work on relocating a pump in his engine room. There are lots of small projects he is trying to catch up on and I’m able to help out so that’s good. Shea worked on trying to find homes for the remaining things that we still have cluttering the boat up then she prepared a great dinner using a new ingredient that we picked up, quinoa, it turned out great! I even requested that we have it again soon and it’s even easy to prepare it seems. Shea decided to do a little laundry outside by hand and then handed it in to me to hang on a line so the thundershowers wouldn’t get to it. We then spent the rest of the evening just relaxing on the boat and trying to figure out where to stow things.

20JUL12 Friday

We were dropped off at the boat early today so we got right to work. I worked on reinstalling the companionway trim so the hatch boards could be used again. They don’t look to bad but they are slightly out of place because they were miss cut before and rigged to fit with a gap that I didn’t like and also because the bulkhead that I replaced is about an eighth of an inch thinner then the old one. I then worked on putting some silicone caulking around the mast to try and stop the little bit of rain that was still finding its way in. I was able to help Leo a little in the afternoon though Shea and I spent most of the rest of the day organizing inside the boat. We then tried the barbecue out for the first time. The chicken turned out good and Shea made a tasty chicken salad for dinner.

19JUL12 Thursday

This morning Russ dropped us off and I helped Leo with some things on his boat then in the afternoon Shea and I worked on putting some stainless steel eye bolts and one of the two U-bolts that I wanted to get reinstalled. We ended up breaking a couple of the eyebolts because they were over tightened so I’m going to need to get a few more. We also worked on getting things put into there places before Russ came to pick us up for the night. He drove us up to Gloucester so he could get some tools at Lowe’s. I bought some one inch cosmetic plugs to fill all the holes that were drilled in the overhead for the T-track. After that we stopped to get some dinner at an Italian place then returned to the house for the night.

18JUL12 Wednesday

This morning we visited with Russ for a bit then he dropped us off at the boat so we could straighten things out and try and find a home for all the stuff we have. It’s getting hard to find places for everything but it’s getting there. We drug our feet a bit because of all the heat but we did get some work done. In the evening time Russ came by to pick us up and we went into town to get some things for dinner. We all ended up getting things for chicken salad and it turned out to hit the spot perfectly.

17JUL12 Tuesday

Russ came back tonight so this morning we took everything to the boat and tried to straighten it up a bit before driving towards Richmond since that is where he is flying into. We did some shopping at Costco to stock up on some food items and got a couple bleacher fold up chairs to try in the cockpit. They should provide a good backrest and they even came with blankets that are supposed to deflect water on there outer side. After that we went to an outdoor store looking for mosquito netting and found none. We did get a couple sweatshirts though that should keep us warm if we ever find cold weather again. Once we finished up our shopping we drove to the airport to pick Russ up. We drove around the airport a couple times then I dropped Shea off so she could go see if Russ’s flight was on time. When I came back and found out it was we went to the one hour parking lot then walked into the airport. Just as we strolled in we saw Russ walking to the baggage claim; perfect timing! Once he collected his things we rode back to his house with him. Russ invited us to stay with him at the house for a bit so we ended up staying the night.

16JUL12 Monday

Shea worked on cleaning up the house to prepare for Russ coming back while I went to work on the boat. Leo and I worked on figuring out just how the combings would be best then making the cuts and putting them in place. They look pretty good cut to size and mocked in I think. It was a bit slow because it was so hot outside and we wanted to be sure it was correct before I cut the teak. In the afternoon I drove to a marine metal shop to ask about them making some mounts that will be installed on the backside of the combings then bolted through the deck. After that I ran into Deltaville to look for some bolts for the winches. I need ones at least five and a half inches long and no one has any so I’ll have to look somewhere else.


15JUL12 Sunday

Shea and I packed some more things up and brought them to the boat. Shea worked on cleaning up and finding places for things to go while I worked with Leo for a bit trying to figure out why his shore power was having problems. We finally concluded that it was his selector switch that is used to select between the onboard generator and shore power. He decided to just get a new one once we pulled it all out and took it apart to see just how corroded it was. Once we finished up with that for the day we moved over to Full Moon to see about fitting the teak combings. I cleaned them up a bit then we set one in place and looked over what would work. We decided some things and will look it over again tomorrow just to make sure that it is all sound before I start cutting the expensive wood. I was also able to clean around one of the T-tracks, there was 5200 that squeezed out around the edges and I needed to run around them with a razor blade. It was easy enough but it took a while because I didn’t want to mess up the new paint job. Shea did a fantastic job on cleaning things up inside, it had been turned into a bit of a construction zone since we haven’t been living on the boat for a while. Everything is being put away nicely and it’s beginning to look like a boat again!

14JUL12 Saturday

One of the big things today was getting the potable water working on Leo’s boat. His pump was bad so he had purchased a new one. Him and I worked on putting the new one in; witch of corse was different then the old one so the mounting configuration needed to be changed around some. When we got it all finally hooked up and checked the lines there were a few small leaks and things that were able to be corrected with little trouble. There still appears to be a leak somewhere that we can’t find though because the pump turns on every few minutes or so to bring the pressure back up on the system. We then worked on removing his alternator because that had very corroded terminals and looked to be about ready to go. He decided to just get a new one so him and I tried going to the store but they were already closed for the day and some of the places that may have carried it were closed because of severe thunderstorms and power outages everywhere. When we returned Shea and I worked a bit on figuring where to put things on the boat before we decided to head back to the house for the night.

13JUL12 Friday

The track was ready to go in this morning so that’s the first thing we worked on. We laid it in place to make sure all the holes lined up then we started all the bolts and ran the washers and started almost all the nuts a couple threads so that once the 5200 was on we would only need to tighten them. The bolts needed to be three inches long since the insulation was so deep and the overhead was still in place with the exception of the one inch holes that we drilled and it would be almost impossible to get the nuts started if the bolts were any shorter. We then lifted the track up as high as it would go with the nuts in place and ran a bead of 5200 along its length and around every hole then placed the track down and put a little 5200 in every bolt hole on the track before seating the bolt down so that it would form a gasket around every bolt head. I then worked on ratcheting every nut up from the inside while Leo held the bolts in place with the screw driver. Each track had nineteen bolts in it and three inch bolts take a really long time to run the nut up since there was only about a half inch of meat at most that was being used. It was afternoon by the time we finished the port side so we stopped for lunch then got back to work on the starboard side. Leo had a right angle compact drill motor that we found and chucked up a socket in to speed up the ratcheting time. It worked much better the second time around using the power tool. By the time we finished up I was hurting a bit from using the ratchet so much and crawling into the tight spaces to do all the work so we cleaned everything up and headed back to the house around four in the afternoon.

12JUL12 Thursday

We now have both T-tracks for the foresails so we worked on those today. Leo helped me figure out a good place for them to go then we worked on drilling the holes in the deck then I drilled larger holes inside in the overhead so that I could get up into the insulation. By the time we did all that it was getting late into the afternoon and once the primer was put on the drilled holes on the deck it needed to dry so we headed out for the night.

11JUL12 Wednesday

It took us a bit to get going and by the time we started working on the boat it was already afternoon. We puttered around cleaning things up and doing little things then before we wrapped up for the day we painted the companionway bulkhead with a normal matted roller to see how it would turn out. I’m not sure if we will keep it like that or not but it is interesting.

10JUL12 Tuesday

Leo asked if I could help him with his hose spigot today so I went over there while Shea stayed behind to clean and pack some and make some bread. When I got there it turned out that his air conditioning needed a little attention as well. It needed to thaw out though so we began work on the spigot. It took us a little while but we were able to unscrew it from a compression fitting then the faucet part needed to be shortened so it would be able to fit out of the hole so we cut it out. We then went into town and picked up some pieces to make an extension that so we could put a shorter faucet in. We assembled all the pieces and then Leo crawled back under the porch while I handed him tools and screwed in the new spigot. Once that was taken care of we focused on the air conditioning unit. There was a bunch of ice that needed to come out and some things that needed to be hooked back up. It took a little bit but we succeeded in putting it all back together. I then went back to the house for the evening.


09JUL12 Monday

We brought another small load of things over to the boat then got to work. Shea worked on cleaning and organizing some more while I did some sanding and worked on putting the trim back on around the companionway. I was also able to open up another void for Shea and help her remove some cup holders that were wasting more space then helping anything. The heat was much more bearable but it was still hot and very humid. I was also able to help our friend Leo do a little bit. We were able to stand the heat until the early evening then we returned back to the house to clean up and pick up the computer then head to town to get online and do a little bit more shopping. We are preparing for when we will move back aboard Full Moon!

08JUL12 Sunday

Shea stayed back at the house to clean our things up and go through the last bits while I took a load over to the boat and tried to organize some things. I spent a while sorting through things that had been just tossed about because they didn’t have homes yet. Once I got the stuff onboard and did some work I visited with Leo for a while then helped him on some of his projects. It was really hot outside so we went back and forth between working and hiding in his house. The large thunderstorms finally began to let go so I headed out and came back to the house and found that Shea had even made some fresh bread! Once I cleaned up we headed to town to do our shopping for provisions for the boat.

07JUL12 Saturday

We went down to the boat and brought some things with us to put back aboard. Shea worked on cleaning and organizing while I played around with some small projects. It was hot enough that I was having trouble thinking straight. I decided to not put the track down just yet because I had some questions for Leo regarding how it should be put down and he was busy today. We ended up wrapping things up around noon because we just couldn’t take the heat anymore. Shea is able to handle it better then I but she was even getting hot. We ended up going back to the house and continued sorting through things for the rest of the day so we would be ready to move back aboard early next week.

06JUL12 Friday

We went to the marina first thing this morning since we had left a note with the guy that works on weekends and holidays on the forth of July, we asked him to pass the note on to the store manager that requested he order the track. We found out that there is a new rule that there be a deposit so he hadn’t ordered it yet. We also found out that it would be a lot more getting it from him then from West Marine. We told him that we would call him once we decided what we were going to do then left. On our way out we decided to stop by our friends Chris and Abe’s house and see how they were doing since we hadn’t seen them in a while. We visited for a while and told them all about what has been going on since we had seen them last. It was a good time and when we were getting ready to leave Chris suggested we call around about the track and see who would have it in stock since West Marine in Deltaville only had the one. We called all over the place and were able to only find one place up in Annapolis that had one piece as well. I finally decided that we would go down to Deltaville and get the one piece for the cheaper price even though it would cost gas money and that we would get the other from Yankee Point. I called the store manager back and asked him to order just one piece then we drove down to Deltaville and picked up the other one. We also did a some running around and shopping.

05JUL12 Thursday

Today the forecast was for another extremely hot day, it was supposed to be hotter then the other days and very humid so we decided to just spend the day at the house and sort through our things and work on packing things up to return them back to the boat. Not a very eventful day other then that.

04JUL12 Wednesday

The decks around the cabin were next on the list for paint and we don’t have the tracks yet so I worked on sanding the decks down in addition to the cabin sides to prep for there turn, then Shea cleaned the area up and found a few spots that needed a little primer. We put that down and once it was dry we taped two inches up the side from the deck. Shea trawled the paint out while I went over with the textured roller again. We are starting to get the hang of it but the extremely hot days and not being able to completely shade all of the decks did leave some areas different then others. We wrapped that up then went to clean up because we had been invited over to Mike’s house for a fourth of July celebration. We arrived later in the afternoon and had fun visiting and making new friends. I spent part of the evening watching the kids as they blew off some fireworks down on the beach then I showed them how to use a firecracker to launch a can up in the air. It was a lot of fun but we were both tired so we headed out before to late.

03JUL12 Tuesday

We wanted to try and get the sail track down before the paint so we decided to run around and see what we could find. We ended up going to Deltaville to check all the marinas. We drove from one to another asking if they had any used or new track in stock and the answer was the same “No, but we can order some”. We figured that West Marine would have some so we stopped there last to purchase the track new. We found out that they only had one piece in stock… we need two. So I made the decision to just have Yankee Point order the track since it was closer we wouldn’t need to drive as far to pick it up.

02JUL12 Monday

We went to the boat and found the paint was still a bit soft so after poking around for something that wouldn’t hurt the paint we decided to go looking for track that we want to lay for the foresail sheets leads. We planned to start off by checking at Yankee Point Marina to see if they had any used track. On our way we saw our friend Mike working on the old general store and stopped to see how he was doing. We helped him put a counter together that is on casters, it turned out pretty well and it was neat to see how it worked and would allow the space to be multi functional. We ended up going to the marina Cafe for lunch with Mike. Shea and I checked to see if they had any track and we were sad to find out that they didn’t have any used or new track around. We headed back to Mike’s store to finish up the job, he then invited us to come over to his house and check to see if he may have some track around. When we got there I helped him move a stackable washer and dryer into a room while Shea got a little lesson in how to use a blood pressure cuff from his wife. We then looked around a bit and helped him get a few things out of the storage area but we weren’t able to find any track. We did find a couple nice winches and he said we could have them if we helped do a little more work. They are bigger then the ones we have and would make life easier and safer when we are able to rig a genoa so we agreed. We ended up staying and chatting for the evening before we came back to Russ and Betsy’s.

01JUL12 Sunday

I forgot it was Shea’s birthday today so I obliviously went about working on the boat this morning. We caulked around the port lights then we painted the cockpit with the non-skid paint. After the paint was down we headed into town to check the email real quick and do some shopping that included picking up a tensioner pulley for the truck, the bearing on the one that’s in there sounds like it’s going bad. I figured out it was Shea’s birthday, and after I said I was sorry for forgetting we went to have some pizza to celebrate. After that we stopped by the marina on our way back to see if our friends Gerry and Marie were there then headed back to the house for the evening.

30JUN12 Saturday

This morning Shea worked on sanding the companionway boards that were removed when we replaced the companionway bulkhead with the Coosa board. I removed all the filler around the port light, it came off much easier then expected. It was a really soft epoxy filler covered with fiberglass tape. While working the previous owner stopped by and chatted for a while, he seemed to like how we are changing things. He was surprised by some of the deterioration we found and seemed excited to see how it would look when complete. After he left we cleaned up the port lights and sanded them down then Shea put primer around them to seal the steel that was exposed. We cleaned up after that and helped our friend Leo on some projects of his. We are excited to see the boat making progress.

29JUN12 Friday

We decided to try and escape the heat a bit today by going for a drive. First we drove down to Glouster and did some shopping at Lowe’s and Home Depot. We picked up some fast cure 5200 that I plan to use around the port lights since they are showing signs of leakage around the filler that was used on the outside. I don’t think they leaked on the inside though. After we did our shopping there we drove further South to Williamsburg. We were able to exchange a pair of Crocs that were to big for me then we walked around the shopping center for a while and picked up a few things at a kitchen store. It was getting late in the afternoon and we were getting hungry so we drove along the strip to find a place to eat. We found a brick fired pizza place named Anna’s so we thought we would give that a try. It turned out to be the best pizza we’ve had in a while. After that we headed back towards home; on the way we stopped to cool down some at Sweet FROGs in Glouster. We also stopped by the marina to visit with our friend Hal and see if our friends Gerry and Marie had come down for the weekend.


28JUN12 Thursday

We picked up an hour meter that we had ordered at the Marina on the way to the boat. Once there we helped our friend put his foresail up then I got to work installing the hour meter. It is a really simple setup that just wires into the key switch but I wasn’t sure where to mount it. I finally decided that I would use a stainless steel pipe mount that had a rubber sleeve on it and fit it to fit around the hour meter and cut it to size then mount that to the bulkhead in the engine compartment. It took a little bit to get it all right then a bit to figure on the best wire run to the ignition switch. While working on that our friend was working in his engine compartment and asked if we could lend a hand finishing the removal of a large section of his exhaust pipe. We were able to get it all out so he could get the piece welded then we took a break for a bit because it was so hot outside before I returned to finish up the hour meter. We then went to visit our friend Hal at the hospital and find out how he is doing. We were happy to find that he is doing much better and may be able to go back to his boat tomorrow! After our visit we returned to Russ and Betsy’s for the night.

27JUN12 Wednesday

The final step for the head was gluing in a piece on the side of the bowl using PVC cement, since we remembered to bring that with us today I was able to finish that up and now the head is complete. We then worked on painting the cabin top with nonskid paint. I think it turned out pretty well and I really like the texture, we’re going to need to touch up some spots but I think that should be pretty easy with the way it rolls on. While that was drying I took the dingy out and moved a half submerged log from near the dock around the point to the beach where we hauled it out then took the dingy out of the water so we can clean the bottom later since it was starting to get a little nasty being in the water for as long as it has been. Shea then began picking at some cracks in the old paint that were around the cabin. There was a little rust but not to bad, I fallowed around with the sander and feathered it out so that we could put some primer over it. As we were wrapping things up I went back to a port light that I had noticed a tiny bit of rust seeping from a seem between it and the cabin and once I decided to dig in I found that the epoxy filler that had been used had a gap between it and the port light fixture so there was a place for water to get into the seem. It looks like the water only worked on the steel in that area so I’m hoping that they will only need to be corrected from the outside and I won’t have to remove them entirely, I did find that they all showed little tells similar to the first so I have to decided wether to correct them now or once we get going. It was getting a little late so once we put some primer over the areas that we had sanded down we headed out.

26JUN12 Tuesday

This morning while picking up some thing at the Marina Store we found out that our friend Hal had been taken to the hospital because he was severely dehydrated. We are sad to hear the news and hope he is doing better. We then went to work on the boat, the vent above the fan was the first thing on the list. We cut the hole a little bigger to fit the larger vent that we had purchased then epoxied around the plywood edges to help seal against any water that may get in. Once that kicked we were able to install the vent and fascia ring. I think it turned out pretty good overall. Shea also primed the last bit of the cockpit once I sanded it down for her. We were able to help our friend install a hatch on his boat, just a little holding and work with the saw but it was fun to help out. Once all that was done we still needed to go to Shea’s chiropractor appointment so off we went. She was still stiff so when the chiropractor did the back adjustment and we heard several large cracks it was great to hear that she felt a lot better. The chiropractor also gave us some advice about using a small soccer ball and rolling that around between her back and the floor. It’s supposed to stretch things out and give the ability to work areas that have problems. We then returned to Russ and Betsy’s for the evening.

25JUN12 Monday

Thunderstorms again in the forecast; we decided to make a run to Bacons up in Annapolis to see if they had some sheet tracks for the foresails and maybe a drifter or a light genoa. Our friend came with us and though we didn’t end up finding the things we were looking for we did end up getting some non-skid paint for the decks. It was a nice break and even though it rained back at the boat we stayed dry up north.

24JUN12 Sunday

Shea helped me finish putting the wiring together that will be used for the head ventilation fan then we installed the whole ventilation system into the overhead. and hooked the wiring into the fuse block in the engine compartment. It all looks to work great and the only thing left is a little PVC cement that I need to remember to bring from Russ’s so I can attach one last piece to have it complete. It was getting into the afternoon and our friend asked if we could help haul a small boat of his out of the water so it could drain all the rain water out of it. I then helped him blow up his new dingy and after that we shared dinner with them upon invitation.

23JUN12 Saturday

Trying to get the engine at a good starting over point for me I am trying to change out everything I can for the periodic maintenance so I can get a feel for it and know when it was actually last done. I put a new impeller on this morning then continued working on the head. The only thing left is the ventilation so I cut a hole for the vent in the overhead. Shea’s back was really hurting and she had even needed to rest by laying on the dock for a bit so we decided to go into town to see if the chiropractor was open. We were sad to see that they are closed on the weekend so that was going to have to wait. We did a little running around then headed back to the boat to see about getting some more work done. I worked on preparing the ventilation fan that will be installed the vent. It needed to be wired to longer wires and I put some heat shrink around the section that would be exposed to clean it up a little and protect it. I then went aloft on our friends boat since he needed a new wind indicator put on and the anchor light was burnt out and the bulb needed to be retrieved so he could purchase a new one. The neighbor helped raise me up and helped our friend around the boat some as well. By the time I finished up I had been up the mast for around an hour and was exhausted from the hot weather and cramped chair. We then finished up for the night.

22JUN12 Friday

This morning Bryan came by the boat and looked at the engine. It turns out that during all the trouble shooting in the beginning I got the decompression levers confused and once the exhaust elbow was fixed I was actually putting the levers in the decompressed position instead of the compressed position that they are supposed to be in. I feel very stupid for missing that and getting confused but am glad to hear that the engine runs very well actually now. I would like to get an actual engine mechanics manual instead of the operators manual that I have, I had tried to check to make sure the levers were correct using the manual I have and we see where that got me. Once that was done and I thanked Bryan for his help showing me what I had done wrong and also giving me several additional pointers I then got to work installing the fuel line shut off valve that we had gotten from the marina. It didn’t take to long, Shea and I then started the engine to make sure fuel was still flowing well. Everything seemed great so we put fuses on the battery banks. They had been shorted when the air intake horn was installed touching the starter positive cable. We had bypassed one of them so we could keep troubleshooting the other day once the problem was discovered but now it was time to get them fixed. It took a while since you have to completely remove the house bank to get to the starting bank underneath it. When we finished that up the clouds were moving in and it was just starting to rain. The thunderstorms we had seen forecasted looked to have come in so we cleaned up for the day and came back to Russ and Betsy’s to sort through some things we have back here while the thunderstorm really shook things around outside.

21JUN12 Thursday

On our way over to work on the boat we needed to stop by the marina and buy some parts. On our way we passed by our friend Mike’s place that he is working on and stopped in to say hello. We visited for a while and helped him hang some sails as curtains so his son would be able to have his own little air conditioned room. We then went to have some lunch with him at the Marina Cafe. We visited with him and our friend Hal then purchased our things down at the little store. On our way out we stopped by to tell Mike thank you for lunch and he said he was wrapping up for the day and invited us over to his place for a bit; he even offered to have us look through his garage filled with boating things to see if there was anything that we may be able to use. He gave us a horseshoe ring that is used for retrieving people from over the side, we appreciate it very much and plan to practice with it once we get going. We then sat and visited with him for a bit and just enjoyed resting on his porch in the very hot weather. It was getting later in the day and we hadn’t gotten anything done on our project yet so we headed to the boat. I tried working with the engine some but I really have no clue what else to check. I finally gave up and called a professional “Bryan Geyer” for help. We then finished up for the evening and headed back to Russ and Betsy’s.

20JUN12 Wednesday

This morning we went to stopped by the marina to pick up the zinc’s that we had ordered for the engine then went to work on the boat. I removed the exhaust hose from the mixing elbow and then we placed a bucket under it to catch the water and started the engine. There was no improvement at all… We thought it over for a bit then finally decided to go to town to see if we could find anything online. We went to Anna’s Pizza and used their internet. I could not find anyone with the symptoms I had, the whole things made no sense to me or anyone I have asked up to this point. I gave up my online search finding only a few places that may have said something similar and they all required large rebuilds. We returned to our friends house and I helped him do a little work on his boat then we finished up and returned to Russ’s for the night.

19JUN12 Tuesday

We stopped by Yankee point again this morning to pick up the petcock and were able to ask the head mechanic about what he thought of our symptoms. He thought it must be something to do with the exhaust and suggested taking off the mixing elbow and seeing how that looked. When we got to the boat Shea wanted to give it a shot so she used the tools and promptly removed the mixing elbow. We found that it was heavily rusted and corroded inside, it was also seized with the lower assembly. She took it to the marina to ask what they guys thought and purchase at least the elbow. They looked it over and said that the lower piece was so rusted that it would be best to purchase both pieces since we are replacing them. She brought back all the new parts required to assemble it but we didn’t have any anti-seize so we planned to pick some up at Shea’s chiropractor appointment then install it after. I had helped our friend with some things on his to-do list. On the way to Shea’s appointment we stopped and picked up the anti-sieze then she got adjusted and felt much better afterwards. When we got back to the boat we installed the new parts and then started the engine. It wouldn’t start unless the compression was open again but this time we were able to get any two cylinders to work under compression. We still can’t get all three though and have no idea why. We have tried to bleed the fuel lines a couple times and they look good. Another good thing is that the air intake is not blowing anything out of it and has what seems to me as a healthy suction. By the time we finished it was after dark and when we finally made it back it had gotten late.

18JUN12 Monday

This morning we stopped by Yankee Point to see if they had a petcock so we could install that before the inline fuel filter. They could order one so we had them do that and also purchased some replacement and spare parts for the engine. We then went to the boat to begin working on it, our friend came out to see if he could lend a hand. With his help we were able to start the engine with all of the compression levers open. Once started we were able to put any one cylinder under compression but if two or three were tried it would kill the engine. We made sure to bleed the lines after replacing the fuel filter on the engine and still can’t figure out what’s going on. The air intake has a lot of black smoke and soot coming out of it. I’m not sure if it’s something wrong inside or just because I have the decompression levers open. We needed to do a few things in town so we got a little pizza then finished up for the day and went back to Russ’s.


17JUN12 Sunday

The petcock was the thing on the list today so once we got moving we headed into town to see what we could find. On the way we stopped by the marina to visit with our friends Gerry and Marie for a bit. It was great to see them and we even saw a few other friends as well. We visited for a while but Shea made sure that we kept moving, we were off to Kilmarnock to find the petcock. We looked around for a while but were unable to locate one at the few stores that were open. We finally gave up and headed out of town. We stopped at the boat and visited for a while and our friend insisted that we use his phone to call our fathers for fathers day. I chatted with my Mother and Father for some time, I haven’t talked to them since we left home so it was great to catch up and hear about home. Shea called her parents as well and talked to them for a bit. We visited for a while then headed off back to the marina to drop off some milk we had picked up for our friend Hal. We then visited for a bit before heading out to go cook our dinner and are now just relaxing for the remainder of the evening.

16JUN12 Saturday

Shea made cookies this morning and we ate some for “brunch” then we got going and went to work on the boat. I laid the silicone caulking we purchased yesterday then I worked on replacing the inline fuel filter with our friend lending his advice on the manner. I really appreciate the help since I have pretty much no knowledge of diesel engines. We found out that the filter is mounted below the tank level and that combined with the siphon effect caused fuel to slowly overfill the glass bowl. I did get the filter changed but we are waiting to try starting it until after I install a petcock before the filter so if it requires bleeding we won’t have to do it to many times during this learning that I’m doing with the engine. Shea worked on sanding some and preparing to put the Cetol on but we are waiting until the caulking sets up before we do that. This evening we shared some dinner with our friends, it was a great time visiting and by the time we finished it was getting late so we headed back to Russ’s and are ready for bed.

15JUN12 Friday

We need to get some supplies from a bigger store so we decided to do our running around today. We headed into Gloucester to buy some things at Low’s and then went into Deltaville to visit West Marine to pick up a fuel filter and some Cetol for the wood around the companionway. It was getting later by the time we made it back near the boat so we dropped off our things then went to pick up our friends truck since he had brought his big sailboat back home to his dock. When we returned we all went to get some pizza for dinner and visited for the evening. It was a lot of driving today and a good evening spent with our friend.

14JUN12 Thursday

This morning we hung around Russ’s for a bit then went to the boat around early noon to see about doing some work. We weren’t there long before Shea’s back was really hurting so we decided to go see about finding someone to look at it. We drove around town for a while and found a clinic but since we are not residents they wouldn’t see us, the place they refereed down the street was an Urgent Care center and it would cost a lot before they even really did anything. Shea had noticed a chiropractor during our driving so we decided to stop in there and see what they said. They were willing to take a look at her and confident they could help, the prices much more manageable, so that’s where we decided to go. Shea felt much better after getting adjusted and even though she still aches we’re happy she isn’t feeling the same sharp pains from things being out of place. By then it was getting later in the evening so we returned to where the boat is moored and helped the owner of the place move one of his boats around and adjust some lines then we went to get some dinner and relax a short time before bed.

13JUN12 Wednesday

The plan for the day was to check on the engine and clean and check the ground tackle then secure for sea a bit before getting underway. We ended up starting with the ground tackle, we pulled the anchor onto the dock along with all the chain rhode. I double checked the length of the chain and confirmed it was just over one hundred feet. We painted some markers on it so we would be able to know how much is payed out. We left that to dry and worked on securing things for sea and checking on the engine. The engine started fairly easily and seemed to run smoothly, we did replace the engine stop knob though since it was sticking, we let it idle a bit and throttled it up with no troubles at all. Once all that was taken care of it was getting into the afternoon so we re-stowed the anchor and rhode then paid our bill. We then began motoring over to the fuel dock, once out of the slip we noticed a lot of black soot coming from the exhaust and some black solids. Everything else seemed okay as I checked on things and once we made it to the fuel dock we had developed a bit of a crowed because I had stopped the engine a couple times and the wind had blown us off a bit. We moored with a few people helping us out on the dock then fueled up. I talked with some of the guys while fueling and they saw the soot and chunks coming out. They thought it was just a large buildup in the exhaust breaking free and I figured it was likely because we had moved the hose around a lot while working on the cockpit so once topped off we cast off and waved goodbye. We motored out of the creek and once out in the Corrotoman a ways I noticed the engine seemed like it was starving more and more. I was worried I was doing something to overheat it so I checked over it a couple times, it seemed that it had sufficient water flow and though it was still spewing solids the soot had stopped. We kept going but soon found that it was just not enough RPMs to fight the head winds and shortly after the engine starved out from lack of something it sounded like. At this point we were in the middle of a Wednesday night race and trying to not interfere with little success because of lack of steering so we finally rigged the mainsail sheets to the stern cleats and raised the mainsail. I put two reefs in the main just so we could make headway and get a bearing on the situation before heading on. We stayed out of the race and tacked upwind slowly as I checked on the engine a little longer then gave up as we decided to just sail. It was a relaxing sail and once we turned into the Western Branch I took the reef out since the winds were a little less and I felt more comfortable with everything at that point. We sailed along with the main only since the hardware for the foresail sheets was still not installed. We sailed for couple hours and once we were getting close and it was getting late I pulled and tied the tender alongside. One bow line and a stern line help it midships then I climbed aboard and stared the outboard. It worked perfectly and at that point with the winds dwindling down and the sun getting low I climbed back aboard to let the tender pull us along as I struck the mainsail and we began to prepare for arrival. It was just about sunset when we arrived at the location and moored pretty smoothly with Shea at the helm. We buttoned everything up for the night then came back to Russ’s for a late dinner and ready for bed.

12JUN12 Tuesday

Even with the rain we still managed to mount pretty much everything for the cockpit minus the rigging hardware. First was the throttle assembly, I used some adhesive gasket stuff and mounted it all in then hooked everything up. We haven’t started the engine yet but it should work. Next was the shore power, that was easy enough after I made sure the AC was secured. Fallowing that was the gauge cluster and fuel gauge. Shea helped me mount them and hook them up then we moved into the bulkhead and installed the fuel tank vent, compass, and depth sounder. By then we were both tired of the heat and the leaking tarp so we wrapped things up and came back to Russ’s for some dinner. Shea made stir fry that tasted great.

11JUN12 Monday

We bought some Starboard and I built a shelf for the AirHead. The board wasn’t quite the size I wanted but it still worked out nicely. Shea epoxied some of the holes that were in the head sole before I mounted the shelf and the leg it sits on. After the shelf was figured out the installation went pretty easy. I still have to install the vent hose and the fixtures they mount to but everything looks good. Shea made nachos for dinner that were really good.

10JUN12 Sunday

Today we went to work on the boat. While there I wanted to check the email so I stopped in the lounge and then I was asked to not use the lounge at all during the weekend. We were also asked to hurry up on the repairs because this is not a live aboard marina and they don’t want us interfacing with the occupants. We received the AirHead and worked on fitting it. Shea cleaned topsides and put a little primer on. We plan to get the boat ready to motor at least then head out so we won’t make any more waves, we’re going to miss our friends. Went to Lowe’s in Tappanhannock and picked up some supplies we then got some dinner at “Hunan Village”. The food was really good after that we returned to Russ’s.

09JUN12 Saturday

The marina owners asked us to spend less time in the lounge and to hurry our project up so we could be on our way sooner then later. I installed the cockpit drains and worked on cleaning the wood up that holds the hatch boards for the companionway then we brought more stuff to Russ’s. I was able to help our friend Jonathan lift his engine back in with Matt lending a hand and giving some good advice. We then visited with Gerry and Marie for a bit then returned to Russ’s for the evening.

08JUN12 Friday

We took our time getting going this morning and when we did get to the boat we found the 5200 was still tacky because we used the regular cure stuff instead of the fast cure to give us time to work. It may take a week to fully cure. We cleaned up the boat and loaded up the truck with some things to bring to Russ’s so we could sort through them then headed back to the Russ’s to drop them off then drove into town to get some groceries and returned back. The 5200 will be left to cure a little longer, I don’t want to mess up the seal while hooking things up, in the meantime we will work on other projects I think.

07JUN12 Thursday

This morning Shea made pancakes to share with our friend Bill then we got to work. The fuses had arrived early so I was able to install them and run the wiring. It of corse took longer then expected to run the last few cables, I modified the new battery box again and cleaned up the wire runs then tested everything to make sure it was working correctly. Everything checked out okay! Then time to make sure everything is in order and install the cockpit. We made sure everything was out and ready then borrowed a bench grinder from Russ so we could modify the fender washers as we installed them since they were all different sizes. We laid 5200 inside of the gasket that was laid before and put duct tape on all the holes so it wouldn’t drip down. Bill came over to lend a hand in lowering the cockpit in smoothly, the operation went very smoothly and with everyone in their spots it set down nice and flat with no banging or rubbing about on its way down. Once the cockpit was in it was time to fasten it down and clean up the 5200. The fasteners took a little while to grind down the washers then fit them in even though there are only twelve. Shea helped me smooth out the 5200 then clean up what had spilled over in all sorts of places. It all went smooth overall and even though it took a while to fasten down I am satisfied with the job and we are both happy that the cockpit is now in. Our friends on “Entchen” shared some beer with us for celebration and among the people to come down included Kim, Terrie, and Hal to check it out. Once everything was wrapped up we buttoned up for the night then headed over to Russ’s house because we are house sitting for a bit.


06JUN12 Wednesday

Up early again we had some breakfast up in the lounge then I went down and put the 5200 around where the cockpit will seat. This is the initial bead that we will let dry to act as a rubber isolator/spacer. We then walked around and visited until our charger came in the early afternoon. We were hoping to have it installed and put the cockpit in this evening but the store didn’t have everything I needed to correctly install the charger, the store manager said he could have it first thing in the morning so we will wait until tomorrow. We were able to mount the charger and I ran all the grounding wire and AC wire. Something exciting that happened today is that we received a very nice pressure cooker from our friend Terrie, she said it was to big for her cupboard on their boat and offered it to us. We are excited because the one we have is a bit scary to use, we figure it was made in 1949 and haven’t used it really. Maybe we will be more willing to learn with this pot! This evening we are just hanging out up in the lounge for a bit before bedtime.

05JUN12 Tueday

This morning Shea was up first thing to begin mixing primer, she put the first coat on the boat under the tarp because it was raining a little. We then looked online a little and walked around and visited with people until it was ready for the second coat. Shea put on most of that too, I worked on removing the now dead charger and confirming that it was completely dead then discarding it in the dumpster. Shea thought it would be fun to have a corn roast so she went around and asked everyone if they would like to meet up later this evening, they all said yes! So once our mess was cleaned up we took the truck into town to do a little shopping for things we need and pick up the corn. When we returned we found that Terrie was throwing in some burgers and some of the others were providing drinks. It turned into a great little party that we all had up in the lounge. It was a great day shared with friends.

04JUN12 Monday

This morning we jumped into working, I worked on mounting the battery charger in its new home on the bulkhead then we  dry fit the cockpit again and I drilled the holes for the fasteners a little bigger to fit the bolts and isolaters we purchased yesterday. Once we had done that I tested out the charger to make sure everything was working correctly and the battery charger began to make some cracking noises and expanding fairly quickly… I rushed to secure the AC power and found it still making noises with a distinct burnt electrical smell, I then pulled the inline fuses to secure the batteries from the circuit and it slowly settled down and reduced it self in size. I went through all of my wiring and couldn’t find anything wrong, I then referred to a electrical book that we have and still couldn’t find anything wrong so I asked a guy that works at the marina and he thought it was a catastrophic failure and I agree with him especially since the charge had three banks and one was marked “inoperative” and seemed to have some swelling over that bank before this incident. While I spent the day doing all that Shea worked on getting the last of the rust and putting on coats of primer to prepare for the cockpit being dropped in. I was hoping to possibly have it in today but I fell behind a little and with this battery charger issue and it being easier to install the new one with the cockpit open I think it will be at least Wednesday before we get it put back in. This evening we ate dinner with our friend Joe then chatted with Kim and Terrie for a bit before heading to the lounge to relax and visit with Hal and Joe.

03JUN12 Sunday

Today we set the cockpit in several times making sure it fit just right. There were several things that needed to be done and checked; such as finishing lowering the battery box, figuring the location and drilling the bolt holes that will hold the cockpit down and figuring out how I’m going to isolate it. Gerry and Marie have come down for the day so I asked Gerry about the isolation, he thought the 5200 gasket was a good idea and to isolate the bolts he recommended using a nylon sleeve and a non conductive washer. Shea and I did a little more work and found our friends that had left for a two month long excursion coming in. Shea and I received their mooring lines and welcomed them back! It was neat to see our friends again, then we returned to work. We figured it best to pick up the things from Lowe’s that we needed so we wrapped everything up during the early afternoon and used Russ’s truck since he is letting us borrow it to drive to Tappahannock. We found the selection terrible at Lowe’s because of a vendor transition but we were able to get pretty much everything we needed for the fasteners and isolation. After that we visited the Asia Cafe for dinner, it was pretty good and inexpensive so we liked that. On the ride back we realized that we had forgotten Shea’s purse in the Cafe so we turned around and retrieved it, glad to find everything still inside we then drove back to the marina. It’s been a long day and time for bed.

02JUN12 Saturday

The sanding almost finished up I got to work on that again while Shea sanded down the rust primer she has been putting on. We planned to try and get the barrier primer over everything today but the weather began to look a little like yesterday so we held off. We test fit the cockpit a couple times, I found out the battery box was slightly to big and there were spots that the new welds were getting in the way. I ground down the spots and removed the box, everything seems to fit better but  I’ll have to test fit again tomorrow. We took a break later in the afternoon and used Russ’s truck that he has let us borrow to make a run into town to get a few things we needed. After the ferry ride we found one of our friends working on his boat at his dock near the road so we stopped in to say hi. We visited for a while and he told us that he would come by tomorrow with some combings that he has had around for a long time. We really appreciate his help and can’t wait to see if they will work out. We then ran into town and did our shopping then returned to eat some dinner, our friend Jonathan had come by to do some work on his new boat and brought some crab to share, we really appreciate the treat, it’s the first time we’ve ever had blue crab before. Once we were moving again Shea and I went back to the boat to do a little more work; I worked on lowering the shelf that the battery box sits on so there would be clearance and Shea worked on touching up the cockpit in the hard to reach places. We got some work done but didn’t finish our projects before the light failed away so we wrapped up for the night and walked around a bit then came up to the lounge to relax before bed.

01JUN12 Friday

The sanding continued today on the cockpit while Shea put some more rust primer on spots she prepped inside the boat. She found a nasty spot of rust where the removed water tank belongs under the port settee. We noticed some storm clouds rolling in about that point so we wrapped things up for the day and went for a walk around the marina to see how far we could get before the rains came rolling in. We chatted with Kim and Terrie for a bit then made our way over to the cafe to visit with Hal. After a short time the clouds were directly overhead and Hal went to his boat to make sure it was battened down before the blow really started. It wasn’t long and the rains began coming down sideways with high winds. We visited with Peggy for a bit then when the rains let up for a bit we made our way to see how Hal had faired. He was doing well and we met up with Kim and Terrie who were out as well now. They invited us all to come up to the lounge with them to play Mexican Train and have popcorn. We all went to change into comfy clothes then met for the rest of the evening playing the game. It was a lot of fun, Shea had played before but I hadn’t so everyone got to teach me!

31MAY12 Thursday

The marina owner reminded us to try and keep things tidy this morning before we got started working. I worked on grinding some on the cockpit so it would fit then sanding it down. Shea worked on wire brushing the remaining rust under where the cockpit goes then putting a layer of primer over it. That took up pretty much the entire day. This evening we are just relaxing in the lounge and once the primer dries we’ll go pick up our mess.

30MAY12 Wednesday

There is a small storm off the coast causing rain and a little wind so we just stayed around the house with Boots taking a day off.

29MAY12 Tuesday

It was a slow morning for us, we really enjoyed sleeping in a real bed. Once we were going to went to barrow the Blazer and trailor again so we could pick up the cockpit. We went to town and they had it ready but there were a few small things that we wanted tweaked. The place was happy to make the changes then they loaded it up into the trailer and away we went. We stopped at Walmart to do a little shopping and get some things for lunch then drove back to Chris and Abe’s. We left the cockpit there and went back to the boat to drop off some things then went to Russ’s to drop off some things for dinner and pick up the propane bottle for the grill. We stayed there for a bit then headed over to pick up the cockpit now that the marina would be more empty and everyone off. Shea helped me take the cockpit down the dock using a dolly that we borrowed from Chris. It’s good to have that back, it will require a lot of sanding and some filler to clean it up then primer. We cleaned up the boat outside to prepare for a possible windy night then we returned to Russ’s to feed Boots and make dinner. It’s been another long day and it sure is nice to relax in a living room.

28MAY12 Monday

This morning I helped a guy that we have met move his engine from inside his boat to his truck, the boat is on the hard so we needed to lower it down. We used his boom and a couple halyards and rigged up a davit. Things went pretty smoothly so now he can do some work to the engine at home. After that I helped Russ lay a little fiberglass up forward on his boat, I just held some things in place and acted as a spare set of hands but it was fun helping out. Shea cleaned up the rust that was busted yesterday and put some neutralizing primer on. We cleaned things up then rode over to Russ’s so he could get going to the airport. He is going to see the newest addition to his family! We are cat sitting for Him and Betsy. We figured that it was a good time to do a little running around since we would have the use of his rig while they were gone so we went to Glouster to pay the final bill on the cell phone and see about finding a board to build the counter space in the galley at Lowe’s or Home depot. On the way into Glouster I took a wrong turn and we actually got to get a little history lesson on the area at a neat visitor center. We didn’t have any luck finding the board but we did pay the phone bill and found some tools and materials that we need for the projects so it wasn’t a waste. We also found a Sweet Frog, we really like the frozen yogurt. Once we finished we headed back to feed boots the cat and relax for the rest of the evening.

27MAY12 Sunday

Shea worked with the drill motor cleaning up rusty spots in the void that the cockpit sits in while I took apart a low bulkhead above the icebox and measured out and looked at how to put in an extended countertop for the galley. I got about as far as I could go then we got an invitation to go sailing with Chris. We couldn’t turn that down on such a beautiful day so off we went. It was a great couple hours out on the water and when we returned we were both spent. We cleaned up the mess then joined Gerry and Marie for some dinner and company.

26MAY12 Saturday

I cut the holes for the battery box cables then Shea epoxied them over. We also installed the cranking battery on the bottom shelf. We noticed that the Coast Guard Auxiliary was doing courtesy inspections so we asked if they would do one for us. It took them a little bit to get to us but once the guy did he let me do the inspection on myself while he observed me. It was really neat to learn how to conduct the inspection and the best part is that we passed with flying colors even though we have a huge hole in the boat! Once that was over I went up to see Russ’s project, he is lining up his windlass on the bow and trying to get everything so it will run as smooth as possible. We worked on cleaning things up and doing some more projects. We visited with some friends then came up to the lounge to relax for a bit.

25MAY12 Friday

The battery box now dry, I was able to cut out a spot for it. Shea held the vacuum under the cutter that I had borrowed from Russ; it looks to fit pretty well. My face has been covered in sweat so much due to my long thick hair, I needed a haircut. So Shea took my beard trimmers and took the sides down short. The trimmers batteries went dead about that point so we left the top long to be taken care of later then got back to doing something. I worked on putting a little piece of wood on the bottom of the box to help hold it in place and made a lid for it then gave that over to Shea and she worked on putting epoxy on it while I began grinding around where the cockpit sits in. It had been covered in 5200 and we found some rust spots and lots of peeling paint and primer. Once that was finished up Shea and I put a couple coats of rust lock over it to take care of any rust we missed. Over the course of the day we met a cool guy that has been sailing most his life and took off for extended adventures himself. He sailed up and down the East Coast seeing different things and said he wants to make sure he passes on some great anchorages all along where he has been. We of course spent time chatting with friends and dragging our feet at times but I feel the project made some decent head way as well. This evening Shea finished up my haircut, I think it looks good and the short hair is great with all this heat! After that we just cleaned up then visited in the lounge for bit.

24MAY12 Thursday

This morning I figured I would work on the battery box while Shea finished cleaning out the cockpit. I climbed in and disassembled part of the battery rack so we could get in below it and work on a little rust that has formed then took a bunch of measurements and figured about how I wanted the box to go. After I had a decent game plan I went up to see if I could build the box using Russ’s tools. He didn’t mind me using the workshop that he rents so I began work. I did spend part of the day helping him and had to modify the plans a couple times. Shea did a great job cleaning things up and she even worked on a little rust that the battery box will be covering once I get it installed. After I finished building, test fitting, gluing, then epoxying it was getting late in the day. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much seeing the box but I suppose that it is something at least. Our friend Hal had the dodger canvas that goes with the dodger frame that we have and he didn’t want it anymore so he gave it to us yesterday, we are excited to see what it looks like once we get the cockpit back together. The head and some of the plumbing that we removed yesterday look like they will fit in his boat so we are happy that they will not go to waste! This evening Shea and I hung out in the lounge for a bit and watched TV and had a little mac and cheese for dinner.

23MAY12 Wednesday

The cockpit needed cleaned out so that was number on for today. I worked on first unloading all the little things we had scattered around in it so they wouldn’t get wet in the spring showers we have been having then began unhooking small things that wouldn’t be required anymore. One was the macerator switch that operated the pump that could be used to fill a bucket. It wasn’t long and I was working on removing the whole black water plumbing system. I removed the holding tank and all the hoses that went with that, it was a stinky job but I’m glad we won’t have those around anymore. I found one hose ready to come off and it looked like another was leaking at one time. Shea helped me remove the head then we pulled out the one last hose that connected the head to the tank. That was a good chunk of the day but we still were able to tidy things up and re-route some wiring and things along better paths now that the cockpit wasn’t in the way. Shea spent a good portion of time wiping everything out with bleach water. I had spilled some of the tanks contents when I removed it and she wanted to make sure we weren’t dealing with any bad smells tonight, I really appreciate that. We finished up tonight feeling like we have accomplished something but know we still have a lot to do so we can reinstall this cockpit. I have figured out how I’m going to separate the aluminum from the steel I think. It used to have a large rubber gasket that was falling out and the glue didn’t want to stick to. This time we are going to use bolts so that will help out a lot but I still want something that will work better. I had asked the yard boss for his opinion and he suggested laying down 5200 then letting that cure as a gasket before laying down another coat to bed the cockpit in. I mostly liked that idea but still wanted to bed the cockpit right to the steel so I figure I’ll lay down a thick bead on the outside edge of the lip that hold the cockpit, once that sets I’ll come back and fill the inside with 5200 and join the cockpit to the steel. I think that will give me separation and still allow the glue to hold the two together.

22MAY12 Tuesday

This morning Shea and I gathered a bunch of tools so that we could prepare the cockpit under Randy’s (the owner of the welding shop) direction and packed the battery that we are going to turn in for the core and purchase two golf cart batteries. Then we rode our bicycles over to Chris and Abe’s and picked up the Blazer with the trailer already attached and headed back to the marina to pile everything in and off we went. When we arrived at Moubray & Company with the cockpit we talked over the things that we wanted done and Randy thought that the work would cost right around three hundred dollars. We needed to remove some of the fitting that would be filled and scrape just a little, other then that Randy and his guy said they would be able to do the rest of the prep work. We then ran over to the golf cart place and purchased two six volt golf cart batteries and turned in the one marine battery that we had. After that we stopped at a little cafe, Shea had heard from Abe that this place was supposed to be good. I thought my sandwich was interesting, Shea really liked hers and I did too. The best part though was the soup, it was roast red pepper with gouda and spices, we both really enjoyed it. Then we returned to Chris and Abe’s with the trailer and dropped that off. Once that was off we went back to the marina to drop off the tools and the new batteries. We were finally done with the Blazer for the day so we returned that and visited for a short while before riding our bikes back to the marina. Shea got started on ordering the new head system that we are going to install. It’s an “AirHead” composting toilet, this will mean the removal of all the plumbing on the boat. We have thought about this for a while now and seeing the small size of the holding tank and everything that would be entailed of making the system more friendly for us plus the prices of pumping out every so often we have decided that if the money is going to be spent we would go with this design. I needed to get some information regarding the toilet and measurements for the store manager so he could order the correct one. When all that was taken care of we cleaned up the boat some then came up to the lounge to have some dinner and relax a bit with Hal before we return to the boat to watch the movie “War Horse” that we have borrowed from Kim and Terrie.

21MAY12 Monday

The weather holding random showers throughout the week in the forecast we decided to wait to pop the cockpit out until we were certain about exactly what was going to be done with it. We ended up riding our bicycles over to Chris and Abe’s for a bit and I asked Chris for his advice on who to take it to for the welding. He was incredibly helpful, looking into several sources he had and asking friends about who was best. He gave me a couple great leads and then offered the use of the Blazer (Not Bronco, I was mistaken before…) so Shea and I went into town and visited a couple places. We found that one shop is pretty much devoted to working with aluminum and they sounded very reasonable in pricing, the guy wouldn’t be able to give us a real quote though until he could really see the work that was needed to be done so I said we would be back probably tomorrow with the cockpit. That being settled we found our way to a golf cart store and priced a couple batteries. I think I’m going to put two six volt golf cart batteries in series for our house bank. They seemed reasonably priced for my limited experience and the guys were real nice, we even stayed and chatted for a bit about boats and things of that sort before heading out. On the way out we stopped and got a bite to eat then drive back to tell Chris and Abe about our findings and get to work on removing the cockpit. Chris said we could barrow the Blazer and trailer tomorrow to deliver the cockpit so we got to work on removing it right away. The first thing to be done was removing the single bolt that was left then the cockpit drains. These sit right at the water level and I didn’t want to let them hang below it in case a large wave came along so I put some wooden plugs in them then secured those in with hose clamps. Now for pry time, it was a little slow at first, the sun shining through in some places led me to believe the seal around the whole thing may be compromised; I found out that wasn’t the case though. Only about half was lifted in random partial spots while the other portions were holding strong, so I began in the forward parts and lifted out an area then rigged the boom over it with sheet blocks running to lines tied. One line ran to a corner I was able to secure it through and the other line ran around the belly of the cockpit through the hatches and around out the other side. With a sheet block attached at these two points I began prying and pulling now. Shea went to find our friend Hal to tell him about the large modification that was being made and see if he wanted to watch the show, he thought it would be neat and came to see. Once he showed up he manned the sheeting system and acted as eyes on one side and above as I continued to pry a little and pull some. It wasn’t long at all and the whole thing began to peel out. With only the aft portion still sticking a little we moved the block that was attached to the corner to the center along with the other and spread them apart so it should lift straight up then I worked on separating the last bit. It came out nicely and with the sheets tightened it lifted a couple feet above where it had rested before. Now to get it on the dock! I worked the topping lift and main halyard that was attached to the end of the boom to raise it up high enough to clear the railing and the dock while Shea and Hal swung it over. It worked nicely and once it was over the dock we just slowly let it down. Vuala! The cockpit now officially out, Shea rode her bicycle over to ask Chris if we could load it up this evening and before long they returned with the trailer. Chris even helped me carry the cockpit down the docks and load it up. The whole time Shea took pictures so we’re hoping to have some time to get them up before to long. After all that we were tired, some friends that have a boat on A dock asked Hal and us to join them for spaghetti. It was a lot of fun visiting and by the time we really finished up it was past ten and dark outside. Shea and I headed back to the boat to tidy up a little around the large hole that we now have in place of the cockpit and struggled a bit to figure out how exactly to tarp off this section of the boat. We figured it out though and are now retiring for the night.

20MAY12 Sunday

Today I wanted to get as much prep work done as possible so we can remove the cockpit tomorrow. Just about everything that was mounted to or through the cockpit was removed. I did put the shore power back together so we can use that with just running the shore cable into an open cockpit locker. Everything went pretty smooth and Shea helped me remove the engine instruments and a bolt that I had put in to strengthen the edge that met the companionway bulkhead. With only the cockpit drains and one bolt that was holding a switch on remaining we decided to take a break and join Hal for lunch. It was a good time and we just watched the rain as it would come and go. After lunch we walked around the yard a little and chatted with some people that we have met. We ran into a guy that was at the auction a couple days ago and had purchased  two boats. He invited us to take a look at his new projects. It looks like he has some work ahead of him but it’s neat to see and hear his plans, after that we invited him down to the boat to take a look at our projects. We chatted for a bit hanging out then his girlfriend called and announced that she had arrive to see his new vessels so he went ashore. Shea and I puttered on the boat a bit then Mike came by and invited us to join him for lunch. We sat and visited for a while then saw our new friend with his girlfriend and asked if they would like to join us, they agreed and we all relaxed a bit conversing. Once lunch was over Mike asked if I would go back to the store with him and help carry some cabinets up to the attic. I agreed and we headed out. That took a little while and when I returned I saw Shea just climbing aboard showing our new friends the boat. I went down to visit with them and we all chatted for some time. By the time they left it was after eight in the evening and we were tired so we came up to the lounge for a bit before heading off to bed.

19MAY12 Saturday

The sanding high on the list I really wanted to make some headway today. Several hours of power sanding and a couple hours of picking with a knife and hand sanding left it ready for primer. Shea helped me put some primer on that is supposed to neutralize any rust that I may have missed. During that time there were several breaks that were taken to chat with friends and at the end of it all I noticed just how much the cockpit was moving around now. It is an aluminum insert that is only glued in place with 5200 it looks like. We debated back and forth and asked a lot of people their thoughts on the matter of removing it and working on it. The final decision is that there is some damage so it should be removed and at least cleaned and corrected. We are still debating and want to call a welder to hear their thoughts on prices regarding either making a steel insert that could be welded in or reinforcing the aluminum insert. So a new project of sorts that was not expected but still needs to be done. The rest of the night we chatted with friends and hung out around the marina then made our way up to the lounge so I could update the blog finally! Now it’s getting time for bed though.

18MAY12 Friday

This morning I planned on sanding the cockpit area and seeing about getting some primer on. As we pulled things out from the the cockpit locker I noticed the batteries and remembered that I needed to remove battery number one which is our house bank. Once we got into position and removed all the surrounding things necessary to get to the battery, some time had passed, now we weren’t even sure if it would fit coming out. Shea worked one end from the engine compartment entrance while I worked the other from inside the port cockpit locker. We succeeded in moving it around a bit but confirmed that it would not fit through the opening on the cockpit side. It was now time to see about fitting it through the engine side. Shea and I switched spots and we both huffed and puffed some then finally it came out. Once that was out I checked the water level and though it may be a little low there is no reason it should be losing the charge so quickly. Shea and I went up to chat with some of the guys on their thoughts on batteries and the consensus was that it was probably bad being as old as it is. After that we went to the cafe to get some lunch with several of our friends and avoided work for a while. When we returned I wanted to get going on the sanding and then I figured it best to remove the last piece of combing that makes up the rear section of the cockpit. Shea crawled underneath first and removed the nuts then pushed the bolts through so I could remove them from up top. I crawled under on the other side and did the same, we were able to remove all but one bolt and with as late as it was finally getting I just ripped it through, it was wet enough that it came right out with little trouble. After all that it was dinner time so Shea made some spaghetti and we relaxed for a bit then returned to the boat to cleanup my mess and work on putting some things away. Shea had been working on organizing things under the V-birth in buckets and taking an inventory. We finished things up and are now relaxing in the lounge for the rest of the night with some friends.

17MAY12 Thursday

We watched the weather this morning and even though the weatherman told us last night that it wasn’t supposed to rain the clouds were looming overhead so we planned to not sand just yet. We hung out in the boat for the morning and then had a snack and some coffee later in the morning. After that we puttered a little but our friend Mike came down before long and asked if we would join him for lunch up at the cafe. We shared lunch with him and our friends Hal and Kim. It was fun and once everyone was finished we all returned to our work. When we returned to the boat I learned that our neighbors had given us a present. Shortbread cookies with sprinkles on top and some Hershey’s milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened. We have been given so much since starting this adventure, I feel a bit spoiled, we are both very thankful for all the kindness that everyone has shown us. We decided that even though the rain clouds were looming and we had felt a drop here and there we would still chance it and ride our bicycles to the thrift store a couple miles down the road so we could buy some buckets to store things in under the V-birth and be more organized (another one of Shea good ideas!). We picked up a couple things along with the buckets and began our return ride, on the way we stopped to visit with Mike a little at the store he is remodeling. It was fun to admire his work and see his projects, it’s really coming along nicely. When we left there we rode to the ferry and went across that instead of going back to the marina. When we reached the other side we road to see if one of our friends was at his boat that was kept nearby. It turns out he was not there but his brother owned the land just across from the boat and we struck up a conversation making another friend. The chatting lasted a while and was ended because it was getting time for the last ferry ride. When we returned to the marina we visited with Peggy for a little bit then headed down to the boat to gather some things dinner. Shea made some ham and sweet potato, it turned out well. I think the rest of the night will be fairly uneventful, hopefully we’ll be able to share our cookies with some friends or something!

16MAY12 Wednesday

This morning the forecast said probable thunderstorms so I’m delaying the sanding and primer work for now. Shea wanted to get things straightened out inside better so we worked on cleaning things up. I began by removing the old hardware from the sail we have just purchased. While removing some stitching so I could remove the wire rope I slipped with the knife and stuck it in my hand. It went straight in and I pulled it out quickly. It wasn’t deep, probably a half inch at most but it left a bit of a gaping slice. Shea helped me clean it up and put a band-aid over it so I could get back to work. Once the sail was disassembled of its hardware we folded it up. We were happy to see how small we could roll it and brought out our other sails so we could fold them as well. They still have all the hardware so we weren’t able to fold them nearly so tightly but they did condense. It was getting to be about lunch time so Shea made chicken salad and once things were wrapped up Shea and I headed back to the boat and I cut out an access to the void Shea had found below a shelf in the V-berth. That was a bit taxing on my hand so I planned to not do anymore strenuous work. Shea accompanied Terrie to the store for a bit and when they returned we were asked if we would like to join them for dinner aboard Meridian Trek. It was a great evening chatting about back home, they told us about Michigan and we told them about Washington. By the time we finished it was late and we are both ready for bed.

15MAY12 Tuesday

I took my time getting up this morning after returning to bed around five thirty; I should have just stayed up then. Once I was finally up and about I had some coffee that Shea made then got to work on the boat. I found the left over silicone from the port light gasket and put a few beads around the mast. There has been a consistent leak around it since we cleaned it out because of laying the fiberglass. After that I began working on the electrical panel. I puttered along getting the last of the things hooked up and about half way through Shea came and asked me to pop her back. Once I had popped it one side was feeling much better while the other side hurt worse… We think it aligned everything except for the one rib that was really hurting and that one is misaligned worse now. Shea looked up online and found that it’s normal for ribs to want to return to where they belong so she’s going to keep ice on it for a few days then we’ll see what needs to happen. After all that I returned to my work and finished up the wiring. I’m glad to have it buttoned up and it looks like it all works from what I can see. This evening we spent up in the lounge watching a movie and visiting a little with some other people that have a boat next to ours.

14MAY12 Monday

After some coffee this morning I began working on the electrical panel. Shea did some recovering up in the lounge looking for the perfect coffee mug/thermos. During the middle of the day I took a break and went up to use the facilities, during that time Shea came back to the boat and had to climb down in the cabin because I had the ladder removed so I could do my wiring. She slipped on a board that was loosened and caught herself in the companionway. It led to her hurting some more. I don’t think it made things worse but it didn’t help the healing at all. She was thinking of doing some work on the cabinet that she had torn apart the other day but that project was set aside so she could recover some more up in the lounge. We ended up having lunch with Hal and Mike then watched for a little while as the marina owner used a backhoe to demolish a boat. It was entertaining for a bit but we all needed to return to our work so it didn’t last to long. I returned to the boat and Shea continued her search for the perfect coffee/tea vessel. I was able to get the busbar wired in and everything wired to the terminal bar except for five legs that go between it to the panel. Once the store opens tomorrow I will be able to get the remaining parts and finish the job I hope. This evening we are just hanging out in the lounge watching TV.

13MAY12 Sunday

Happy Mothers Day Mom (to my mother and Shea’s mother!)! The companionway bulkhead is now glued in! This morning I finished sanding the bulkhead and the spot where the bulkhead would be going into. Once it was dry fitted and everything checked to make sure it looked good we cleaned everything then broke out the 5200. We used a couple large clamps that were borrowed from Russ to clamp inside the companionway pulling the bulkhead back and a screw pulling the starboard corner back snug. Once it was all seated tightly into the flange that was filled with 5200 I went around the outside seam and tried to make a nice caulk line along the top and sides. The bottom will be filled later with a more flexible glue. Once that was securely in place we went to see Gerry and Marie. There son and daughter in-law were there and we spent some time visiting with everyone. It was great to meet our friends family! We all ended up going into town together for a bit, then Gerry and Marie’s son needed to head back home so we all said goodbye. After that we ate out together, Shea and I have been more busy the past few days with all this excitement then we have been in a while. We are getting a little wore out, it’s kind of funny because it really doesn’t seem like much, maybe we are starting to enjoy simpler things in life. When we returned we rode the bicycles that we have gotten up to Russ’s workshop and met his daughter and her boyfriend. They were all working on making a really neat table in his shop. Shea and I watched as they put little pieces together for a bit. I think it will look really neat when they get it all finished. Once we finished up with that we rode back to the boat and secured everything for the night then came up to the lounge so we could send our mothers a message for mothers day. We visited with some more friends and played on the computer for a while. Time for bed now though, it’s been a long week.

12MAY12 Saturday

The flea market and auction were going on today so we were up pretty early to see what treasures we could find. We walked up to where it was going on and looked over the tables. We found a “Nettle suit” that is supposed to protect the wearer from jellyfish stings and some wetsuits for not very much so we purchased those. Shea also found an old sail that would be perfect for practicing sewing on, we can us it to make things out of and hone our sewing skills. Shea found a great flat pan that is large enough to cook a few things on, I picked up a fishing net so we could fish things out of the water as well as a couple boating books that looked neat. We then hung out with our friend Mike and his son for a while, it was fun spending time with friends and looking at all the things that we didn’t need. Once things were wrapping up Shea and I rode over to the store that Mike is working on to help Mike drop some things off and he offered a heater to us that would mount nicely in the boat. I can’t believe how kind Mike has been to us, I’m not certain where we can put the heater so I’m mulling that over now. When we returned to the marina we visited with Gerry and Marie for a while then went down to the boat to see about doing some work for the day. I sanded the bulkhead that was sitting on the dock while Shea put some epoxy on some exposed plywood that needed to be protected from potential water. There wasn’t much else that we were motivated to do at the time so we visited with Hal and a friend that we have made that works for the marina; then rode into town to go to Walmart with Gerry and Marie. When we returned we cleaned up the boat some then hung out in the lounge with Gerry and Marie visiting into the evening. It has been a very long day.

11MAY12 Friday

Shea made breakfast for our friends on Meridian Trek and Hal, it consisted of strawberry pancakes and some eggs. She is very sore this morning but it seems like it is only bruising and nothing is worsening. After breakfast I headed over to the farm that Shea has been working at, my job was to inform the lady that Shea would be unable to make it to work today and see if she needed a hand with her computer. The engine on the dingy died several time on the way over and once I made it I was glad to be out of it for a bit. I walked to the farm and informed the lady of the happenings. She was sorry to hear about Shea and said the computer was just old and didn’t want to spend the time with it. We ended up chatting for over an hour about life and things going on in the country now and how they related to years past. Once I finally made it back it was afternoon and Shea was just telling our friend Mike that we would meet him up at the cafe for some lunch. After lunch I headed down to the boat to do some work. I worked on sanding the area around where the bulkhead would be put in. The steel edges and the aluminum of the cockpit that would meet the bulkhead. Once it was all sanded and cleaned up Shea helped me mix up some epoxy primer and paint that all on. It looks nice being one color and we are looking forward to putting the bulkhead in! We found our friend Kim and Terrie working on their boat and said hello; they invited us up to share a treat that Terrie had prepared. It was a pan of garlic and onions with stuffed mushrooms nested throughout it. They were incredible and the sausage that she had made to stuff them with was outstanding! We had a lot of fun visiting for a while then they returned to working on their boat. We returned to the boat to admire the drying primer and had a little dinner then just relaxed for the rest of the night.

10MAY12 Thursday

I put the dingy together so I could give Shea a ride over to the farm after breakfast, she made eggs for us. It was a relaxing ride over and once I got back I began working on the bulkhead. I pulled it out and figured the size of fiberglass that I would need then went to see the store manager about getting some. He had a few different weights and after looking them over I decided to get some eight ounce cloth. It was a real windy day and if I had thought about it for just a minute I would have taken my whole project up to Russ’s workshop, I didn’t thought and there I sat trying to hold my wetted out sheet of cloth on a bulkhead that rested on the dock next to the boat. It was an exciting time trying to cut the edges and the companionway sections out to reduce the windage. Once it was fully wet and trimmed the wind didn’t pick it up much, I did need to place a block of wood on the windward side though to stop it from getting under. I let the begin to kick and went to give Russ a hand with bleeding the air out of his clutch then returned to apply another coat of epoxy. It looks nice enough I think for beginner type of work but I think I would do better next time. After that it was time to pick Shea up, so away I went in the dingy. We came back and did a little work, nothing much though. I was getting tired and Shea was tired as well. Shea helped me apply some lotion that would keep the bugs away and once she was done she went to board the boat; unfortunately there was a hiccup and she fell between the boat and the dock. It was a hard fall that led to her getting a bit banged up. Once Shea was back aboard we worked on getting her settled down and seeing if there was any serious problems. I think there may be a little rib damage but everything seems to be in place. She is going to take it easy and see how it goes. After that the events settled down for the day and we hung out in the lounge for a bit then returned to the boat.

09MAY12 Wednesday

The rains came today, I wouldn’t be working outside so Shea and I hung out in the lounge for a while. Shea worked on learning the sewing machine with practice projects again. I think she is getting pretty good at it. I had asked the guy that sold us the machine if it would be hard to sew a buttonhole; he said we would need a special attachment. I don’t like it when people say I can’t do something so I figured I would sew a buttonhole with just the machine. I figured it out and was pretty excited to get the third one to look pretty nice and sized correctly for the button I was trying it for. After that I left Shea to keep working on her project while I went to see about getting some finish washers, bolts, fender washers, and nylon nuts to fill the previous sail track bolt holes that used to be mounted in the companionway. I think I may put a little support under the cockpit and use the bolts to hold it all up. May as well take advantage of them if I have to fill them. The electrical panel also received some attention, I began putting some connectors on some of the wires and mounted several of the wires to the terminal block and the busbar. At least some work was achieved on the boat, even if it wasn’t much. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the lounge. Shea made some curry and rice for dinner, it was really good, we shared dinner with our friend Hal and have just watched the TV the rest of the evening.

08MAY12 Tuesday

The bulkhead saw some progress, I drew the compass and depth sounder display on in several places and we decided on where to cut them in. That took a little bit because the compass hole does not go straight in but rather curves down a little and has a key slot cut into the top for the illumination light to fit into it. Once that was taken care of Shea helped me epoxy a half inch piece of plywood to the inside portion of the bulkhead that will be in the electrical panel. I will use the plywood to mount some wiring, a busbar, and a terminal block to. Toward the end of the work day our friend Dirk stopped by and gave us each a fold up bicycle that He and his wife had used on their boat. Once we finished up our work for the day we took them out for a ride, they are nice and once we can spend some time cleaning them up and lubricating everything I’m certain they will work great! Shea made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner after we returned then we watched the weather begin to try to rain.

07MAY12 Monday

I used the template that I created yesterday to cut out the full bulkhead in the half inch Coosa Board. It took a little while to get it fitting just how I wanted but once I did it looked pretty good. Once that was done I figure out how I was going to reinforce it around the edges. I decided that I had so much left over; I may as well just double the entire thing up. So I cut out sections that I figured would make it the strongest then Shea helped me laminate it all together using epoxy. That was left to set as I looked at Shea’s project, she had continued on the never ending search for more usable storage space and found a void that will be very useful. It involved taking apart a shelved cabinet to find and we’re going to have to put in a access of some sort. Shea did a good job of taking it all apart and figuring it out, looks like she is learning her way around the tools! This evening we spent up in the lounge and had tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, one of my favorites.

06MAY12 Sunday

The only real thing I had on my agenda today was to clean up the spot that the Coosa Board would be going and make a template. I ended up spending most of the day visiting with people. It was into the afternoon before I really started on my project but it didn’t really take all that long. I finished things up a couple hours after starting, after that I went to see how Shea was doing with the sewing machine. She had been up in the lounge practicing with it and doing a great job it seems! Once it got a little later we joined Gerry, Marie, and Hal for dinner. It was a long day and we are both looking forward to bed.

05MAY12 Saturday

Last night was not kind to me, I kept waking Shea up as I would have to go up to the restroom, I think it was after four AM when I finally was able to go to sleep. I slept in again, another day of not feeling well it seemed. Shea had gotten up with me a couple times and made some tea to try and settle my stomach, she tried to see about something that would help it today as well but it seemed that it would just take time. I began grinding on the areas that the new bulkhead are going so I can make a template to fit into place. It really shouldn’t have taken all that long but it was into the afternoon before I competed. After Shea spent some time visiting with Kim and Terry up at their boat (freshly named “Meridian Trek”) she came down and did most of the cleaning up; then I applied some primer that will neutralize the couple spots that have some rust and protect the rest. We cleaned everything up as it began to rain then spent the rest of the evening eating dinner with Gerry and Marie and visiting aboard their boat.

04MAY12 Friday

Not feeling so well I took my time getting up, once I finally did I worked on getting the wire runs taken care of, after figuring out where I would like them to go I borrowed a hole saw and a fine tool from Russ. It wasn’t much time at all and I had the run cut in, after returning the tools I worked on getting things run correctly and mounting the wires. They are hard mounted throughout most of their runs. I’ve left the ends able to pull back so I can still pull them back and do other work in those areas. Shea went to the thrift store to see about finding some fabric so we can practice sewing. She found a few things that looked neat and we’ll see about learning the sewing machine some more before long. By the time I was finishing up with the wires it was getting into the afternoon and Shea brought a cold beer down for me. It was nice to relax a little, I haven’t gotten over what ever it is that I was feeling this morning. We went up to the cafe and visited with our friend Hal and another guy that we know. It was an enjoyable time and after Shea and I ate a burger we decided to relax in the lounge for a little. Shea did some work online for a bit, I began to feel antsy and not so good again so we are headed off to bed.

03MAY12 Thursday

Shea made some eggs for our breakfast then she prepared to go work at the farm today. I went to set the dingy up so she would have a vehicle to get over there with. As I was getting things ready the marina owner approached me and spoke with me regarding helping people. It seems he does not like that I helped our friend with his windlass and asked me to not lend a hand to people, this is the reason they do not like live aboards in the marina he explained. I can appreciate all that if I had been getting paid for services and that I was actually taking away from the yard; I figured I was doing nothing more then lending a hand though. I guess it’s just motivation for me to get all my work wrapped up and move on. As I finished setting up the dingy Russ came by and asked if we could drop the car off at his house for Betsy. This made things easier for us since I needed to drop Shea off just a block or so away. After the running around and I had returned I began work on the boat. I found that the 4×4 beam that holds up the cockpit lip at the companionway was only being help in place by 5200 and there were no screws left in it since I had removed the couple that were near the centerline. I was very surprised because this meant that even when those couple screws were in they were really doing nothing for the structure and over the years the glue was giving up. I decided to take advantage of a small drain on either side of the cockpit that had been filled in with epoxy and use them to bring the 4×4 back up on either end. After finding some stainless backing plate I ran bolts through and brought the 4×4 up on either side. It seems to have stiffened things up a lot and the sections with the holes that the wire had run through does not seem to be giving too much. I hope that they hold because I don’t think I’m going to be able to sister anything up alongside of it with the holes being located near one end. After all that I began working on trying to figure out the wire run, this is going to be difficult because there is ten and twelve gauge wire that is being run through stiff conduit that is difficult to bend around the sharp corners that I’m thinking would make the best run. I needed to pick Shea up in the afternoon so I dingied over to the farm and after a little searching I found that Shea and the lady that she was working for had passed me while I was walking over to the farm on another road, they had decided to come out to meet me. So once we finally met up we began back to the marina so I could continue working on the boat. Shea made dinner using fresh veggies and eggs that she had earned at the farm, I took a break to eat then returned to work. I am figuring out the run some but I’m still not certain how exactly I’m going to get the turns that I need without hurting the conduit. I wrapped things up when the no-see-ums began to get bad and came up to the lounge to join Shea and some of our friends for a little while.

02MAY12 Wednesday

This morning we were up at a decent time so we could barrow Russ and Betsy’s car to make a run down to Portsmouth. There is a sewing machine down there that we wanted to look at and were excited that it may be the one. The day was spent mostly driving, we stopped to get a bite to eat at Olive Garden for lunch then went to look at the machine. It turned out that we really liked it and once the guy gave us a lesson on this particular machine and all the spots that need to be oiled and maintained then shared some of his sailing and cruising experiences; it turned out that over three hours had passed. We decided to cut out our shopping so we could be back not to terribly late; once we phoned Russ he said it was okay if we were late and said we could stay out longer. We were very appreciative of his kindness, I really don’t like being late for anything; after the long day and getting a little lost for a while we really didn’t have much of a choice. With the extension we stopped to get a little dinner then some frozen yogurt that was very tasty at a place that Shea recommended called Sweet Frog (Fully Rely On God). It was real tasty and even though I purchased way to much it was a lot of fun. We used the last bit of our time getting some groceries at Trader Joe’s then made our way back to the marina. Once we arrived it was past ten and we are both tired. We have spent a little time visiting with our friends up in the lounge but I think it’s bed time now.

01MAY12 Tuesday

I worked on pulling the wire runs out that were run through the rotten wood and through the holes that were bore in the supporting 4×4 cross beam that supports the lip of the cockpit near the companionway bulkhead. They will get rerouted so that they won’t interfere with the new bulkhead that will be installed. Shea worked on cleaning up and figuring out where to put stuff inside. Once I finished back-routing the wire runs to the engine compartment I began looking at how I was going to reenforce the 4×4. It has separated and all the large holes that had been bored in it for the wire runs look to have possibly weakened it. I’m not certain how I’m going to brace it, I have been thinking of sistering a board or piece of steel next to it but I’m not certain I can get enough meat on both sides to actually hold anything. After dinner this evening I was able to lend a little hand to our friend Bill as he installed his windlass, it has been a pretty good day.

30APR12 Monday

This morning the guy that works in the store spent some time looking up prices for the electrical parts that I need as well as the Coosa Board and Fiberglass Board that I am thinking of finishing the bulkhead with. After spending a while looking into those things I left the list, Shea and I then went up to visit with Kim and Terri and see their very neat sewing machine. They have purchased a Sailrite and were obliged to show it to us. We spent a good while visiting and seeing not only the workings of the machine but chatting and checking out their boat as well as the new things they have done and gotten for it. After that I made my way down to the store to see about the price list and found Gerry had recently arrived at the marina. He and I went down to the boat so I could show off the large gaping hole. He gave his advice on the electrical panel and said some encouraging words. After that I went to the store and looked over the pricing. The bus bar and terminal bar with a few jumpers were priced about as expected so I ordered those. The Coosa Board and Fiberglass Board are going to run about three hundred dollars. I was expecting a lot but that seems a little steep. I’m going to think a little about it before I make the purchase, I am leaning on the purchasing side though, possibly it’s just so I can finish it. We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with Gerry and Marie then went up to the lounge and visited with them and some other friends.

29APR12 Sunday

I worked on drawing out my plans for the electrical panel and looking into the material that I plan to use for the companionway bulkhead. Doing that and chatting with people up in the yard took up most of my day. Shea worked in the cafe for a little while then joined me in chatting with our friends. Our friends Kim and Terri came back to the marina from their home in Michigan; they are working on their new boat. We are so excited to see them, they, Hal and us spent the evening visiting up in the lounge. It has been a pretty good day and a great evening.

28APR12 Saturday

With the weather staying overcast and it feeling a bit lazy we haven’t gotten a lot done. We chatted with Russ a few times and I poked around inside his electrical panel seeing how he did his wiring so I can formulate some ideas on how to do a few things on mine. One things I did find is the aluminum shelf that holds the batteries seems to have a six volt charge of some kind; I can’t isolate it and have no clue what is going on. I’m going to have to play search and disconnect to see what it is… Shea made some ground beef with a little curry seasoning and other things to make it taste yummy; we also made chapati and pico de gallo. I’m ready for bed now…

27APR12 Friday

Cookies and coffee for breakfast then we went to work. It took us a while to get going as we kept taking breaks to chat with friends; we did get something done though. I finished taking apart the companionway bulkhead and now have complete access to the electrical panel from behind… This would be the time to make any electrical corrections that are required. I looked over some things and there is some work that needs to be done it. I think I will isolate my work to just inside the panel and then fallow that work out as I have time or am working in the areas that need additional finishing. After the day we have spent the evening up in the lounge visiting with Hal and eating some mac and cheese. It has been a somewhat productive day and I’m getting ideas formed for how to fix things.

26APR12 Thursday

Washington has finally found us, the clouds came in late last night and opened up early this morning. It has been a rainy day overall so we took our time getting going this morning then relaxed up in the lounge. Hal kept us company as we looked around online a little and Shea did a lot of research on sewing machines. We are about ready to make the purchase and still have to decided what one exactly. Hal offered us a ride into town during the earlier part of noon and we gladly accepted. We all did some shopping at Walmart then shared a pizza at Anna’s. When we returned we were all feeling the effect of a full stomach and the dreary day, the rain had slowed to an almost non existent mist. We all eventually ended up in the lounge drinking hot chocolate that Hal provided and looking around online some more.

25APR12 Wednesday

We gave work another try, today was pretty productive. two thirds of the companionway bulkhead have been removed using chisels and pry bars after removing the few screws and bolts that held it in. The worst part of the whole project has been the 5200 that was used to glue everything together and in place. It’s tedious work but it is getting there. One of the big steps that was made is the removal of the starboard cockpit combing. Shea removed the bolts for it then I separated a short section of plywood that I knew from the last combing to be set into a notch. Once that separation was made I simply pried up on the after end and the whole combing lifted out. It had been glued in place but the paint that it was glued to was dry and cracked so it lifted out with little effort. It was very surprising to see the large combing pop out with so little trouble… We of corse visited with our new friend Hal and I helped Russ remove a winch on his boat as he prepares for topside paint. I think of the most exciting moments of the day was when I received a package from home! It contained a birthday card and a large bag of chocolate chip cookies, my favorite!

24APR12 Tuesday

It was a dingy kind of day, Shea is supposed to work at the farm tomorrow and we found out that it isn’t very far by water. We took our time getting all the things to the dingy dock then assembled it and put it in the water. After looking it over and seeing that it all appeared to look good we mounted the 2.5 HP engine on then took our time rowing over to the gas dock. It seemed to row pretty good, and once we arrived at the gas dock I pulled alongside a floating ramp and tied up. While Shea and I were getting some things together we noticed that there was a high pitched squeaky noise coming from the port side. Shea found a tiny pinhole that was dipping in and out of the water. I shipped the dingy up onto the ramp and Shea went to find Acetone and Duct Tape. We cleaned and taped it up the tiny leak, then put the fuel in the outboard, it was about a quart to full from empty. I saw that it cost a whopping $1.10 and hoped that would be enough to get around. We then ran about the creek, up a couple branches and back for a few hours. When we got back it was mid afternoon and we were both hungry, so we ate some grilled cheese and tomato soup with Hal then I brought the dingy around to the dingy dock from the fuel dock where I had topped up the tank spending $0.90. I’m pretty happy with the engine though it doesn’t like to idle, I think there was some fuel that had  varnished up the carb so if it doesn’t clean itself out with a few tanks of fresh gas then I may have to dig into that. I had been asked if I could go help pick up some tools with the owner of the marina. He bought a lathe, drill press, and a grinding stone. So one of the yard guys and I road over to the house he purchased the items from with him and commenced to load everything into the truck, everything was pretty heavy and it was a good thing that three of us had gone. When all had been loaded I was able to look around and see if there was anything that I may want to buy, it was a lady that was selling things that her husband had owned. I ended up picking up some chisels, a tape measure, a boat hook, and a couple combination squares. I also bought a little vice that will mount to a small table or something of the sort. When we got back we offloaded the tools then I came back to the boat, Shea and I spent the evening relaxing in the boat and munching on some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some smoothy drink that she got. The jam that we had was donated by Hal and is from Washington. It was a good day and though the boat didn’t see really any progress the dingy is working pretty well.

23APR12 Monday

This morning I tried to figure out what to do with the companionway bulkhead again online. I looked at Kings Starboard and thought I may talk with the yard boss about that as well as a mast collar and the need for mast wedges, since we don’t have any. I went to see if I could find him and got caught up chatting with Russ. We worked on pulling apart a piece of his table saw, it seems that a bearing had gone bad and it wasn’t coming out easily. We got it out then he invited me along to the store to see if we could find a new one. I let Shea know and we were off. Shea had some laundry that she was doing and planned to go to town with another friend for a little shopping at some point. Russ and I were unable to find the bearing in town though we did find that it was online for relatively inexpensive. On the way back we passed Shea and our friend on the way to the store. Once Russ and I returned we found the yard boss working nearby and chatted with him for a bit as well as a father and son who were working on their boat. The yard boss did give me some advice and said that the Starboard was not his recommended material, he suggested using Coosa board with a fiberglass finish or possibly getting the whole things finished in steel or aluminum. He likes the idea of using wood in the cockpit combing as do I but agreed that it may be easier to do it with metal if I end up bringing a metal worker out to do other work. I have a lot to think about now and figure out prices. On my way back to the boat I found Shea just returning from the store and we carried the groceries out to the boat together. She picked up a small cooler as well, we had talked about getting something that we could store ice in for a short period if we decided to splurge on a refrigerated items. It was getting late in the afternoon at that point so we decided to get out of the cold and see about doing a little more research on things online. Shea has also been working on her hand sewing skills, she is doing pretty well I think. We’ve been staying up later then we really like to se maybe we’ll be off to bed earlier tonight.

22APR12 Sunday

The weather has been terrible all day. Shea and I holed up in the boat until this afternoon watching movies on the laptop then came up to the lounge to visit with a couple friends that were trying to stay dry as well. It has just been a lazy Sunday for us.

21APR12 Saturday

Shea spoiled me this morning, she made breakfast for several of our friends and me because of my birthday. We had french toast and fresh fruit. It was an enjoyable time and once we finally got going I went up to see how a friends boat was doing on his electronics. I figured maybe I could hold something for the testing. We did ring out the wires and found that for the most part things looked good, not really sure what is wrong then. After that we accompanied a couple on their sailboat for the afternoon. We sailed out to the Whitestone Bridge. It was a lot of fun on a forty foot boat, they even let me play helmsman for a good portion of the time. When we got back we visited with more fiends then went up to the lounge to eat some leftovers and relax for the rest of the night. It’s been a great birthday, I do miss spending it with my family back home though.

20APR12 Friday

Shea made eggs and baked potatoes for breakfast then we got started working on the boat. Shea worked on cleaning up the last port light while I worked on tearing apart the companionway bulkhead. I figured I would be able to tear into it pretty quickly… I was wrong. I found 5200 binding much of it to the structure that I’m trying to save as well as epoxy and screws. I removed most of the screws and tried cutting the 5200. It is slowly coming up, I think it will take a while to get the whole bit out, that’s okay though I haven’t decided how I’m going to fix it yet. We chatted with several of our friends a couple times throughout the day and once we put the gasket material into the last port light we wrapped up and went up to the lounge to visit for the rest of the evening. I didn’t feel like it was the most productive day, we did get something done though and as slow as the tearing apart is going, I do know that it is important to save the behind structure and not go to demolition man on it all.

19APR12 Thursday

We had a little rain early this morning, I was up at about three trying to reduce the drips that were coming in through the port lights. It was just a bit of a drizzle, some water did get past the little barricades though. At about four the rain stopped, so I gathered up the coffee stuff and went to the lounge to see about finding different ways to fix the companionway bulkhead. I found several ideas but nothing concrete yet. I drove Shea over to the organic farm that we get our eggs from, the lady that works there had emailed asking if Shea could do some work. We borrowed Russ’s truck for a few minutes, this is making me want to leave that much more, we are starting to settle more then I wanted to. Once I returned I began working on the port lights. I finished up the ones that Shea had started and began on a couple others. By the time I was supposed to head over to pick Shea up I had completed six, so a total of seven of the eight now appear to be done. As I was picking Shea up the farmer lady showed us a place that we should be able to land the dingy just a short distance away from her house. I prefer to use our own means of transportation if possible. When we returned we visited with Russ a short time as he worked with epoxy and fiberglass. Since epoxy is something that you have a window with once it is mixed he was focused and we didn’t want to take his attention away to long, so we headed off to get some dinner from the cafe. It happened that our new friend Hal (Harold) and two of the guys that work at the marina were there, we sat down and visited for a while as we ate our food and everyone had a beer. Things finished up and we were off to the boat. On the way down we met a couple that were working on their boat. They have family in Washington and know Whidbey Island and the surrounding area. Another great visit with nice people, we’re happy to have all of our neighbors. Once we hopped onboard Shea was able to see the work I had done and all the cleaning of dust that I hadn’t done. We decided to leave the mess for tomorrow since there was still one port light that needs finished. We just sat and chatted for a while then headed up to the lounge to visit with our friends. It’s been a great day and I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

18APR12 Wednesday

This morning Shea made eggs, potatoes, and pancakes for a friend of ours, a new friend (Harold) and I. It was a great breakfast and I really appreciate all the work she did. After that we took our time getting going but once we did it consisted of breaking into the rotten wood that we had found yesterday near the companionway. I also opened up the electrical panel because it was against the same bulkhead. I found out that I may have to move some cable runs around to avoid the destruction and construction efforts we are working on. The yard boss was kind enough to take a little look and he pointed out some things that I hadn’t seen. It was that the wood slats that were used as a facade could actually have channeled water down into all parts of the bulkhead, there is only one way to find out and that is to remove it all. Since the mess really should be removed we just decided to take out the whole wood portion and see how the surrounding structure was doing, make the repairs to them, then put new material in to seal the weather out. I’m hoping it goes as easy as it sounds though I have my reservations about that. This evening we have come up to the lounge to visit with our new friend Harold and another of our friends. It’s getting near bed time though, Shea and I are both tired.

17APR12 Tuesday

This morning we went with a friend of ours on a few of his errands, to include a sail loft and an electronics store. We all then went to Walmart to get some groceries. Shea and I bought several things for the next couple days and then we all met back at the car for the ride back to the marina. It was afternoon by the time we made it back, Shea made some hotdogs for lunch then we began work on the boat. I’ve been trying to figure out where the winch would work and how high it really needs to be. It really should be mounted about ten and a half inches up so a lot of these winch stands I’ve found won’t work unless I put spacers below and our on top of them. Shea began working on removing the lose epoxy and fiberglass that was poured and laid on the aluminum cockpit. We looked more closely at it and decided that if things were not well up into the bulkhead that the companionway went through then we should dig into the thick trim work that lay between the cockpit seat and that bulwark. We both began working on separating the wood without destroying the surrounding area. It was a little challenge to get it off but I’m glad we did, we found rotten wood underneath, it was evident that there had been an attempt to fix this before but it had not worked out so well. We also found several areas that were letting water drip onto the engine. It’s good to make these findings so we can actually begin to fix them. There is a part of me that really wants to tear all this old stuff off and put new material in place, the other part says to only take out the bad material and just fix it. I think I’m going to get some advice from the yard boss when he has some time. He has been very level headed and I respect his opinion on the matter. This evening Shea and I tarped over the cockpit, it is kind of sad putting the tarps up again, we will be needing them though with the wood missing and the new found holes uncovered. We had a couple hotdogs down in the boat then went to take showers and join some friends up in the lounge for a little relaxing time. I have spent most of my time looking things up for our projects as well as a friends project while Shea looked over some coupons that were given to us. It’s been a long day and I’m glad to have made some progress even if it was tearing further into things again. I’m hoping to be putting things together soon, just need to figure out how now… (brown cow).

16APR12 Monday

This morning Shea and I tried to figure out the exact measurements needed for the table after visiting some with friends, I was able to get further on it but I still need to iron out a lot of small things. Shea and I went up to the cafe and found that Mike was having lunch, we joined him and he asked if we could give him a hand for a little while working on the old store. We agreed and off we went. We helped him move and hang a few shelves that took a little longer then expected, things went pretty smooth though and we wrapped up. When we returned we saw that the yard boss and a guy that works at the marina were having a beer, so we joined them and visited for a while. It was fun visiting and by the time I finished up it was getting later in the evening. I headed toward the lounge where Shea had went off to so she could look some things up online. On the way I found that our friend Bill had shown up with his family and I stopped to say hello, we visited for a couple minutes then he got back to his work and I went up to see Shea and a couple other friends. We have spent the rest of the evening watching TV together while I drew some more trying to figure out the cockpit sides. I have some pretty good ideas and need to see what things look like on the boat, I’ll probably draw them out with a sharpie tomorrow so I can get a feel of the clearance of things and the heights needed for the running rigging.

Table, Matt and Gerry, lunch with Mike then worked, beer with yard boss and a guy that works at the yard, long chat with the yard guy, Said hi to Bill, evening in the lounge visiting.

15APR12 Sunday

This morning Shea made breakfast and we relaxed on the couch for a little bit, it is neat to be spoiled for a little bit. When we finally got going we visited with Gerry and Marie at the marina for a while then made a little run into town to see if a couple places were open. It turned out they were closed so we didn’t really do much in town. Once we returned it was getting into the afternoon and we worked on the boat for a while. I found a lot of old epoxy and fiberglass that did not adhere well when it was laid and spent some time prying it up and finding out how far it went. I was disappointed to find that it went a little deeper then I thought and I will probably have to take up a little more wood then I wanted to. This evening we agreed to go get some dinner with Gerry and Marie again at a German place that was further down the road. Shea and I went to feed the cats then joined them for the ride there. It was another enjoyable evening spent with our friends and once we returned we went back to Russ’s to see if a couple of the cat’s would eat their dinner this time, since they did not want any earlier and we are not supposed to leave the food out. They still refused so we wrapped things up after spending an hour watching a show on TV then returned back to the boat for the night.

14APR12 Saturday

This morning Shea and I shared coffee and breakfast with our friend Steve and his son then got going with the day. We cast off the friends that we were up so late with last night and chatted with several of our friends while we waited for Russ to show up. We are cat sitting for them tonight. When Russ did get to the marina we rode into Lively to Calico Jack’s to find out if the winch stands would work. It’s sad to say that I don’t think they will work, I’ll keep working on figuring out how to get everything working. When we returned we went up to a little party that was being thrown for the slip holders up in the restraunt and visited with everyone for a while. After the party we went over to feed the cats then returned and joined Gerry and Marie for dinner and a little trip to the store. Shea and I really enjoyed the visit and are so glad to have met them as well as all the other friends we have made so far. Once we returned to the marina we gathered a few things and went back to Russ’s for the night. It is great to stay at the house tonight and take advantage of some luxuries.

13APR12 Friday

Shea and I got up thinking that we make some progress on the cockpit today. There wasn’t any other real plans and though I don’t have a solid solution of how I’m going to fix it I have some ideas. It ended up that we walked and chatted with several of our friends around the marina for a good part of the day and by the time we returned to the boat I wasn’t feeling much like sanding then mixing and laying primer all in one go, so I looked at the little oil lamp that was given to us, it hasn’t been used in a while and the wick feed looks to have bound up, I tried to realign it all and after I had done that then reinforced it with some solder it turned out that it was still just not quite right, I think it may work though it may be a good idea to get a little replacement part so it works correctly. Shea spent some time testing some tools that we had gotten for cleaning the port lights. She found that the Dremal that we have borrowed from Russ was just a little to aggressive overall even with the little sanding heads we got. The wire wheel on the drill motor did perform much better though and she was able to clean them up pretty well. She was able to get several near completely cleaned up and with a little more sanding should be ready for gasket. Our friend Mike was up at the cafe for lunch and he invited us to use his van so we could go check Calico Jacks for winch stands. It turns out that Dave, the owner hadn’t brought them in and said he would have them tomorrow, so we’ll have to check back again. When we got back we found that our friend Steve was out sailing with his son and was about to dock, he hollered that he would come over and say hello once they were in. When he came over we agreed to put his and our food together for dinner and see what we could come up with. It was a lot of fun meeting his son and eating a nice meal together. As things settled down we all went our ways for the evening at about 2200. On our way back from the restrooms we saw that a couple guys were sitting in their cockpit and one’s wife was about to join them. They had just gotten in from a long drive and were planning to leave the fallowing day to return home at the Northern part of the Chesapeake. They offered us a drink and asked us to join them. It was a lot of fun and we stayed much later then expected. When we finally returned to the boat it was well after 0100 and I drank a little more then I should have, it was a great day though and we made some new friends!

12APR12 Thursday

This morning we were both up pretty early, we agreed to shuttle a car for the guys that had been our neighbors for the past several days. They have moved to another marina about a half hour away so we drove it over and found that they were getting ready for a long drive home for a bit. The owner of the boat gave us a ride back to the marina, we chatted with our new friend and agreed to try and stay in contact with each other. Once back at the marina our friend said he had a present for us, it turned out to be a oil lamp that could be mounted inside the boat. It is a beautiful lamp that we are excited to use, he wouldn’t let us give him anything for the present. We have been so blessed to meet so many kind people along our adventure this far, I hope that I can give so readily. Shea and I helped unload the truck then we spent the rest of the day visiting with people who were working on their boats as well as relaxing at our own boat. This evening we spent some time up in the lounge visiting over a couple beers with friends, after the busy day yesterday it’s been nice to relax.

11APR12 Wednesday

I figured I needed to trim the beard for the catering event that I would be helping at so I used my beard trimmers and evened out the length, out in the cockpit then went below to check it and clean it up. I saw a section that I had missed and went to shave over it. I had accidently set it to a very short setting while cleaning the trimmers outside so I had just given myself a very close cut… I tried to see what it would look like if I had the whole beard that short and it just didn’t look right, so now I have a goatee. Shea isn’t very fond of it and though it is nice and airy, I’m not all that fond of it either, so I’ll be growing the beard back I think. Shea went to work early in the cafe to prepare for the catering event while I tried to figure out the cockpit hardware online with little success as well as looking at several other things we’ve been working on. I went up to help load the truck and get on the road to the boy’s and girls club that we would be catering at. I was one of three grillers working on burgers while Shea worked inside with a few other women. It was a successful event overall that we are glad is over, it is about ten and we’re both ready for bed.

10APR12 Tuesday

Shea went to work in the cafe this morning to prepare for the catering event tomorrow. I worked on sanding the cabin top with 220 grit then cleaned it off and put the second coat of primer on. It still looks a little thin in some places but I hope to be able to get a third coat out of the bit that is left. I did walk around the yard and visit with Russ for a short time though I spent most of the day working on that cabin top and down at the boat. I did visit with our neighbors for a while during the day then was invited to have some dinner with them as well. It has been a pretty productive day and Shea and I are looking forward to getting tomorrow over with because we will both be working the catering event. We are spending the evening up in the lounge and plan to go to bed soon.

09APR12 Monday

Once Shea and I finally got going I sanded on the little spot that I had put some filler in then prepped the top for primer. We were asked by the guys in the slip next to us if we wanted to run into town with them, I said I wouldn’t be able to go but Shea wanted too so she could get some groceries. Once they had left I began laying the primer, it went okay at first, I’ve never worked with a two part epoxy primer like this before. It’s extremely thin and it began to kick shortly after it was applied. I used a foam roller and made the mistake of trying to go back over a small portion that I had already done several minutes before. It pulled at the roller and started to ruin it. I didn’t have another so I had to use it to finish the job, it looks a little funny with the splotches left behind but it is the first coat and it will be sanded on so I’m not to worried about it. When Shea got back we hung out with our neighbors and chatted, it was a lot of fun. We really do appreciate that they gave Shea the ride into town and all the company. Shea was able to get the final flush done on the one remaining water tank we have and she filled it with fresh water. It tastes a bit like a plastic tank but it tastes clean so I’m happy with that. We’ve been getting to bed pretty late lately and we were trying to not keep that trend going tonight but it looks like it’s going to be after eleven before we hit the rack again, we’ll have to work on that, I think it’s the later sunsets.

08APR12 Sunday (Easter)

During this morning a transient that is moored alongside us that we have become friends with asked if I would like a length of fire hose for chafing gear, I gladly accepted as I have been looking for just that for my lines. As I was cutting a length Russ came down and asked if I would be able to come and help him for the day, he is trying to finish up some fairing on the bottom of “Yankee” his boat, so he can finish the layers of barrier and bottom paints. We were off to work on that while Shea stayed behind to finish flushing and cleaning the water tanks so we can have drinking water on the boat. It was a good day getting things looking better on Russ’s boat and though he does have some work left it is getting along and Shea and I are really rooting for him and Betsy to launch “Yankee”. Shea came up right as I was finishing things, to inform me that after filling up the port side tank and finding out it didn’t want to top off she found water in the bilge, so I was off to see what was going on. It turns out that water was leaking out of the tank from the backside that we can’t get to so I unscrewed the hose from an inline fitting and let the tank drain into the bilge and then the bilge pumps take care of draining that while I tore apart the support structure, thankfully there wasn’t to much and the hole was already big enough to pull the tank out of once I took some bracing out. The tank is no longer any good, it has deteriorated a lot and there is a long split along the upper portion of the backside. We are deciding if we want to replace it with exactly the same thing or possibly getting a couple smaller ones that would give us some better storage. We still have one tank on the starboard side that holds thirty two gallons so listing will be an issue if we don’t find a way to even things out. This evening a couple new friends were sailing in and we went to catch their lines as they docked. It turns out that the girlfriend needed to return home because she had to work the fallowing day but the guy asked if we would like to go sailing for the evening. We gladly accepted and in a short time we were casting off the lines. We motored mostly but were able to catch a little wind, once we were out of the creek and in the middle of the river we cut the engine and just drifted while the sun set and the sky lit up with stars. It was really relaxing and just an overall enjoyable time. It was after midnight when we finally moored and after a small dinner we’ll be ready for bed.

07APR12 Saturday

Being the weekend it seems that the marina is alive again with people, Shea and I spent time chatting with a lot of them throughout the day. I did spend some time disassembling the cockpit side that was taken off, it ended up producing a good piece of mahogany that used to be the top of the combing. I’m thinking that I may save money and use both of them for the new combing top and buy a little more to fill in the gap under them. I really don’t like the idea of using them again but they did hold up pretty well overall and the solid mahogany hasn’t had many rotting problems on the boat, it seems only a couple little areas that were along the top and maybe a small corner of combing so far. The plywood has been the real problem, so I really don’t want to use that again. I’m looking for winch stands to use and not having much luck online yet, I’ll keep looking and if I really am unable to find anything then I’ll consider wood or maybe welding something together. Shea spent a good portion of the day putting things into places that would be secure for sea and trying to utilize the room better inside the boat. We spent the end of the day up in the lounge looking for solutions to several of the projects; staysail boom, boarding ladder, sewing machine, mast steps, winch stand, etc… We are trying to stay focused on getting things done that need to be done and beginning the sailing portion of our adventure, we can do a lot of our projects on the way I think.

06APR12 Friday

Shea and I looked over the cockpit layout trying to figure out how to best resolve the side issue. I think I’m going to get a winch mount that is either completely independent of the combing or mostly independent being mounted to the deck as well as to the side of the combing. We talked with Russ and the yard boss about it. The yard boss was kind enough to show me some bronze ones that were a little to small but exactly what I’m looking for. Shea and I went back to the boat to look it over a little more then saw that our friend Mike was up eating lunch so we went up to join him. After lunch he offered the use of his van so Shea and I could run down the road and see if a little nautical consignment shop was open called “Calico Jacks”. We found the shop to be closed but the owner was there and let us look around for a while and gave me his opinion on some things I could do but told me that it was something that I would have to sort out and decide for myself, I really appreciated hearing that. On our way back to drop the Van off we stopped to get some more fresh eggs from the farm that sells them and the lady asked if Shea wanted to possibly do some work around the place with her sometime. Shea excitedly said yes and so maybe we’ll get to learn some about farming, I’m really hoping to finish my work before we really begin to settle down! This evening we spent chatting with a couple guys that moored next to us and having dinner with them. We then spent the rest of the time up in the lounge visiting with Taz and just relaxing.

05APR12 Thursday

Shea and I found out that the motorcycle would be picked up today so we decided to make a quick run into town and pick up a few things then be back in time for our friend to pick it up. We spent the morning riding into town and going to Walmart then going to a farmer supply store to get some leather gloves for Shea before returning to the marina. We bummed around the marina for a little bit visiting and talking over the cockpit project with a few people waiting for Howard to pick up the bike. It ended up that Mike came by so we ate some lunch with him then right as we were rapping things up Howard drove in so I was off to greet him and help load the bike up. Once we had visited and loaded the bike up he was able to take a little look at the boat before heading on his way for the long drive home. I really would like to go visit him if we can get things wrapped up and head up North. As the afternoon went on we remembered that there was a Boom that was on a boat that was scheduled to be dismantled that may fit the forestay. Shea and I walked up to take a look at it then hauled it back to see how it looked. It looks nice and is a little oversize, that is fine because I can cut it down easily enough and make it fit the way I like. After that endeavor Shea found out Russ was heading to Lowe’s and asked if it was okay if we went along. He was nice enough to allow us to accompany him so we headed out on the little drive. It if was good visit and we looked at insect screening but couldn’t find anything in a small enough quantity so we decided not to get it, Shea did find a couple little things though. We road back and Russ dropped us off, Shea and I just spent the evening around the boat.

04APR12 Wednesday

The cabin top is almost ready for primer, I laid the last coat of epoxy to fill the tiny little voids that were left in my filler. Anything else that requires filler will get it on top of the primer once I have one consistent color that will show the spots. Shea worked on taking out the cockpit side while I finished up my work then I went to help her finish up. We pulled the port side cockpit side completely off. I really like not having it there but I’m still concerned about safety so we’re looking at different ways of repairing it. I think I may use a single board instead of the large box structure that was there before, we’ll see. This evening Shea and I went with a friend to a little store and picked up some stuff for hotdogs then made them up in the lounge and just relaxed and chatted, a pretty successful day and a relaxing evening.

03APR12 Tuesday

I really was wanting to make some progress today so once I was up and going I wiped down the cabin top and began sanding some more. It looks pretty good and after some advice from the yard boss I was able to do a lot better. Once everything was sanded down to mostly smooth I mixed up some epoxy filler and went through covering one dramatically low spot and laying a thin layer over the seem that is almost undetectable, I just wanted to see if I could really cover it up. Shea spent a good part of the day cleaning up inside, it really looks good and things are getting much more organized since we purchased the little buckets and stowed some things back in the cockpit locker. She also did some laundry and Russ was kind enough to insist upon us using his machines at his and Betsy’s house. When Shea returned from that we looked over everything and thought about how we were going to tackle the paint portion of the cabin top. The cockpit requires some attention and I would like to do the last coat of paint at about the same time if I can help it. Shea thought it a good idea to begin digging into the cockpit sides now so we could see how deep the problem really was. We ended up spending a few hours working on tearing apart the port cockpit side. It was very wet and I’m glad that we have opened it up. I’m not really certain how I’m going to fix it yet, I’ve really liked the idea of having a small cockpit well rather then a large cockpit with sides, but I’m a little concerned about the safety of not having the combing and it’s usefulness with blocking water spray. We’ll see as we continue on with that one and I’m hoping to get the last bit of sanding with possibly one more little bit of filler out of the way then primer the cabin top. I’ve decided to hold off on putting the teak around the sides, if I really want it later I can always come back but for now it looks pretty good and water tight. Tonight we are both just relaxing in the boat after the long day, it’s nice to enjoy the boat and I’m really looking forward to getting these large projects over so we can go sailing!

02APR12 Monday

Today was a bit chilly and really windy, in fact last night I woke up at 0330 to howling winds and rain pelting the boat. It was one of the more forceful blows that we’ve experienced since being in the water I think. We took our time getting going this morning and Shea made some late breakfast up in the lounge while I did a little online then thought about the table. I ended up spending a good chunk of the day drawing up the table and getting most of the dimensions needed, I still need to figure out some small parts but I’m getting a solid print drawn up finally and putting all my thoughts into one drawing so I can figure out the materials required. Our friends Gerry and Marie came down to work on their boat and we were able to spend the afternoon chatting. Gerry and I looked over the fiberglass work and the dodger that Shea and I will be working on putting on before to long. He gave me some advice and told me he didn’t think it looked bad at all, I was happy with that and really appreciate his input. We all spent the evening going to get a bite to eat while taking the conversations with us. When we returned Gerry and I were talking about some neat projects with video cameras and mounting them to flying devices. I of corse am very interested in all that so I will look at them a little but I’m afraid I won’t be able to build anything like that just yet. Shea and I are spending the rest of the evening up in the lounge with a friend watching TV.

01APR12 Sunday

I worked on sanding the cabin top to prepare for the fairing and primer while Shea worked on cleaning up a couple port lights so we can get the gaskets finished on those. When I had about finished the top and was working along the edges of my sanding project I noticed that the sander hit a high spot and took off a considerable amount of cloth. That concerned me in a couple ways, the first being in that spot and the second made me wonder if I had gone too deep along the top at all. I looked it all over more closely and the top does not really appear to have gone deep, I have not done this part before though and if I have sanded down into the glass I may not realize it, so I plan to ask the yard boss if he can take a look and see what he thinks. Shea did a nice job cleaning up the two port lights she planned to work on for the day and with just a little more elbow grease they should be ready to receive their gaskets so we can have some working ventilation up in the V berth. The rest of the day we chatted with different friends around the yard while doing our typical walk around to see what was going on with our friends. This evening we spent up in the lounge and made some chapati with a can of chili, it was a bit late by the time we finished all that and we are tired but we ended up staying up and watching “An Idiot Abroad” with a friend. A pretty productive day overall, I hope I didn’t ruin the fiberglass in some way though.

31MAR12 Saturday

This morning when Shea and I got up we found our friend George preparing to get underway. They are going to be sailing up North for the next couple days taking the boat back to the home dock. We visited with them for a little while and Shea and Carolyn exchanged contact info so we could stay in touch. After that Shea and I were invited aboard our friends Ed and Ruth’s boat for a little bit to chat. We hung out under a tarped off section and watched the drizzly rain fall and a few people come and go while they worked about on their boats. We finally decided that it was time to do something with the day so we headed over to “Full Moon” and then after looking at the time we remembered that we were going to have lunch with our new friends from Uruguay so we headed up to the cafe to see if they were there yet, it turned out they were not and we really didn’t want to miss them so Peggy suggested that we take the motorcycle out for a spin and check out the house they are working on. We thought that was a neat idea so we saddled up and off we rode. It is only a couple miles down the rode but it’s still great fun to ride. When we got there I met the husband, he is just as great as his wife, I really enjoyed meeting them both and hope that we are able to keep in touch with them. We did go to lunch after the tour and Mike joined us at the cafe, it was a lot of fun chatting over the meal then they came down to the boat so we could give them a short tour before they needed to return to their project. After all that we really wanted to get something done so we began to organize the cockpits with the new buckets we had gotten yesterday and then worked on the inside and clearing off the settees so we would be able to get underneath them. We took some scrap wood that we have up to Russ’s that I will try and use on the table when I am able to start working on that then returned after we talked for a bit. When we finally got everything cleared off we filled the water tanks under both settees and found that the water pump was having trouble priming, I took off a couple water lines around the pump to make sure that water was moving as it should be and found that after I brought the water right into the pump and made sure there was a prime, after a few minutes it did finally begin to move the water as it should and once it was all connected again there was water pressure and everything looked good with the pump. We did find that there are some floaty things in the tank that will be difficult to remove and they need cleaning because there was some liquid in them that would help them not to freeze and it smells funny even though it’s not supposed to be harmful. after flushing the tanks for a while we emptied them almost completely then put some bleach in them and filled them so they can sit overnight. When we were all wrapped up we came up to the lounge to visit with some friends and have a little dinner, it’s been a nice day meeting new friends and visiting with a lot that we have made.

30MAR12 Friday

Shea and I wanted to take some measurements with the sails up and see how they look since we have not flown them since we have been out here. We prepared everything and Shea double checked all the rigging and hoisted them up, it was really neat to see the sails finally up even though we were not able to actually use them just yet. When we broke for lunch we found our friend Mike up at the cafe so we joined him. It was a pleasant meal and when we were all finished he offered the use of his van so we could go to a local farm not far down the road and get some fresh eggs as long as we brought some back for him as well. We joined him to his store that he is working on then took off from there and went to see about finding the farm. On the way we stopped at a little thrift store and found a few things that were neat, One was a basket that Shea wanted for the eggs, another was a few books for working on sailboats, they were priced very well, Shea did a great job finding them. Another item that we found was a cassette tape box that would hold about ten cassette tapes in a latched box, an additional storage item that we found were several small buckets with lids that we will be able to keep things tidy down in the cockpit lockers. We headed over to the farm after that and found that they did indeed have the eggs for sale, we also found that the lady that runs the store and does much of the growing used to be a sailor when she was young and had some neat stories to share with us. When we wrapped everything up and headed back to Mike’s we found that a friend that Shea had made from Uruguay was across the street looking over the house they had just purchased. It was neat that I could finally meet her and find out what a wonderful person she is, we agreed to share lunch tomorrow at the marina cafe when her husband would be present as well. When Shea and I returned to the marina we found that one of our friends was headed to West Marine and was wondering if we would like to tag along. Shea really wanted to try on some deck shoes and thought it best that I do the same, I am not really one to get into a trend but after some persuasion from the local sailors and Shea as well of corse I finally listened to them, thinking that it would probably be safer for us to wear deck shoes that would actually stick to the deck a bit while we were out and about on the boat. So while looking around Shea tried on some of the shoes and found out what didn’t work and arrived at a pretty good idea of what she wanted, even though they didn’t really have it there. I found at the second West Marine (just down the road from the first) that the shoes that I had liked were ten dollars cheaper and Shea said they were cheaper then even the online price, so I ended up getting them. When we returned to the marina we walked around a bit and found that Russ was working on his rudder up in his workshop, it was fun visiting with him for a bit then we returned back to the boat and we are headed off to bed, it’s been a long day and not a lot of work was accomplished really, we did do a lot though so it was neat. I did forget to mention the other day that Betsy gave us both presents, She gave us each a couple books that she found to be very inspiring in sailing. We are very grateful and had actually really wanted to get a couple of them ourselves, it’s really neat to have so many friends who care!

29MAR12 Thursday

I intended to work on sanding the newly finished fiberglass today but found it too easy to use the building pollen as an excuse as well as giving it a final day to cure, I don’t want to sand the pollen down into the epoxy any more then I can help it and even after wiping a section down it seems to turn green with pollen in a very short amount of time due to the winds spreading it all around. I was able to talk to the yard boss about the teak eyebrow that would go around the cabin edge and I ended up agreeing to hire him to show me how to laminate one corner so I could learn the ropes then I would take on the last three and finish up by putting the edges around the rest of the top. The rest of the day was spent up chatting and helping Russ or down on the boat looking over some projects that I’m still contemplating over. One of them being the table, the others included some spots around the cockpit that would need attention and what not. Shea did see about getting a stainless steel dodger frame from the marina that they had around, after we saw how it would fit we decided to see about making it work so we purchased that and hope to be working on it in the near future along with our other projects that need finishing. Shea also worked on cleaning up around the seal of the port light, they are coming along and we hope to have them all in working order before long. The rest of the day was just spent hanging out with Russ as he worked on his rudder, I’m excited to see progress being made on his boat as well. I really hope that Shea and I will be able to go sailing with them once our boats are ready to go. We are just spending the evening in the lounge catching up on the log and what not, I will update the maps page before long I think, we did press the SPOT button so if you want to see where we were during our ride yesterday hover your mouse pointer over the MAPS page and it will show the drop-down SPOT page.

28MAR12 Wednesday

It is time for a break from the marina we decided, we wanted to get a few things done around the boat then we would go for a motorcycle ride. It turned out that as we were getting ready to do laundry Russ offered us the use of his washer and dryer at his house just down the road so we went there first to take care of some dirty laundry then after returning that to the boat we headed out on our little adventure for the day. We rode out not entirely sure of where we were going but still determined to enjoy the ride there. It was great fun fallowing VA-3 West just exploring, we ended up finding George Washington’s birthplace and decided to stop off and go for a tour of the place. It must have been a couple hours by the time we headed out and we were both beginning to get hungry, the ride continued West and we ended up spotting a little bakery with a diner on the side as we zoomed along. It seemed like the right place so we doubled back on a side road and stopped for a late lunch / early dinner. It was an enjoyable time spent in the roadside diner then getting a couple little goodies from the bakery before we were off again. We noticed some looming clouds rolling in and being some distance from the marina thought it may be best to make our way back. The ride back was warm as the sun was getting low in the sky, we made it back to the marina with just a little daylight left and the clouds threatening to open up, bursting at the seems was the impression I was getting but still dry so far. We visited with Russ for a little bit while Shea changed the backrest on the motorcycle so it would be more comfy next time. We ended up wrapping things up for the night and giving the bike a short test ride with the new seat arrangement then returning and heading up to the lounge just in time. The lightening was far off in the distance giving off a slight glowing flicker and low far off thunder was rolling toward us. We listened and watched up in the lounge and found that it was quite a show, the lightening striking all around lighting the whole area again and again while the thunder kept groaning in the distance and cracking nearby all at the same time. The sky opened up and rain and hail poured out of it along with everything else, a very exciting event. Once the show had passed we waited a little longer visiting with a fellow up in the lounge then we finally made our way down to the boat, we’re both tired but it was a fun day and we’re happy to have gotten out for a bit.

27MAR12 Tuesday

Shea and I laid the fiberglass today! It sure is nice to have that out of the way, we spent the entire day preparing the surface and spreading out the epoxy over the laid fiberglass. We then cut around everything to give us clean edges, while smoothing around over onto the very top portion of the cabin sides. It seemed to turn out pretty well, we did find some little imperfections that I’m going to have to sand out and clean up later but it looks good overall. We waited for it to kick then right as it was just about hard we applied another coat of epoxy to help fill in the weave. I think it turned out well and once it has fully cured we’ll go back and check it over closer then work on sanding it down for the application of primer that will be next on top. I think the next step is going to be the teak though. I’m not certain if I want to attempt it myself or have it done by the expert wood worker in the yard, He is also the yard boss and his work is very nice from what I’ve seen. I know it will be expensive so I’ll ask and see about what it costs to have it done then ask about just getting the corners laminated and how much that costs. I figure that if it’s a fairly reasonable price that I can afford, I can at least watch over his shoulder and learn a lot. It would be worth paying for that lesson I think. So after we cleaned it all up and cleaned up ourselves we headed up to the lounge to relax and get some food, we had eaten very little with all the working and Shea is putting together some fresh fruits for dinner, it will be nice to relax. We are also getting to visit with one of our friends, a good end to a great day.

26MAR12 Monday

We got up this morning planning to fiberglass the cabin top and finish waxing the boat we had been hired to do. Shea began waxing while I prepped for fiberglass. The winds picked up and were predicted to continue blowing all day so after I did a few things to get the top ready I went up to help Shea on the waxing. We worked on that most of the day and ended up putting two coats of wax on the entire boat. It turned out pretty well for the most part and we are glad to be done with it. I’m really hoping to be able to lay the glass tomorrow. Shea and I are looking forward to being able to take the motorcycle for a ride soon, we would like to go out for the day once the cabin top has been taken care of. This evening we had sandwiches for dinner and spent some time in the lounge, we are both tired out after spending all that time working on the waxing.

25MAR12 Sunday

The weather started out drizzly so Shea and I just spent a good deal of the day up in the lounge. I tried to relax but was antsy thinking about the table I want to build as well as all the work that I still need to do. Shea worked on the computer for a while then made us some lunch. We had some chips and canned chili, it tasted pretty good but we haven’t been eating canned and processed food all that much and I think we may have overdone it a bit the past couple days. We went to visit our friend Mike up at the cafe during lunch then we chatted with Russ for a little while. After that we worked on figuring out the nav/dining table for a bit. We held up my mockups and sat around it checking out the potential size. We also looked at putting in a sort bookshelf that would be the base of the table. I think I have a pretty good handle of what I want the design to be I just need to fine tune it all and draw up an accurate blueprint. The evening has just been Shea and I eating some sandwiches up in the lounge and watching Mythbusters.

24MAR12 Saturday

Last night some of our new friends (George and Carolyn) stopped by the marina lounge where Shea and I were lounging and visited with us for a while. They offered us a couple extra items they had. The first was a step that you secure and hang from the side of the boat and is used for assisted boarding from a dingy, it’s the first piece of teak that we have onboard. The second is an anchor that is a bit used but looks functional, We have a couple anchors but I want to test them out and see what works for Shea and I, I like having a spare as well. Today we visited with some more new friends (Kim and Terrie) while they prepared for a very long trip back home, they gave us some groceries that wouldn’t be making the trip with them. We are so grateful for all the things that people have done for us! After our visit with them we went to see Russ for a little bit and thank him for the use of his workshop for the dingy, we folded that up and tidied up our mess that we had going. Then went to visit with Mike, who was having lunch at the cafe. We all sat and chatted while we watched the rain pour outside, it was fun until we had to venture out into the increasing downpour. Mike was kind enough to give Shea and I a short ride down to the boat so we could stow a few things away and get our raincoats then another ride over to Chris and Abe’s for a scheduled hair appointment for me. Abe gave Shea some tips on how to trim hair while I received the second haircut I’ve had since being out of the navy. It wasn’t nearly as long as last time but I was starting to look a little more scroungy then I usually do. After the trim we all visited for a while then Chris gave us a ride back to the boat. Shea and I ate some nachos for dinner and watched a movie up in the lounge. It was a fun day but not productive at all, we really want to finish up waxing that boat, hopefully tomorrow.

23MAR12 Friday

This morning the owner of the marina came by the boat and asked if Shea and I wanted to earn some money by washing and waxing a large motor boat. We went to take a look at it and decided that we would give it a shot so most of our day was spent working on that project. We did spend lunch time visiting with Dirk and our friend Mike. The day just slipped by as we worked on the boat, both Shea and I spent some time learning the best way to apply the wax. It took some time to wash, then I worked on really giving the stern a much needed scrub while Shea polished away at the hull side. We didn’t get it finished but it’s well on it’s way and if the weather holds up we’re hoping to have it all finished up by tomorrow. This evening Shea is making grilled ham and cheese using some gouda that our friends Chris and Abe kindly shared with us. We are hoping to spend some time visiting with some of our friends this evening if they have time to come up to the lounge. The thunder and lightening storms are rolling in!

22MAR12 Thursday

I saw a friend that we had made about a month ago first thing this morning. He was walking down from moving his motorcycle off to the side of the parking area, we had heard him ride in late last night. I chatted with him and helped prepare to cast off his boat, he would be returning back to local waters for the summer and planned to leave his bike down at the marina for a couple weeks. During our chat and preparation he asked if I had my motorcycle license, I said yes then he handed me the key to his bike and asked if I had a helmet. I couldn’t believe he was offering the use of his motorcycle and told him I didn’t have a helmet, he gladly gave me his and then told me about the bike and the little quirks that all bikes seem to have. It was very kind of him and completely unexpected, Shea and I are truly living a bit of a fairy tale life right now and we are very appreciative to all the people that have helped us out. Shea had been schedule to help out with preparing for a catering event then attending the event and helping there in the evening. She spent the entire day occupied with all that so I figured that with the humidity so high it would be good to just spend my day helping Mike out down the road and earn some money as well. I ended up spending most of my time working under the building preparing the area for a storage area. I worked on my hands and knees raking the soil to be fairly flat then laid some plastic in a portion and began to run electrical for some lighting that he wants to have in place. Once I had finished up there for the night I rode back to the marina and found that Shea was away still working so I walked around and visited with a guy that had been working on his boat all day, it was a good time and once we both had found out that the other would be eating alone it was decided that we would grab a bite to eat together, he invited me to go into town and we could find a restaurant or something. We ended up eating at the pizza place that Shea and I like so much, we shared a pizza and a few beers then returned to find Shea up in the lounge visiting with some new arrivals to the marina. The guy that I had spent the evening with was waiting for his wife and she happened to roll up right behind us as we were heading up to the lounge. It was a great time spent visiting and having a drink before we finally headed towards bed.

21MAR12 Wednesday

I planned to try my best at laying the fiberglass today but the humidity is so high it is really concerning. I want to do this job correctly after Shea and I have spent so much time preparing for it. We wandered around a little and tried to figure out something to do for the day. Our friend Chris was launching his sailboat so I helped him do that then he gave me a ride around to his dock just across the way, I always love getting out on the water, especially with friends! After that I finally settled on trying to figure out my design for the table, then with some scrap cardboard type material that Russ had given to us I made a sort of mockup to see how it would look inside the cabin. Earlier in the day as I was drawing up in the lounge I noticed a sailboat that was coming in, I always like to see what the boats look like so I started noticing it’s lines, the bow and cabin top peaked my interest and I mentioned to Shea that it sure did look like our boat. After watching it and looking closer and closer as it came in we were certain it was just like Full Moon. I went out to receive the lines as they pulled up to the fuel dock, and we started chatting right away, it was really exciting to see another boat that was built by “Topper Hermanson Boatbuilding” using the same design, the only exterior difference was that it was a thirty six foot boat, the interior was completely different as it was the owner who had put it all together just like ours had been. I’m glad to have some new friends who we will stay in contact with and share our experiences aboard our sister boats. Shea and I also received some groceries from some new friends that we had made up on the hard, I had helped put some tarps up and carry a few things for them, they are very kind people. We ate some of the things that were given to us for dinner because they are frozen dinners and our bilge just won’t keep them cool enough.

20MAR12 Tuesday

The dingy looked good when we checked in on it, we are excited to take it out for a test run after a few days to let the glue cure. It wasn’t a very productive day, the fog hung around until mid afternoon and everything remained wet, when things did dry out a little the humidity was still high so I just wrote off the work on the boat for the day. I was able to help out on some peoples boat up on the hard, I really enjoy spending time learning from others on their projects and making new friends. It was only hanging tarps but was still fun and the wife even offered to take Shea with her when she went to the store in the evening time. Shea brought back a take a bake pizza so we wouldn’t have a choice but to test out our oven on the boat, it was really neat to fire up the oven for the first time and give it a try, the temps varied from what was recommended on the box and cooked much faster then anticipated. We are going to have to learn how to tweak things I think. The pizza turned out very well though and I’m excited to use the oven again soon!

19MAR12 Monday

Shea and I took our time this morning, there was a lot of dew last night and I toweled the tarps at least four times as the morning went on. The towel just ended up soaked each time around so I would hang it to dry a little then do it again. We finally decided that it would be good to just go relax over some coffee and oatmeal while things dried a little more. The towel was fairly dry when we came back so we wiped the tarps one last time then rolled them all up with minimal water getting on the cabin top. Once everything was up we needed to clean everything so we could put on some primer. Shea sent me up to help Russ while she went around with the vacuum and cleaned. Russ and I worked on his steering system some more tweaking things and working out the kinks. Shea brought us lunch and told me she was about ready for the primer so after Russ, Russ’s daughter, Shea, and I chatted over lunch we departed to see about making some headway on our own project. On our way down to the boat we ran into several friends and stopped to chat a little bit, once we were on the boat we mixed up the primer and took care of all the little left over spots then let that set to cure. It’s going to take at least until tomorrow before I can sand on it so when the weather allows (hopefully tomorrow) I’ll get it smoothed out then we will be ready to glass! The rest of the day was spent working on the dingy up at Russ’s workshop. We patched the hole and put some patches over some suspect deep gouges as well as gluing on the HIN (Hull Identification Number). I’m glad to have that about wrapped up, if all goes well it will only need to cure over a couple days then should be completely usable. After cleaning up for the evening Shea and I just relaxed on the boat and had some snacks for dinner.

18MAR12 Sunday

Today I rolled up the tarps as we intended to really get some work done. We did visit a little bit in the morning time with a guy that we had met last night but we were determined, so we were sanding before long on the cabin top. After a little bit Shea decided that she wanted to work on the dingy so I wanted to walk up to Russ’s workshop with her then return to my sanding after my little break. It turned out that Dirk was eating lunch at the little cafe so we stopped by to say hello and get a plate of french fries for lunch ourselves. After we chatted over lunch Dirk returned to work and I headed up towards the workshop, I ran into Russ along the way, he had just returned from a short trip so we of corse had to do some catching up. It turned out that Russ was going to be working in the shop for the day using some woodworking tools so the dingy would have to wait. Shea decided that it would be best to do some work around the boat instead so she headed back. I stayed and chatted and helped Russ with his project as we caught up on each others events. It was getting later in the evening by the time that I headed back towards the boat and I kinda thought the day would be over. I found Shea working online up in the lounge and decided that I could still get a little work done along the top so I headed out and sanded down just about everything that was left. It looks like there may be a little filling and I will have to primer a few small spots, so there will be a day of drying, but we are almost there. After all that I cleaned up then Shea and I had canned chili and chapati for dinner. It was a pretty good day and I’m tuckered out after not sleeping very well last night, looking forward to bed.

17MAR12 Saturday

We had plans of sanding but we ended up spending most of our day visiting with people, it seems that with all this nice weather everyone is getting ready for sailing season. We visited with our friend Dirk for quite some time as well as going aboard Ed and Ruth’s boat and chatting. Shea and I did epoxy fill just about everything along the cabin top sides and the little bit leftover on the top portion. It wasn’t much that we got done on the boat, it is the reason we came out here though, we are experiencing life and though I really want to finish our project, it is the people that drew us out on this adventure. We ended up spending the evening up in the lounge with a bunch of other sailors, it was a great way to share the night.

16MAR12 Friday

With the predicted thunderstorms looming in the forecast we decided that it would be a good day to work on the dingy that was being stored in Russ’s little workshop to keep it dry. We ended up spending the morning up in the lounge while I looked for a sander to buy online. I chose a Porter Cable model 7346 that was recommended to me by the yard boss and everyone else uses tools professionally to do these types of jobs. After we had picked it all out and ordered that we went down to the boat and went through everything finding all the little things that were needed to work on the dingy, it took a little while but we found what we needed and headed up towards the workshop. On our way up we ran into Mitchell and I began to talk with him for a few minutes. Shea went to change out some laundry that she had running as she knew I usually take longer then a minute to chat with friends. Our friend Mike showed up for lunch so I went to drop the things off in the workshop after I finished talking with Mitchell then went to join Shea and Mike for a little bit. We chatted until Mike had to head back to work then Shea and I headed towards the workshop because we really wanted to get started on this dingy. Well our friend Dirk was working on his boat when we walked by so we said hi and of course I struck up a conversation. Shea chatted with Mitchell who was working nearby on his boat while Dirk and I chatted, after a little talking Dirk offered to show us all his new bow thruster, I eagerly went around to see him spin it up. It was really neat seeing the electric motor that I had watched being installed just the other day whir to life. Mitchell, Dirk and I then spent a while longer chatting while Shea went to talk to Peggy at the Cafe. It was now getting to be a little late in the afternoon and we really wanted to get some work going so Shea and I started towards the workshop, again. On our way we saw our friend Mike drive by headed towards our boat. We figured we better see if he was headed out to see us our not. It turned out he wanted a little help getting some roofing done before these supposed thunderstorms were going to hit. Shea and I rode over with him to help out of corse. When we got there I worked up on the ladder and the little roof top getting the OSB screwed down then we laid some composite type sheeting that would keep the weather out. By the time we were all done the sun was getting low in the sky and Mike asked if we wanted to go back to the Cafe and get a couple beers, of corse we did! So we all walked around the marina drinking a beer and chatting about sailboats for a while. When we had finished our beverages Mike headed out and Shea and I now really wanted to see about getting this work started. On our way out Shea mentioned that she really wanted to get started on dinner so we wouldn’t be eating so late like we do so often, we then decided that maybe we would just look over what we now were going to be doing tomorrow. I showed Shea how to lay everything out and prepare the surfaces for gluing as I may be working for Mike tomorrow if the weather is especially bad, then we headed down to the boat to get things ready for dinner. Shea made the bed up with the fresh out of the laundry sheets and we gathered all the dinner stuff together then took it up to the lounge. We ate tuna sandwiches and left over chips and dip, it was a pretty good dinner. We then visited with some friends that we have made that frequent the marina every so often and just relaxed for the rest of the evening. Shea spent some time looking at foods that we could purchase online in bulk and also looked at some knives that may be good for her, she wants one that she can carry and will be a good tool for her, she is still deciding what she wants.

15MAR12 Thursday

Todays work included figuring out how I was going to round the aft portion of the cabin top corners. They will be a transition point that will allow the aft section to still overhang a bit for extra protection for the instruments. I talked with the yard boss for a little bit as he had stopped by. He mentioned that if I squared the edges it just wouldn’t look right with everything else being rounded, I agreed with him and had thought similar thoughts myself. I took a chart compass that has a pencil taped on to give me a little extra length and made the largest circle I could in the corner then rounded out the rest to fit in. It looks pretty good I think and should do the job. Shea spent some time working on getting into the grooves around the cabin edge that the epoxy had prematurely kicked in, it all needed to be sanded so a fresh coat would adhere properly to it. When we had finished all that up we went around the edges with some primer for the bare spots of steel that inevitably had come through with all the work we had done. Just as I was finishing up painting on the last of the primer Shea felt a rain drop, we both looked up to see a sky full of dark clouds. We both prepared the tarps and waited until the last possible moments so the primer could get as dry as possible before there were tarps rubbing up against the edges. The rain began to let loose and we had the tarps down in a matter of seconds. There were only a couple drops that got through, it turned out pretty well and there was only a little primer that was still wet enough to rub off against the tarps. We then began the scurry of stowing everything away as the rains grew heavier and heavier, it was only a few minutes before a torrential downpour was upon us. We had gotten everything stored away and decided it was time to take some things up to the lounge and be done with the work for the day. We cooked some Nathan’s hotdogs and ate some chips and dip, the hotdogs were very good tasting and the chips and dip were yummy. The rest of the night we just relaxed in the lounge watching some TV because the internet is not working properly. I did meet a guy that had a lot to drink and was wandering around the docks when I headed up to use the restrooms at one point, it was an interesting encounter and we chatted for a little bit, other then that the night was just filled with us relaxing watching the lightening and rain showers and hearing the thunder.

14MAR12 Wednesday

Today I figured we wouldn’t be working much, the yard boss was laying fiberglass, he and the marina owner offered to have me watch so I could learn about the process. I found out it wasn’t going to happen until this afternoon so I decided that maybe I would be able to get some work done. It happened that our friend Dirk was having a bow thruster put in and the guys were just setting up to drip the holes in his boat, it was over ten inches in diameter. I got caught up in watching them drill the pilot holes then they slid a large steel rod through with the biggest and deepest hole saw that I’ve ever seen attached to it. It took two guys to hold the very large drill to operate the whole assembly. With some soapy water to lubricate things they drilled three quarters of the way through the first side of the V before moving everything over to the other side and drilling three quarters of the way through over there. After that they used a penciled in line as a guide and finished the lower portion of the V with a sawzall. The two very large pieces that came out were over an inch and a half thick, that’s a lot of fiberglass and there wasn’t even a core. After that they cleaned it all up with a grinder and prepped a fiberglass tube that would slide in and be fiberglassed in place. About that point Shea and I went down to do some work on the boat, we worked on sanding the epoxy that had cured on us yesterday around the edges and cleaned up around edges that the fiberglass would but up against. A little while into all that we found out from the guy that runs the store that the fiberglass was about to be laid so we went up to watch and learn, on our way up we rain into Chris, he told us that the Bronco would be available for us to use this evening if we needed since we had asked about it vie email yesterday. We thanked him and planned to go pick it up later then went up to watch the fiberglass process. It was neat watching the guys lay it and we did learn some things, I think we built up some confidence in the whole process. After spending some time watching we went back to the boat to do a little more work before returning to watch a second coat of epoxy get laid over the almost kicked fiberglass, the yard boss explained that it was to fill in the weave and would only work if the bottom layer was dry enough to not soak it in. Once we had done our learning for the day we went back and cleaned everything up then prepared to go get the Bronco, on our way over to pick it up we stopped to check out the bow thruster. It was completely installed and everything was drying nicely. One day and the only thing left of the whole project was putting some final coats of paint on, that’s a guy who knows what he’s doing! When we arrived at Chris and Abe’s we chatted for a little while before heading out, Shea and I really do enjoy the time we get to spend with our friends. The rest of the evening consisted of us getting a bite to eat at the pizza place that we like (Anna’s) and doing our shopping then returning the Bronco. We arrived back at the boat around ten and plan to just head to bed without going up to the lounge or anything.

13MAR12 Tuesday

This morning I went to visit with Russ for a bit and have a cup of coffee. After that Shea and I ate breakfast, we had oatmeal with peanut butter in it. Then work time, I spent the day sanding. Shea sanded and cleaned up in some tight areas along the companionway hatch. We spent the majority of the day doing that and a little of it up helping Russ. During the late afternoon I decided to try to put on the near last coat of filler. We cleaned up around the cabin sides and got ready to fill the little gaps where the plywood cabin top meets the steel cabin sides. Our epoxy mix wasn’t quite right and it being so warm the hardener that we used kicked really fast. We ended up only getting about halfway through the project, I’m going to need to sand a lot of it back down and finish it with the slow hardener now. It created a little rework but overall we did make decent progress with all the sanding today. This evening we just heated up a carton of pre-made soup and made some fresh chapati. We’re both pretty tired from working all day in the great sunshine and we’re both looking forward to getting some sleep.

12MAR12 Monday

This morning I went up to see if Russ was working so I could show him my found knife and see how things were going on his current project with his steering. I chatted for a bit then it was off to begin work on the cabin top. Shea and I decided that today we were going to try and get most of the filler in. That includes using a vacuum to suck out the sanding dust from inside the open bolt holes that need filler so I accompanied Shea back up to Russ’s boat so she could barrow the vacuum. We of corse visited for a few more minutes before it was decided that I really did need to get to work. Most of the day was spent sanding and preparing for the filler. I did visit with our friend Mike, that I work with every so often, during lunch and on my way back to work I saw that our friends Gerry and Marie were working on their boat so of course I said hello. We chatted for a little bit then I heard that Russ was looking for me so I was off to find my buddy. He was wanting a little help hooking up a few things, we accomplished the task pretty fast and then admired his steering system, it turns out that it was still not quite right, it had some slop in it and we weren’t sure where it was coming from. I left him to inspect while I returned to work on my own boat. I found Shea working hard preparing to lay the epoxy and we got right to it. Gerry came down for a little bit and chatted while we smeared the epoxy filler about in the different places. We also epoxied in a round block to fill in the head vent, the vent that will be replacing it is a smaller diameter and starting from a solid surface will make things easier then trying to fill in a large gap that would otherwise be there. Once we finished Shea and I went to clean up then we walked around and visited a little with everyone while all the epoxy hardened. We visited with Gerry and Marie then walked toward Russ’s boat and met another boat owner working on his boat, we conversed for a while before Shea headed back to our boat to start cleaning up the tools. I chatted a little longer then went to check in with Russ. He was showing off his work to a guy that is on the hard right next to him. Russ introduced us and we all looked over the steering system. It appears that the cables just needed tightening, things became much more responsive once it was done. I headed back to the boat to help Shea finish cleaning up but she was pretty much done, we both changed and then went up to meet with Gerry and Marie for an evening out. We visited “The Corner” it’s a little mom and pop style place, we all had a great time then they drove us back to the marina. Shea and I put the tarps up and then came up to the lounge to do a little typing before bed. We are tuckered out and look forward to getting the fiberglass on soon.

11MAR12 Sunday

This morning we were up and about pretty early, we had coffee up in the lounge with our friend Taz, we met him last week. After that Shea and I got to work sanding on the cabin top. It was a pretty productive morning and around noon Russ came down to see if I could give him a hand working with his steering system. I always enjoy working with Russ and I didn’t mind letting the dust settle for a bit, so off we went. We puttered on that for a couple hours figuring out some things and getting everything working smoothly, then back to the sanding for the rest of the afternoon. This evening when I was finishing putting everything away from the day I saw the magnet tied to the rope that I had used to fish for my pocket knife. I figured I had some time, why not give it another shot. I started dredging by throwing the magnet away from the boat several feet about midships then slowly pulling it along the bottom towards the boat. Once it reached the side of the boat I would retrieve the magnet to see nothing on the end then move aft just an inch or so before tossing it over several feet from the side again. It appeared to work because after a little while and moving along very slowly I felt a noticeable weight increase. I pulled it up very slowly and found it to be my knife! It was very exciting and unexpected. I figured the mud wouldn’t let it go so I was pleasantly surprised and blessed to find that it was now back in my possession. It wasn’t in bad condition at all, I took it up to wash it in the sink and then worked the blade in and out. It is a little stiff but otherwise everything looks in great condition and still just as smooth as can be. This evening Shea made some soup and we ate that with fresh chapati. A great end to a very enjoyable day.

10MAR12 Saturday

This morning was freezing when Shea and I walked up to the restrooms. I decided right off the bat that I really didn’t want to be sitting over the cabin top freezing for hours on end so we walked around then went and sat looking over the water for a bit. We chatted with a man that we had met last week for a while then another man drove up and came over to visit with us all. It’s great meeting new people. We really like the people that we have met out here and every time we meet someone new they are always very kind and enjoyable to visit with. I spent the remainder of the day helping Russ with some Rudder stuff, He is installing an auto steering system and needed to have work done to the rudder shaft so the whole thing had received work at a local machine shop. We put it all back together to get a dry fit and make sure everything lined up. There are some tight spots that need attention so we spent the day adjusting things and looking at how it all goes together. It was a great day meeting new people and visiting with them then helping Russ out, I really enjoy working with him. Shea and I spent the rest of the evening up in the lounge eating some fruit and left over chapati just relaxing. I’m hoping for warmer weather tomorrow so I can make some headway on that cabin top.

09MAR12 Friday

Shea and I decided to go to a boat show today with our friend Chris, he invited us to go along and since the weather was supposed to be dreary all day it sounded like a great idea. We headed out pretty early and drove for a few hours to get there, it was a great time visiting in the van on the way there then walking the show for several hours. Shea found a sailing inflatable kayak that seemed neat and folded up pretty small, I think it may be a bit out of our price range though. We’ll look into it a little and see if it’s justifiable. On the way back we stopped off at a sushi place and bought a bunch of sushi to go. We then headed back to Chris and Abe’s house and shared a great evening together. We all chatted and ate sushi, it was a lot of fun. When we finally got back to the boat it was late so we are heading to bed, it was a very enjoyable day spent with friends.

08MAR12 Thursday

We started out early wanting to get a jump on the work. Right off the bat Shea found a coffee mug that had been stowed and the lid wasn’t tightened all the way so it had leaked during the night. It was all over one of the cushions and a bunch of stuff that was being stored on the settee. Shea worked on cleaning all that up then went on to see about straightening up inside the boat. I began sanding by hand and got tired of that after a little bit so I broke out the little sander that I had bought when I first got here. It won’t work for everything but it will be better then nothing for a lot of it. I put a thirty six grit sanding pad that I had for the big sander (I won’t be able to use the pads on that now) and went to town. It was much slower then it had been using the big sander but it was much faster then doing it all by hand. I was able to kinda roll the sander on it’s edge and take advantage of the oversized sanding pad, it’s not the best but point loading moves things along at least. It’s still going to take me a few days but I’m glad to see progress. Our friend Mike stopped by to ask me to move the flooring I had taken up from the store. He knew I had a system going for the order of relaying it all and didn’t want to mess it up but he needed it moved. I said sure and off we went. While we were gone Shea was kept busy. The wind had taken a couple of the cushions we have for the cockpit and blew them off of the dock. She luckily saw them fly away and was able to climb down a ladder on a dock further downwind to get one. Mike and I were just driving up to find her walking with rolled up pant legs and muddy feet back to a dock. She had to skirt the foliage that grows so near the water to reach the other that had beached itself, luckily. We cleaned up a little bit then I got back to work prepping the top for more filler. Shea kept working inside until I asked her to give me a hand with the epoxy. She laid down the epoxy and I followed with the filler, it turned out okay and will give me something to sand on when we get nice weather again. I helped straighten up inside then I started to put the tarps up, I lost my knife over the side while doing that. This was my most favorite knife to carry…. I’ve had it for a few years, I fished with a big magnet for a while but I think the gooey bottom has swallowed it up. I’m going to end up buying another it looks like. It was kind of funny because while I was fishing on one side Shea was getting off the other with her pot. She lost the lid from the pot over the side and down it went. We were able to send the magnet down after that and pull it up within second of its sinking. Shea made mac and cheese with some tomatoes, broccoli and onions. It turned out well and we ate it with some chapati that we had made for tomorrow. Overall it was an interesting day,

07MAR12 Wednesday

Last night house sitting, Shea spent the day cooking a few little things and cleaning up while I worked on the boat, I found out the sander isn’t going to be around anymore so I took the wooden block to the areas that we had filled in and went to town. It was a slow process but I made some headway. I did spend a good portion of the day chatting with different people in the yard. I was able to check out a boat that has similar problems as mine. It is a ferro cement boat that has a plywood top. The yard boss is working on it and let me watch and ask some question for a bit, he gave me some more pointers and said he would let me know when they are laying the fiberglass so I can glean any pointers they may have. Russ and Betsy came by the marina a little later on and I fallowed them back to their place to pick up Shea and our stuff. They were tired after the long trip so we didn’t visit to long before getting a ride back to the marina. Our friends Bill and Tanya had come out this weekend to do some sailing with their kids, It was neat to get to see them and visit for a little bit. They were very kind and brought us some honey from a beehive that they keep themselves. I don’t know a lot about honey but I thought it was very tasty, Shea informed me that it was the very best honey she has every had, I think that means something because she has had lots of honey. Over the day Shea had prepared some beef in a mexican fashion and we gave carne asada a try up in the lounge. It turned out really well and wrapped in a chapati that had been made with some yogurt then the whole thing covered in chopped onions and tomatoes, It was very good.  It was sure nice to enjoy the comforts afforded from a furnished house but we are glad to be back onboard and look forward to being rocked to sleep tonight.

06MAR12 Tuesday

It was a pretty slow day overall, Shea and I made some buckeyes, they are peanut butter balls covered with chocolate. They turned out pretty good but they are very rich. I spent the rest of the day reading about boats in a few books and a magazine called “Good old Boat” and making notes about all the things I liked and things I may want to incorporate at some future time. That was the day for the most part, it was relaxing.

05MAR12 Monday

We were up pretty early, it sure is nice sleeping in a real bed for a time, I’m excited to get back to the boat though. Shea made the dough with the starter yeast she has been “growing” and we made a short list of things for me to pick up at the boat. I headed over and picked up the things as well as getting my work clothes and then drove over to the little store to do some work. Mike wasn’t there but that didn’t stop me from putting in four hours, I finished tearing up some flooring that I had been working on and then worked on cleaning out under where they had been. It was a real dirty job and when I got back I took a bit of a long shower trying to clean up. Shea had cleaned up and worked on dinner, she was preparing a yummy stew. We took the last of the chapati and Shea baked it hard then we made dip with some yogurt and fried onions mixed with some spices. The dip turned out well and even though the chapati was a little bland it went nicely. After that we sat down for dinner and enjoyed the bread and stew. I loved it all and even look forward to the leftovers! Then we went for a little walk, it was getting cold but we still went down to the end of the road, it was a nice brisk bit of exercise for the evening after a filling meal. Relaxing for the rest of the evening was the plan and that is pretty much what we are doing. Shea found a recipe for gelato so we are giving that a shake right now, I think it requires longer for it to firm up so it’s going to be a bit of passing the freezing cold bag back and forth for some shaking, my turn now!


It is so nice to sleep in a full sized bed and use a shower and restroom that do not require you to walk down a chilly dock then up a short drive. Shea and I were given permission to stay at the house while Russ and Betsy were away. It’s so neat to use a kitchen and have a fridge to put things in. The shopping we did yesterday included some items that we don’t usually get because of the access to the fridge. We went back to the boat hoping to do a little work but the rain was on and off all day so we gathered up a few things and used the internet in the lounge to check the email before heading out. We did go visit Chris and Abe’s dogs to let them out for a bit, they had asked us to since they were going to have a long day. It was a fun time playing with the dogs, I threw the stick for a while and we petted them while they took advantage the time spent outdoors to take care of their business. When we finished up their we started out back to the house. We saw that our friend Mike was working on the little store so we stopped to visit and help out a little, after our little visit we headed back to Russ and Betsy’s, I did agree that if the weather was not very nice tomorrow I would go do a little work at the store. When we got back to the house we just relaxed the rest of the evening. We heated up the left over beans and saw how the chapati from the other day was holding up, it was drying out but it still did the job. Shea made some ice cream in a couple of plastic bags, she put some whole milk with a little honey and vanilla in the first bag then inserted that one into another bag that also contained some salt and ice then it was time to shake shake shake. It turned out pretty good but we learned that cream would have made it much better then just using whole milk. The rest of the evening was spent just watching a movie on TV before turning in for the night.


We got up early and got ready to go, Shea and I had agreed to cat sit while Russ and Betsy were taking care of some things out of town. We started walking then met Russ on his way to pick us up, we helped him clean out his daughters car using a vacuum he had at his boat. Shea did all the vacuuming while Russ and I sorted through the things that were found throughout the cleaning. Russ wanted to get it spruced up a bit because he was returning it to his daughter. After that we rode back to his house and got the rundown on everything along with the keys to their other car. After everything was taken care of we all headed out, Russ and Betsy on their trip and Shea and I off to town to do some shopping. It was a fun time shopping for us, we went to get some lunch first at a little pizza place that we had not gone to before called “Sals”. It was an interesting place and we thought we would give the sicilian pizza a try since I think I may have had it once and Shea has never had it before. It takes about an hour to cook so we chatted and went over the things that we were going to get at the store and what not. The pizza turned out pretty good we thought, we still like Anna’s dough better though. After that we went to Tri-Star to get a few things and after we were finished there Shea pointed out a little store that she thought I may like, it is a celtic type store that seemed interesting but it was a little high class for us. When we finished up walking a bit we noticed a little antique shop that was near where we parked. We went in to have a look around, Shea found a little ship’s bell that was neat, we didn’t buy it but we may go back and see if it’s still there later. I also found a little compass that needed some restoration, they guy offered it to me for a ten dollars and as much as I wanted it I don’t need another project just yet. We then talked to the owner for a bit and found out there are a lot of little antique shops around the area. I told him that I’m interested in nautical navigation type things and he suggested we visit a few places near by. So we thought, why not, and we took a little detour from our plans to go antiquing for a while. It was fun to see some history while we walked through the few places we visited, we didn’t find anything we couldn’t live without so we won’t have to worry about stowing anything new just yet. After that we finished up our shopping at Walmart then headed back to the marina to get some things from “Full Moon” before heading to Russ’s to relax and pick at the pizza leftovers. It was a fun day getting out.

02MAR12 Friday

Shea and I continued working on the cabin top, we planned to get a decent amount of work done before the predicted rains came in later this evening. The clouds worked there way in around noon and against my better judgement I decided to make a try at putting the epoxy filler in the spots that I had ground and sanded at on the cabin top. Shea helped me by painting on the epoxy coating that would work as the bed to the filler, while I mixed up a batch of filler and began to follow along behind her. It turns out that it wasn’t meant to be though, Shea had just finished putting the last of the un-thickened epoxy on and I was maybe a third of the way with the filler when very large raindrops began to fall, it was only a couple seconds and there was a nice little downpour. We scurried to unroll the tarps and it seams it may have been in record time that we had them bungeed out. Just then the rain decided that it was still far too early to be coming down and went away as quickly as it came. All of our epoxy was now wet along with the cabin top that hadn’t seen rain in a couple months now. I figure that it just means I’ll get to hone my skills at laying the fairing epoxy another day and I’ll appreciate the cabin top that much more when it’s watertight. After that we headed up to chat with Russ for a bit and I expressed my dislike at the moment for the little shower that we had just had. It was still fun visiting with our friend and when we left Shea and I were smiling. We finished cleaning things up when we got back to the boat then headed up to the lounge to listen to a little music and make dinner. Shea used the pressure cooker to make some beans then I helped her make some chapati. We just spent the evening chatting and listening to music that we had pulled up online. I think we heard every song that Keith Green had sung by the time the playlist finished, I remember hearing them when I was young, I really do enjoy his music.

01MAR12 Thursday

Shea and I spent the most part of the day working on the cabin top. Shea worked on sanding the rails that the companionway hatch slides on, they are mahogany that were covered in fiberglass and paint. I worked on finishing the grinding around the cabin top sides, flushing it up the best I could then came back and sanded by hand with a wood block to get a close fair. Once all that was done Shea and I finished it up with a coat of epoxy primer. The primer covers the steel I exposed doing all the grinding and sanding as well as giving me a surface that I’ll be able to epoxy the fiberglass to when the time comes. We ordered dinner from the marina cafe and ate some coleslaw that Shea made then just spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the lounge.

29FEB12 Wednesday (Leap)

The weather man didn’t lie, it has been rainy most of the day. Shea and I thought about going over to Mike’s to do some work, but with just a short walk we were soaked so we decided to cut the walk short and stop by and visit our friends Chris and Abe. We had a great time spending most of the day over there. When the weather broke for a little while we headed back to the boat to prepare for dinner. Shea heated up the left over soup and she did some research online for different things. We have been wanting to cook some rising bread so we’ve been looking at how to cook leavened bread without buying yeast. It seems it’s more healthy to eat bread that is left to rise over a couple days and creates it’s own yeast. It was something that was neat to learn and we plan to try making something (maybe some pizza dough!) She also looked a little more into a good sewing machine, we haven’t found out to much more then we already knew… The search continues.

28FEB12 Tuesday

A somewhat productive day, Shea finished cleaning up the port light then we glued the gasket in place. This is our test to see how everything looks. If it all turns out the way it’s supposed to I will buy the rest of the gasket material, it’s around five dollars a foot and for all eight it’s a little over twenty two and a half feet long, if I remember correctly. That’s going to cost a lot, we want to be certain it’s the correct material. We also spent time working on the cabin top sides. Shea picked at some 5200 that needed to be cleaned out and I worked on sanding some spots smooth with the bulkheads. There is still lots to do, I’m going to be grinding more along the sides so I can continue sanding by hand. It’s neat to see everything coming together. Shea finished up the work day by working on another port light. It’s great to think they may all be working before to long. This evening Shea made some soup for dinner while I worked on the sander. It looks like it may be on its last leg. I’m going to talk with the owner and see if he thinks its worth buying the replacement parts or just using it to the end of its life.

27FEB12 Monday

Shea went for a walk this morning while I took my time getting up before starting on the cabin top. We ground down the few edges of the patches that didn’t fully adhere and worked on sealing them properly by using a couple syringes to get in the tight gaps. After that we filled a bunch of the holes from fasteners that had been removed along with all the hardware that we stripped off the cabin top. It feels good to be making progress. During lunch a friend that is an experienced painter stopped by to show me a good way to work the edge around the top. I need to smooth it out and flush it up with the cabin sides as well as round the top portion of it so the fiberglass will roll over it so I can join the fiberglass to the cabin sides so to avoid any potential seeping water from intruding into the plywood again. We also spent a couple portions of the day chatting with different friends around the marina, I always look forward to that!

26FEB12 Sunday

It was a pretty lazy Sunday overall. Shea and I didn’t do a lot, Shea washed a load of laundry and we hung that to dry. I looked over the cabin top and did a little, but nothing much. We spent most of the day making a new friend and chatting with other friends we had made before. It was really a relaxing day and though I wish I had done more work in a way, it was nice to be around people. This afternoon we did do some work with our dingy, Shea put it together and inflated it while I helped a little. We then inspected it and took notes on the areas that needed attention. I spent the evening looking for the proper material and glues to do the work and seeing if there was anything else I should get or do to it to prolong it’s service. Shea prepared a dinner and we just enjoyed the evening relaxing.

25FEB12 Saturday

Russ showed up right around seven this morning and we were off to pick up his new to him pickup truck. It took until about noon to get to the place so we had a great time chatting about just about everything you could think of. It was a lot of fun getting out and seeing the area with our friend. We spent some time at the place as he filled out paperwork and what not then we were back on the road again. This time we made a few stops to get some food and use the restroom. As we were getting close we stopped off at a Lowe’s store so I could see if I could find a router bit that would round the edges of the cabin top enough to allow the fiber glass to roll nicely over them, no luck though. I decided to just free hand it with a palm sander and see how it goes then if that doesn’t work I’ll look into something else. Shea picked up some little herb pots and some seeds so we can try growing some fresh herbs to keep the food tasty. Russ drew up a map to his house then departed for home while Shea and I went to a Walmart near by to get a few things. We decided it was time to head to Russ’s place after that because we both were feeling tired, we had been up a lot last night with howling winds moving the boat all over the place and tarps flapping mixed with dock lines creaking. I would have said it was entertaining if I hadn’t been fighting for sleep at the time. So back on the road we headed to Russ’s house. We only got a little lost on the road he lives on and went down a couple wrong driveways. Shea called him and he flashed his porch light for us to take a bearing on and make our way in. Ounce he dropped us off at the Marina Shea made dinner, it was sausages we picked up mixed with pasta sauce and wheat flour chapati on the side. I enjoyed it very much and am now looking forward to getting some sleep tonight, I hope the winds are a bit more kind to our tarps.

24FEB12 Friday

Another day preparing the cabin top, I spent time taking old fiberglass off of the companionway hatch rails that was coming off in places and continued to grind in areas. Shea worked on cleaning up inside and putting things in places, it seems I’m always making messes moving stuff about for my projects. Shea and I splurged and split a sandwich for lunch up at the Marina Cafe then got back to work. Our friend Mike showed up and asked us to join him while he ate lunch. We look forward to visiting with our friends so we gladly did just that. He bought us a plate of fries to snack on while we all enjoyed each others company, then back off to work for him as well as us. We started getting ready for a storm that was supposed to blow in really hard in the evening as well as continuing to putter with some work. When the winds really started picking up, we put all the tools away and enjoyed the near eighty degree weather with some rum and coke in the cockpit and wind howling by. Shea and I chatted about different sails and all sorts of things until the rain started threatening us. We sprang into action laying the tarps that we had waited to deploy hoping the wind would pass before they were needed. After that we came up to the lounge to cook some left overs for dinner that Shea spiced up with some new ingredients and she even made chapati again. While we were eating dinner our friend Russ stopped by to visit for a while and ask if I would go with him to pick up a truck he just bought. I like helping out friends if I can and Shea and I like getting out so we accepted right away. We continued to visit for a while and had a great time before Russ needed to get going. Shea cleaned up everything from dinner and looked around online for a good bug repellant. She has always liked “Skin So Soft” body oil, it’s supposed to be a pretty good repellant I guess. I’m really getting antsy to get the boat out and sailing, I hope I can keep making decent progress!

23FEB12 Thursday

Shea and I began working on the boat pretty early, she worked on cleaning up the port-light gasket area preparing it for the new one while I kept working on prepping the cabin top. After a bit of the day had gone by the guy I bought “Full Moon” from came motoring up in a boat. We stopped and went and had lunch with him then walked around the yard and chatted and gave him the grand tour of his previous sailboat that we had tore apart so much of. I felt kinda bad because I had undone some of his hard work and it looks to be somewhat of a mess being a job site like it is. I know I’m trying to restore it and hope that I’m doing a decent job of the whole thing. We had spent quite a bit of the day visiting so we didn’t get a lot done in the afternoon. We did spend the evening with our good friend Gerry though. It was a good visit and we ended up going to get some dinner. Gerry, Shea and I all had a great evening visiting, we missed Marie and look forward to seeing her next time. When we got back to the boat Shea was really tired and I was ready to hit the bunk so we are going to turn in early.

22FEB12 Wednesday

Back to the grind, I spent the most part of the day grinding out the seems preparing them for a thin filler and sanding. I also worked on cleaning up the rails for the companionway hatch, it was covered with fiberglass as an afterthought and I want to take it down to wood so I can see what the condition of the wood is and figure out exactly what I’m going to do with them. They are made from mahogany and really should be teak if they are left as bare wood, maybe I’ll end up covering them again, not really sure yet. There was time to chat with Russ of course for a while and Shea and I removed the couple winches and clam cleats that were on the cabin top. We also removed the two vents aft, we plan to put the solar vent back and use it to the end of it’s life, the other vent will be replaced with a mushroom vent that our friend Mitchell gave to us. The flange will cover the hole but the pre-drilled screw holes won’t sink into good material so we plan to lay the fiberglass and bed the vent onto that with the correct sized hole cut then fill the void under neath with something along the lines of 5200 or 4200 before the plastic trim ring fits in. It was a somewhat productive day, I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, I really hope the weather holds for us. This evening Shea heated up the chili she had made and made some fresh chapati (I was able to be flipper again). It was a good dinner and a pretty relaxing evening.

21FEB12 Tuesday

Today something needed to get done. Shea and I worked on prying open a couple of the port-lights and cleaning all the silicone off that the previous owner used to seal them all shut with. I looked into what gasket would be the best and talked with the yard boss for a bit and the store clerk. The guy who runs the store did me a favor and called Bomar to ask what gasket would be the correct one. They said the larger one that the store just happened to have a single piece long enough to do one hatch. I’m going to try it and see how it looks then order more for all the others once I make sure it really is the right stuff. It looks like it’s going to be five dollars a foot so I want to be certain I’m using to correct stuff before I dish out that much money, looks like I have over twenty two feet to buy total. That was most of our day, just scraping at port-lights, Shea also did some laundry and cleaned up some, she is great at making sure things are straightened up around the boat as best she can. I do a lot of mess making with all the work and it’s a great help having her help me out so much. She also made a good dinner, it was a spin on chili, she even used the pressure cooker to make some beans that turned out well to put in it. I helped with the chapati again (the flipper is all), then we ate a great meal and relaxed for a bit in the lounge.

20FEB12 Monday

Another night of very little sleep, I ended up getting some this morning though and didn’t wake up till after nine. Once up the guy who lent me the sander came by to see if I was finished with it so he could use it for work he needed to take care of. I told him I wanted to replace the bearing that was thrown and had recently arrived in the mail before I gave it back and he said no problem. I spent the rest of the morning tearing it down and replacing the bearing then cleaning it up some before I put it into his truck. After that I relaxed in the lounge for a bit while Shea did a few things in the boat before she came up to join me. We chatted for a bit then our friend Russ stopped by to say hello. He had just returned from a trip and wanted to catch up. Him and I chatted while Shea excused herself to do some more things on the boat. Russ and I caught up then he said that if there was anything I needed I should get it from him now because he was going to be busy the next little while and wasn’t sure how much he would be down at the marina. I couldn’t think of anything yet but said I would let him know if I could. Later on Shea and I figured that the quarter inch piece of plywood that I was keeping in a tent building that the marina owned should be moved and Russ had offered his little workshop he was renting right near the marina. We walked over to ask Russ if it was okay and I of course ended up chatting some more with Russ. He was kind enough to let us store the plywood in his shop and I ended up spending most of the rest of the evening tagging along as he did a little finish work on his boat. It wasn’t strenuous for me so I figured it was more healthy then the work I had to do and I was able to visit with my friend. Shea thought it best to head back to the boat after a bit and get things ready for dinner. When I came back I found her bringing everything up to the lounge and helped out carrying some things. She made Mac and Cheese with steamed broccoli in it. I thought it was great and we just relaxed the rest of the evening.

19FEB12 Sunday

So that raking I did yesterday really took a toll it seems. My head crud moved to my lungs and I ached all day. Shea and I worked on perfecting cooking chapati (she did all the work I just flipped them over) and I was a lazy bum for the rest of the day just sitting watching television covered up. I was able to poke around online a little but I really did just about nothing. Shea did some cooking and she also did some research online. I would love to get a sewing machine so I can begin making sail covers and what not, Shea found some that would work well with thick heavy sails, exactly what we’re looking for. We’ll keep an eye out at the local thrift stores and some places online.

18FEB12 Saturday

I figured I was about recovered from the bug so I planned to just take it easy today and be done with it all. I spent some time up in the lounge and ended up attending a meeting set up to plan a race in May, I told them that I’d be happy to contend in the twenty four hour race as long as we were still around. After that Shea and I decided to go into the very small town that is fairly close by to see about cashing a check and see if a maritime consignment store was open. On our walk over to barrow the Bronco we stopped to visit with a couple that were working on their boat, preparing if for selling. It was an enjoyable visit and we liked that we made a couple more friends. After our visit we headed into town. The little store wasn’t open so we walked around to peak into a couple antique shops and visit with the owner of one that we had met last time we walked around. During our poking around in one of the stores Shea found a wooden spoon and spatula made from an olive tree. We decided to pick them up to use with the pot and pan set that Shea has, it’s porcelain enamel with a cast iron core. We asked around for a place to cash my check and found that Walmart was the place to go. So we decided to make the longer drive into Kilmarnock from Lively. When we arrived at Walmart we found that they do not in fact cash third party checks and they suggested the bank that was in the store. That particular bank wouldn’t cash it either and they pointed us to another local store. After a little shopping at Wally-world we headed over to the other store and found that they would not accept the check either. So we decided to get a little lunch across the parking lot at a Barbecue place then do some more shopping in this store. All the people we asked told us the bank was about an hour away for one of their branches, so we decided to probably just mail it to my bank. On our drive back we saw that our friend Mike was working, so we stopped by and chatted for a little bit. He wants me to come back and do some work so maybe tomorrow if I finally kick this crud. I did help him with some raking and looked at some things around the site then Shea and I headed back to drop everything off at the boat and I drove the Bronco back. Mike, Shea and I met back at the Cafe to have a beer and just talk for a bit. By the time Shea and I were headed back to the boat we saw that their were some people up enjoying the lounge and we decided to not bother them. We spent the evening watching a couple movies on the laptop and having some chips and dip, I really enjoyed “just staying in for the evening”.

17FEB12 Friday

I felt a little better this morning when I woke up but it started going down hill later in the morning. I was getting antsy as Shea and I did some things on the computer so after checking the temperature I decided it was warm enough to glue the last boards down. We wrapped up the tarps and got to work, It went smoothly over all but I really wasn’t feeling the best by the end. When we went to scrub up afterwards we saw Mitchell’s rig and went to say hi. We visited for a little while then he got going as the sun was getting low, so we went down to bundle up the boat and found a present left from our friend Mike. He had left a pressure cooker on the dock for us. It was very kind of him and I worked on testing it out this evening to see if it all worked properly. After a little research online it looks to be a model that was made around 1949 and it sure looks it. It works though and we are excited to give it a test and see how it turns out.

16FEB12 Thursday

Last night was not kind in my attempts to get some sleep. I’ve had some aches and just haven’t felt very well, I wasn’t able to breath very well and spent most of the night awake. This morning Shea and I decided to just take it easy today so we spent the entire day up in the lounge. I rinsed my ears with hydrogen peroxide and used the netty-pot on my nose. I don’t feel any better and the day has just left me feeling cruddy and wishing I was able to get some work done. I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better tomorrow so we can get some more work done. I’m really getting antsy to take “Full Moon” out sailing! We uploaded our video to YouTube today  and embedded it in our blog but it appears I broke a copyright law in some way so the link doesn’t work and YouTube isn’t listing the video under my name though it still looks to be viewable if you click the link from the broken video in our blog. I’ve spent some of the day looking into repair options for our dingy, it has a slow leak that needs some attention and I’ve found the correct material and glues, it looks like it won’t be cheap though. I think I’m going to glue on a couple patches that have the HIN for the dingy as well as the patch at the same time so I won’t waste the glue. It appears the glue only lasts about a week once it’s been opened.

15FEB12 Wednesday

Up this morning with a plan to get some gluing done. It took a little while for it to warm up enough but when it did we were ready, Shea and I worked on the three vent holes first. They went pretty smoothly, the half inch piece I decided to use didn’t want to seat as easily as it looked it would but we used some extra weight and they turned out okay I think. Then we moved to the aft hatch, things looked to be going smooth enough until a cup full of epoxy was spilt. Shea worked on cleaning that up while I kept working on spreading the epoxy that was left. Shea then mixed some more up and we were able to finish the hatch, we were stretching the batch towards the end though. I think it seated well enough but I didn’t get the epoxy squeezing out of the seem that I like to see. We finished up as it was beginning to get dark and while we were cleaning up in the restroom we noticed that our friend Mitchell was working on his board up on the hard. He is the one that gave us the brownies. We went to visit with him for a little bit and he came down to take a look at our work. We had a good time chatting then said goodbye so Shea and I could finish up just as it was getting dark. We wrapped up the boat with the tarps and finished putting everything away then we went to barrow the Bronco again. We went to town and had a day late Valentines dinner and walked around Walmart so we could pick up a couple things then we returned the rig and walked back to the boat. It is getting late and chilly so we are turning in for the night.

14FEB12 Tuesday

This morning I planned to go work at Mikes for a short time and inform some other workers he has of a few things he wanted, as he planned to be away. It turned out that he came by the marina right as Shea and I were getting ready to head over, his plans had changed and moved to tomorrow so he was going to be working today as well. Shea and I headed over and I worked for a couple hours finishing up some things, then ounce it warmed up we headed back to the boat so I could get back to my work. I was able to get the remainder of the patch boards scarfed in, as long as the weather holds for tomorrow we should be able to get some gluing done, possibly all of them! After that I worked in the bilge, I finished tearing out the large layered up piece of epoxy and found the very wet cement underneath was mostly intact and no rust to the steel. The cement top was breaking apart some so once Shea and I cleaned it off it appeared weathered but I think things will be okay with it. I don’t plan to cover with anything, though I may level it off with something if I can find something that will not trap moister below like before. There are still two more bilges that have epoxy in them above the bilge that we just cleaned out and I’m uncertain if I really want to remove it all or not. I’m thinking I will probably end up removing it, even with it’s tight location.

13FEB12 Monday

After some oatmeal that Shea made I headed off to work with Mike for a while. I worked on a few small projects throughout the day and ended up finishing up after five in the evening. I was pretty tuckered out by the end and was happy to find that our friends Gerry and Marie had come by the marina and Shea and them had come to pick me up for an evening in town. We went to have dinner at the pizza place and enjoyed each others company over a nice meal then they were kind enough to let us do a little shopping at Walmart. Shea and I picked up some things we needed and even ran into Russ’s wife and visited with her for a bit, she informed us that Russ had to run off to their house in the midwest to do a little work. I hope everything turns out okay. It was an enjoyable event, running into her, then Shea and I were off to finish shopping and meet back up with Gerry and Marie to head back to the marina. After our enjoyable time out that had followed the full day of work I am ready to crash for the night.

12FEB12 Sunday

SNOW! This morning we woke to the wind still howling and frozen snow in places on the cabin top under the tarps. Shea cleaned it off while I cleaned the snow from the cockpit then we went for breakfast in the lounge. Shea made oatmeal and we did a little relaxing and some things online. Our friend Mike stopped by to see if I wanted to go work again, I figured I didn’t really want to work outside in the freezing wind and the bilge could wait a little, so away I went while Shea stayed to do Shea things. I worked on tearing out a large part of the stage and worked some more on taking up some flooring then came and headed up to the lounge. Shea had slipped on some ice and hurt her hand a little so I trimmed off the peeled skin and she washed it up. It looks like it will be heeled up soon. Shea is making dinner using the curry from the other night and some lentils and things. It smells great and I’m really looking forward to it.

11FEB12 Saturday

Shea and I worked on some pictures and stuff up in the lounge while we ate breakfast then our friend Mike came by to see if I wanted to help him work today in the old store he is renovating. Shea and I like getting out and I really want to help Mike on his project so away we went. I helped pull up some flooring and worked on taking out a stage that took up most the day. When I got back there was snow just starting to fall and the wind was picking up pretty fast so Shea and I went out to the boat to tie the tarps down with some extra line just to make sure they don’t blow away or rip out since we are now on the water and the winds can really get going out there. The snow was piling up fast so once we finished that up we headed back up to the lounge to eat some curry and rice, I loved the curry! We also worked on a movie of the launching of “Full Moon” I think it turned out pretty well. We’ll try and post it on our Life As We See It page once it’s finished.

10FEB12 Friday

Last night was the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time. The gentle lapping of the water and the slight motion mixed with a very full day did the trick. Today I worked on figuring out what was going on in the bilge and I have found a couple things. The first is that there are layers of built up epoxy that I have gone down into and it appears to be several inches thick so removing it will be a real pain. I received an email response I had sent to the previous owner answering my questions as to how the keel was built up inside. I learned that there were lead bricks placed at the very bottom then a cement mixture was poured over that, at a later date in time the owner had decided to put a layer of epoxy over the cement, then over the years he had done several more layers. I think I will be able to remove the epoxy with some elbow grease and most likely some beat up knuckles from the tight bilge. I’m very glad the water is not coming in from the outside but this could be time consuming getting things figured out and may prove to cost a bit once everything is dry and I have to finish it with something. Time to dig into the research on how to seal cement. That was most of my day but I did find time to talk with Russ for a while and ask the yard boss some questions. Shea made an awesome dinner this evening, she made some bread I’d asked for and put together some great curry. I felt spoiled and enjoyed it very much!

09FEB12 Thursday

“Full Moon” was launched today! We spent the morning getting the last of the things ready and Russ ran us into town to pick up the new hailing port from a sign lettering company. We are very appreciative for his help. After everything was straight the guys brought the travel lift over and we watched as “Full Moon” was hoisted up and followed behind as she was taken to the water. It was so exciting to see her dip in! Everything looked pretty good inside. I don’t see any leaks from the through hulls. I am finding the smallest amount of water in the bilge and that is slightly concerning now. Shea and myself have dried it up a few times hoping that it is just water being shaken loose from some point but we are now fairly certain that is not the case. When I press firmly on the layer of epoxy that was poured into the bilge I find that water comes out from around the edges. I remember the previous owner mentioning that he used to pour epoxy into the bilge every so often to keep it looking shiny… I’m afraid that it has cracked and water that has been in the bilge before has gotten down into these layers that were made. It may lead to water damage if there is bare steel exposed in these areas that water can fester. I will need to watch and see if water keeps showing itself tomorrow, if that is the case then I must figure out if water is coming in or it’s just water that was in between the layers. If water is coming in somewhere then I’m completely stumped. Okay, so now to wait and see what it looks like. I’m sure I’ll end up getting into those layers to dry it out and either remove them completely or seal them so no more water will get in.

08FEB12 Wednesday

Got up a little late, it was cold and threatening to rain. I worked on cleaning the hailing port off the stern, it no longer says “Norfolk VA”. Shea placed the order for the new one yesterday and it should be finished tomorrow, not sure it will be done in time to stick on before we go into the water though. The new one will say “Freeland WA” to reflect our USCG Documentation. Shea worked on making sure one of the through hulls was not leaking. She found that there was a leak on the interior side of the seacock but everything seemed to be good on the exterior side. I borrowed a pair of channel locks and a crescent wrench from Russ to tighten up the leaking interior side, the leak quickly stopped with a little snugging. After finishing all that up we thought over what else needed to be done once launched and I realized that we didn’t have key to access the caps on the fuel and pump out tanks so we headed down to the store to buy a universal key and while doing that I found a discounted deck pipe that I thought may work between my chain locker and the windlass mounted above it for the through deck fitting. I was disappointed to find after a lot of grunting to remove the shackle from the anchor that the hole in the deck does not easily allow for such a fitting due to the close proximity of the windlass so I returned the hardware to the store. The store manager and I looked through his catalogs to see if there was anything that may do the job but there was nothing of the case, the large flange just won’t fit so close to the windlass… When I returned to the boat Shea and I looked over our running lights and checked that we had some fuel in the tank. We did some other pre-launch checks to prepare for tomorrow and found that we had received a package that contained a cooking pot that Shea had ordered. I think about about set in the galley. The rest of the evening was spent down in the lounge, I did my taxes then we enjoyed some soup Shea cooked up in her new pot.

07FEB12 Tuesday

Shea headed down to the lounge to do some work on the computer while I got right to working. I hauled the new piece of quarter inch marine grade plywood over to the boat and put it with my other scraps I planned to try and use up. Then I taped a pencil onto one arm of my dividers to give it a little more length and measured and drew the circles onto the plywood that would be filling the vent holes. I am using a scrap piece of half inch marine grade plywood topped with a quarter inch piece for the vents.
I was able to get all the material needed from the scraps for the three vents I’m filling in and then used the new piece of quarter inch ply for the three layers needed for the two hatches I’m filling in. I ended up with well over half a sheet left over. I think I may attempt a dodger or possibly use it for the table… Not sure yet. Shea spent the day detailing the inside of the boat. It looks great! I’m hoping that I can keep the dust down some, though, there is still a lot of sanding that needs to be done. I was able to scarf in the three vent hole patches after I secured the layers together with a couple screws. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out. I wasn’t sure if using the half inch ply would be to stiff, it looks like they will bend enough though. So all the material has been cut and now just to scarf in the two hatch holes then time for gluing again.

06FEB12 Monday

I finished up the starboard rub rail this morning. We now have both sides done, it’s nice to say something is done, it’s been a while. Shea worked on the computer a while then came up and cleaned a bit and we ate lunch with our friend Mike. Shea also received a package from her mother that we enjoyed opening before she headed over to Abe’s house to get her hair trimmed. I worked on cutting the slide rails shorter from the companionway hatch with a hand saw that Russ lent me then continued grinding out the scarf joints. I also did a lot of visiting with people as the day went on. One of the people I chatted with was a mobile welder that was working on a boat. We visited for a while and looked over each others work, he was a nice person and if I should need welding done then I may contact him with the work. It was good to get some work done and we even cleaned up a lot with the sun already setting and it getting dark pretty quickly. It’s nice to be on a clean boat.

05FEB12 Sunday

Shea and I lazed around until we needed to be at work at ten. Shea worked in the Cafe again while I bar tended in the restaurant. We had some customers today! No drinks ordered but I was still able to help out. We finished up a little after two and though we had previously decided to go to a Superbowl party with Peggy, we decided it would be better to spend some time together working on the boat. So we cleaned up some and did a few little odd jobs then worked on the rub rails. We finished a little over half of the starboard side then decided it was getting cold and would be dark before long so it was time to get some dinner! Shea prepared some pancakes and we put peanut butter and syrup with a sliced bananas on them, tasty! Now Shea is making some Thai soup to be consumed in the next couple days.

04FEB12 Saturday

We found out yesterday that if we agree to stay here for several weeks we can get a good rate at a slip so this morning we went over what needed to get done before we could launch. We need to get four inch lettering to change the home port to “Freeland WA” and put that on the stern, we need to finish putting the rub rails on, and I would like to double check the through hull fittings just to be certain. So this morning we looked around online for four inch lettering because it seems that three inch is what is normally sold. The places we found online appeared to all cost around thirty dollars, a friend of ours told us that we may have much better luck talking to a sign shop in town or West Marine so we plan to do that probably on Monday. After that we went up to the boat to work on the rub rails. Shea worked on cleaning up the last one while I figured out exactly where they would be and cleaned up the wood. I started putting the first one up then when Shea finished cleaning she came to help. She got to learn how to measure them in and pre-drill a hole to a certain depth without going all the way through the material. I helped her as she worked towards finishing the first half of the side up then she went to get some lunch ready for us while I cut a piece that was to long and ground the edges so they wouldn’t be to sharp. When we returned from our late lunch we continued to finish up the port side of the boat then put everything away and buttoned everything up so we could prepare for work. Shea cleaned up and headed to the Cafe while I cleaned up then headed down to the restaurant to bar tend again. It was another slow evening and no one showed up. It’s good to have something to do though.

03FEB12 Friday

I had forgotten the power cord for the heater when I rerouted the cords and yesterday night was really warm so we were fine with leaving it turned off for the evening. Well it was not warm at all last night! We didn’t want to move from under the covers but were up and about pretty early. We went down to the little lounge and got online to check the weather and our email then took the Bronco back and visited with Chris and Abe for a little while, then returned to work on the boat. I ground some more on the cabin top preparing the scarf joints. I made some decent head way even with talking to Russ and the yard boss and the marina owner and some friends that we have and others as well. We looked at possibly putting a boom on our staysail to make life easier and by the time all that chatting and thinking and grinding were over it was time for me to get ready to bar tend. I cleaned up and headed up to the restaurant. Shea went to work with Peggy and help run things back and forth between the cafe and the restaurant while we (Peggy’s daughter and I) opened it up and prepared things and then the wait began… This all came about because the people who normally bar tend and do the running were away for the weekend so Peggy’s daughter, Shea, and I were called in to lend a hand. We ended up reading about the different drinks in the book that may be asked to be made and we watched a movie on the television and we played a little game that was up on the mantle. No one came so it was pretty boring. Once we closed up for the night Shea and I came down to the lounge to relax.

02FEB12 Thursday

It was pretty late into the morning by the time we finally got going. The rains had set in throughout the night and there wasn’t to much to do. When we finally were up and about we looked over the cabin top some but the tarps were still drenched and the rain was still threatening with little sprinkles every now and then so we decided to do a few things around the boat then go ask Chris and Abe if it would be okay if we borrowed the Bronco so I could make an appointment that was made for me at a barber. On our way over to see them we walked past a house that had two women trying to get into a locked van. We waved at them and said hello, they asked if we knew how to get into a van with no keys and I of course saw a challenge and I just can’t turn that down so we excitedly walked around seeing if we could help get in. I decided that I didn’t want to ruin the paint or scratch anything so I agreed that going to get the key from the house that the van came from was the best way to go. Well once I found out it was fifty miles to that house I promptly turned back around determined to get into that van. We looked around a little more then I decided that the slider window would open for me. It was going to be that way because I wouldn’t have it any other. There was a coat hanger placed in my hands and Shea watched from the other side giving directions on the best angle to get at the latches for the window. In just a few minutes we had sprung the latches and the lady reached in and unlocked the door, WE WERE IN! So after a couple hugs and thank yous we continued on our walk to Chris and Abe’s house. We visited with Chris for a while and enjoyed the conversation then Shea headed back to the boat to cook a little soup she had been planning to cook while I stayed around visiting with Chris, and we worked a little on his boat. He was very kind and gladly let me take the rig so I went over to see how the soup was doing. After Shea finished cooking it (Yummy pumpkin soup!) we decided to see if a nautical second hand store was open. Sadly it was not but we had some time to kill so we decided to look around a thrift store. We found out that it was fairly new to the area and they were renovating an old opera house and using it as a thrift store for the moment. We shopped around for a bit and decided that we could use a couple cassette tapes for our nifty stereo on the boat. We bought the tapes and visited with the owners for a while, they were nice people and gave us advice on places to check on in the local area and great historical places to go. After that we went to the Barber, the appointment had been made by the wife of the owners of the marina. She had jumped when she heard Shea say that I was thinking about getting my hair cut and the appointment was made mere minutes later. So we visited with the lady who was cutting my hair and became friends with her. It was an enjoyable time. We then went shopping for a few things that we would be able to use and had a little dinner out. We brought the Bronco back around eight and Chris invited us in to visit for a while. It must have been around ten when we finally got going and they insisted that we drive back to the boat and return the Bronco in the morning so we said goodbye and went off to bed. What a great day!

01FEB12 Wednesday

So I figured I wanted to start with as clean a slate as I could. I’m getting rid of as many deck fixtures as I can. One of the small hatches gets a little close to the mast so I’ll have to do a little skirting around that to avoid getting to close to the mast during the scarfing. The other hatch is very close to the rail from the companionway hatch so that is presenting a problem if I decide to leave those rails in place. I’ve been going back and forth on wether or not I won’t to remove these rails. I would really prefer to remove them but they look to have been fiber-glassed in and that may prove to be a bit destructive to the wooden rails… So the day was spent drawing out the scarf holes then grinding away at them. Later in the afternoon Shea and I met some new friends that were out on a bike ride. They were a very interesting couple that we found to have a lot of things in common with. They invited us to dinner this evening but we had already told Gerry and Marie that we would accompany them so we planned to meet again sometime in the near future and share an evening together. We had a great time visiting with Gerry and Marie over dinner as we always do then came back to the marina to relax a bit and go over some emails and check some things online.

31JAN12 Tuesday

Shea and I spent some of the morning talking over what vents to take out and what to leave. I finally started on one and went to town on it. It’s near the edge so it required taking out three bolts that hold the cabin top down so I’ll probably replace those. I think this will be the most difficult of them. The hole has been scarfed so now to cut the pieces for the patch tomorrow and mount them in.
We were invited to go out on our friend Chris’s power boat for a little ride around the area. We gladly jumped at the chance to get out on the water and showed up around two in the afternoon as was the stated time for departure. Shea and I had a great time cruising about looking at the local charts he had and receiving the tour he was giving. He showed us some great areas to anchor for when we get “Full Moon” in the water. When we returned we spent some time visiting Chris and his wife Abe. It was a great time chatting, we really enjoy spending time with them.
On our walk back we stopped off to visit Russ, he asked for a hand with some wire runs and that didn’t seem to interest Shea so she headed back to finish up the laundry. I chatted and helped Russ for a while then found Shea had come back to see how things were going. It had been a while and we were just finishing up the work for the night. Shea had finished up the laundry and she even finished cleaning up from my work earlier and hung up the tarps for the evening, I was grateful for her thoughtfulness.

30JAN12 Monday

I spent the day poking around looking over where the vents come through the cabin top and taking a couple apart to see how badly they really were. They look like they will all need replacing for sure. I was just about ready to start cutting in scarf joints so I could fill in one of the vents I figured would be good to get rid of, then I remembered that I had gotten a little photo album with the boat so Shea dug that out and we sat and looked over what the original layout was. It has changed a lot since it’s beginning and I really had to think to myself, what was the reason? So I went to visit Russ and have a little chat and talk over the pictures and thoughts I was having. I like vocalizing my thoughts when I’m not able to decide something and it’s good to have someone who understands along the lines of what I’m thinking. We discussed it a bit and though I still want to cover up some of the holes from vents and hatches I wasn’t able to figure out what ones. We did notice that the winches were not originally placed on the cabin top and I liked the previous location better. Now there is more to think about… I ended up emailing the previous owner with some questions. I really don’t want to make this to complicated but I’m in the remodeling portion of the cabin top correction so if there’s a better place for something it would be best to do it now. After all that Shea and I decided to go visit our friends who let us use the Bronco (Chris and Abe). Chris was the only one home so we talked with him for a while and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. I dropped off a GPS receiver that I was meaning to lend him and then we headed back for some dinner. Shea made some macaroni and cheese with broccoli in it. It was pretty good I thought. The rest of the evening was spent looking at anchors for the boat. I’m really thinking about getting a “Manson Supreme” or a “Rocna“. The are pretty much the same anchor from what I can see but they look to be a pretty good anchor and may be a worthwhile addition to the inventory.

29JAN12 Sunday

I made a friend last night with a guy who had gone sailing with his family. We chatted for a bit as he secured everything from the day out, it was a good time making a new friend. This morning Shea and I took the password needed to get online down to him and chatted for a bit while they wrapped things up for the day to get ready to head home. It was an enjoyable time.
Shea and I went out to check the tender and one of the three air chambers was flat. The good news is that Shea found it, and it looks like a small leak that should be pretty easy to fix once I figure out what the correct material to use is. We collapsed it back down and stowed it on “Full Moon” then worked on cleaning out under the cockpit and organizing everything. Shea did a lot of the work poking around and what not underneath. We were able to stow a Danforth anchor and some extra rhode below that had been in a shed while we took some extra plywood that had been in the shed and put it under the tarps. We are trying to get all of our stuff stowed or figure out where to put it on the boat. It’s going to be a tight fit for some things it looks like, but I think we’ll get it all figured out. The piece of plywood that we brought out of the shed looks pretty nice, I think I can use it in the construction of the table/nav station that I want to build. Overall not a lot to show as far as work done but we did clean up and figure out some things. We also are seriously thinking of covering over a couple of the vents that are in the cabin top while I’m in this stage of repair. There are four Beckson stainless steel covered C-6 exhaust vents and one Nicro solar powered vent that is no longer in production. I’m thinking of getting rid of two of the exhaust vents because it would cost so much to replace them (and they all need replacing because the plastic is breaking apart on the Beckson vents). Because the Beckson vents appear to be made of cheap material I plan on replacing them with better vents. Problem is, that price will reflect quality, and replacing several vents won’t be cheap.

28JAN12 Saturday

Took in the tarps and puttered around topside, cleaning up some edges and what not along the cabin top. I tried to sand but after about fifteen minutes the bearings I didn’t replace let go… there was a grinding halt to that, the new ones have been ordered. So not much was really gotten done but I did spend some time figuring out how I’m going to meet the new fiberglass layer that I’m going to lay with some of the extruding rails and what not on the cabin roof. I did spend a little time chatting with Russ and I was informed that it is donut day. He told me the story about how he and Betsy met for the first time over donuts on January 28. I was not able to share in the donut custom though if I remember I will next year. Shea spent a lot of the day working on cleaning up the rub rails that we still need to mount. They are looking really good and should be on before to long. I aired up the dingy to let sit overnight and see how it holds air. It’s a little aged, though I’m happy with how it looks.

27JAN12 Friday

An extremely warm evening, I got up around 0330 to use the restroom and check on things because I heard the wind starting to pick up. I picked up a few things that might have been blown away and checked out the stars for a bit then looked over the tarps because I could see some clouds moving in. Shea got up for a little bit as well and helped out. We couldn’t believe how warm it was, everything looked to be squared away incase of heavy winds and rains so we tried for a little more sleep. Having been up for a while we conked out for some time and found that with the clouds and the tarps covering the port lights we slept in much later then we prefer. It was nice though and once up we returned the Bronco to our friends and visited for a while. It was great spending time with our friends, Shea looked over some cook books and chatted about some very tasty sounding dishes while I tried to remember how OpenCPN works after installing it on our friends computer. After eating some lunch we met up with the friend that has offered to put me to work for him, if we found a good time that it would work for both of us. He asked if I would like to go check out the job sight and I gladly said I would, so Shea and I rode out and looked over what he was planning on doing. We were able to help out a bit and spend time visiting and learning. I enjoyed the work and time spent with him. When we got back to the marina I headed up to the restaurant to learn a little more about what was needed to be the bar tender. After a quick run through on the setup and how things work Shea and I spent the rest of the evening eating a little dinner and relaxing in the lounge.

26JAN12 Thursday

Looked over all the glued joints and they seem to have turned out pretty well for my first time I think. I was able to finish up with the small piece that was left, so much easier with only a single layer instead of doing all three as yesterday.
Our friend that let us barrow the Bronco stopped by to make sure that all was well. I chatted with him for a bit and showed off the slightly messy job I had done. I asked if it would be okay to use the Bronco again so we could get a few things that we needed in town and so Shea and I could spend the evening together away from the marina. He happily said it was no problem at all.
The lady who works at the marina periodically brings the mail that we get from time to time and she brought us a package that my mother had sent out. It was full of baked goodies! So nice to still be spoiled by mom every now and then.
Russ was away on a trip and has just returned so we went and visited him as well, it was fun catching up for a bit before we got out of his way so he could continue working.
Everything all wrapped up for the day we headed over to barrow the Bronco. Shea and I visited for a short time then headed into town. We did a little shopping at Walmart then went for some dinner at the Chinese place that we had eaten at with Gerry and Marie. It was a really relaxing evening for the two of us. We went to return the rig and were told to just drive it back to the boat and return it at our convenience in the morning. We are so blessed to have so many kind people in our lives!

25JAN12 Wednesday

The smell of glue is in the air! All the holes have been epoxied in, the only thing left is the little spot in the very top that is only one layer. Even with the likely chance of rain tomorrow I should be able to get that glued in I think. It was a bit of a learning curve, it was not difficult just like I’d been told several times by friends. Everything seems to have gone pretty well but towards the end it was beginning to get colder and the epoxy was getting hard to work with. I couldn’t tell if it was the cold that was making it hard to work or if it was beginning to kick off. There will be some fairing to make it all look smooth but it’s in place and looks to be structurally sound so I’m happy with it so far. Shea helped Peggy prepare food for a group that had made reservations and that took up most of her day, she was able to help on the last hole though and she was able to get her hands dirty giving a try at all the steps. It was a fun learning experience for both of us today.

24JAN12 Tuesday

A fairly productive day, Shea and I went over how the shore power gets into the boat then is turned to 12V DC power. She learned a little bit about how to use a multi meter and something about electrical terminology. I enjoyed it and I think Shea had a decent enough time. We also worked on getting everything ready to glue tomorrow, it looks like the weather will allow for enough drying time over the evening so I’m excited to see about finally getting a little further in that project. After that we worked on cleaning up the rub rails some more, once those are cleaned up we should be able to mount them. We spent the evening having dinner with our friends Gerry and Marie, it was a very enjoyable time, we always look forward to spending time with friends.

23JAN12 Monday

Another rainy day with some foggy mist mixed in. I took off the pieces covering the large hole and put them in the shop so they could dry out, the yard boss was nice enough to offer the use. The mast let water by in the sail track and it ran directly to the hole, it is now stuffed with ear plugs in the hope to stop the water. I’m hoping the once dry joint will dry out quickly so I can take advantage of any warm dry weather that may be in the forecast. Shea made some lunch then went into town with the owners wife to do a little shopping. I ended the afternoon by looking around online at some stuff for the boat and am a little interested in a multi band radio that I would be able to use during international travel. I also asked the store at the marina if they could get some liquid electrical tape so I can fix our extension cord. It looks like a rodent wanted to make a meal right in the middle of it. I think I can clean it up and isolate the wires nicely enough then insulate them with the liquid tape and probably finish with a couple layers of electrical tape wrapped around it all. If it requires much more then that I would be better off just buying a new cord I think.

22JAN12 Sunday

A fairly quite Sunday, Shea and I did a few things on the boat then decided to just relax in the lounge while I tried to make some dinner with the food that we decided needed to be cooked. Shea cut up potatoes that had some bad spots on them and cleaned them all up. I seasoned them with a few different things and let them simmer for a while then fried them to finish. They turned out really good but that just made us hungry so we finished dinner off with some top ramen mixed with veggies. After I cleaned everything up we turned Shea’s pot and pan into a double boiler and melted some chocolate then took some dough balls from left over dried cookies mixed with some rum, that had been chilling outside and rolled them in the chocolate. After another chill outside we snacked on those a little. It was a pretty good night.

21JAN12 Saturday

Shea spent a good part of the day helping in the Cafe and visiting with Peggy, she also made a chicken taco soup that tasted really good. I tried to figure out something to work on in the boat and poked around looking over the wiring and through the bilge, getting more familiar with everything. The weather was not very permitting so I ended up going to the little lounge and researching some stuff for the boat. I also spent a good part of the day trying to get our page life as we see it working. It’s a page with possible sub-pages that is devoted to pictures from our daily life. We want to have it full of thumbnails so people can click on them and view a larger picture. It wasn’t to complicated but I kept running into problems with it only letting a few of the thumbnails expand to a full size while not letting the rest even be recognized at all. I’ll play with it a bit more a little later, though we may leave it as a scrolling slide show for a while. During the evening I spent a little time learning to mix drinks in the marina restaurant called “Windows On the Water” (or WOW for short). I may help out as bar tender a couple nights while the current bar tender takes a little vacation.

20JAN12 Friday

Another cold windy day. I spent the morning looking over the solar panel and the electrical system trying to figure out the best way to hook up the panel that we have. I also have been looking at the top and trying to figure out if I want to lay a heavier fiberglass down that was offered to me. I really like the idea of it and I even like the idea of having the weave showing through a bit, only concern with that is what if I want to smooth it over later and will have to bury primer and paint below a filler. I’m uncertain if that will leave weak spots. I spent the afternoon looking online for people that have done something like that with the weave and wasn’t able to find anything so I focused on looking to see what people had to say about hooking up solar panels. I’m wanting to feed two banks with one panel with the ability to switch between the two or even charge both at the same time. I had formulated some ideas but was concerned about one battery feeding the other if I selected to have them both charging. I looked online and read a post that someone said simply use diodes in a situation like that. I sure felt dumb for not thinking of that, I drew up a little diagram and looked a little more into it all. I’m not certain this panel will be enough power for instruments and what not though I think we will be able to get by with it for a while. I’m wanting to make sure to design systems that will allow the add on for future systems later in most of the things I do now. I think this setup will do the job and not cost an arm and a leg buying regulators and what not.

Possible solar panel diagram

19JAN12 Thursday

The cold air is still around so no gluing but the winds died down enough for me to putter around the cabin top and get things fitted a little better. I think it’s becoming busy work and I don’t want to mess something up by playing with it to much. I was able to countersink all the bolts so the glass won’t delaminate around them. I also spent some time with some friends that we have made. Gerry and his wife Marie are very kind people that took us to dinner not long ago. Shea and I really enjoy spending time with them and we ended up sharing dinner together again. It was a wonderful evening sharing stories and experiences with each other. It’s so great to spend time with real people and not be consumed by a computer or television, Shea and I both are looking forward to seeing what happens as we go!

18JAN12 Wednesday

The tarps made so much noise last night I tied them around the mast in a sort of stowage then tried to work a little outside but the wind was freezing so I wrapped that up and Shea and I read over some of the manuals for the engine and some of the instruments, we also poked around in the engine compartment learning more about the boat. Shea decided that we needed to eat some of our orange supply so we ate about ten oranges between the two of us. I was getting a little oranged out by the end but it wasn’t a terrible lunch. We continued to go through manuals and learn about our instruments then went to visit Russ for a little bit, another great conversation with our friend. We decided to relax in the evening and just spend some time on the boat. It was nice to not have the internet or tv like we do in the lounge. I like listening to radio and just conversing.

17JAN12 Tuesday

The tarps look to have held up pretty nice against the rain, especially around the mast. I worked on some small stuff inside the boat and poked around in the bilge and around the engine and looked over the wire runs. I was able to get some latches put on the access hatches that I cut in the head a while back, Shea is happy to not need to un-tape and re-tape them every time she needs in now. We chatted with our friend Russ for a while, we always enjoy spending time with friends. A little later we used another friends rig to run into town, there were some things that we needed and we really wanted to just get away from the marina for a bit. They were adamant about allowing us to barrow the vehicle so we enjoyed the evening on the town! Walmart was first, and we were able to take our time and not worry about someone waiting on us while we shopped, then we decided to use a little of the Christmas present money Shea’s mother gave us with instructions for use of getting a nice dinner. We went to a place that was highly recommended by another friend, a little Italian pizza place called Anna’s. The food was great just like we were told and we had a great evening together then returned the rig and were told that we were getting a ride back to the boat. The walk wouldn’t have been far but our friends wanted to make sure we were safe and were very kind in taking us back to the marina. Everyday we look back over our time and can’t believe how lucky we are to meet so many great people and how nice they all have been to us.

16JAN12 Monday

I puttered around the boat a little while Shea cleaned up inside. The husband of the couple that Shea and I helped retrieve their boat the other day, stopped by to say hello and make sure all was well. We chatted for a while, I really enjoy the great people around us! Around lunch time the friend that gave us the heater stopped by the cafe for lunch and came over to ask if we would like to ride into town with him during the afternoon while he stopped to pick up a couple supplies. We like getting out and there were a few things that we needed to get so we gladly accepted. We stopped by Walmart for a short time and picked up a couple things while he shopped. It was really nice of him to offer the ride in and he even offered me some work tomorrow possibly. When we returned to the boat there was another friend working on his sailboat. He happily greeted us, then went to his car and pulled out some brownies that his wife had made, they were a present from them to us! What a great unexpected gift! I chatted with our friend for a bit before he headed out then I worked on rigging the tarps tighter around the mast and used a little duct tape to try for a better seal from the rain while Shea visited Russ and went to say hi to Peggy. We couldn’t resist trying the brownies before dinner and they were very very good, we’ll probably have another before bed! There have been so many people that have blessed us since we have been here. I really hope we are not taking advantage of anyone, their kindness is very much appreciated.

15JAN12 Sunday

Shea spent the day helping in the Cafe. I looked over the cabin roof and couldn’t really do to much so I helped Russ a little and we chatted, it was a good time. A fairly lazy Sunday for the most part. I gave a try at trimming Shea’s hair… That was interesting. I think I did okay for the most part but I did over trim the layers that frame her face. She wants to ware a hat for a little bit. I’ll have to watch a few youtube videos before next time!

14JAN12 Saturday

Shea spent the day in the cafe helping Peggy while I did a little to the cabin top to get ready for gluing. There isn’t much left that I can do before I glue and it has been too cold to glue so I spent a good part of the day getting to know a guy that works at the marina. He is a great guy and I really enjoyed helping him out a little. I really was probably more in the way but he was kind and let me bother him while he worked on a few things. Russ was working on his boat as well so I spent a little time talking with him. It was a nice day though I’m getting antsy to do the gluing, I want to be certain it will dry properly though before I dive into that.

13JAN12 Friday

Another not very productive day. I was up at around three AM checking on stuff topsides to make sure everything was secure and not going to blow away in the howling winds. We ended up getting some gale force winds that tried to overturn some four by four blocks I had holding the newly scarfed replacement pieces in place and some seat cushions we have been using for a little added insulation, a very active night. We ended up laying around until late in the morning then when we got up it was still freezing outside because of ten plus degree wind chill on an already cold day. We spent most of the day looking over some GPS stuff online and doing some other research on possible table designs for a dining/nav station I’ve been designing. Shea and I went up to visit the lady who runs the cafe and have some dinner she invited us to. She brought in hotdogs for us to share and it really hit the spot. Surprisingly even Shea was craving them after seeing a TV special about them. Another great day and wonderful people, I really hope we are able to keep things simple and just enjoy the little things that we set out looking for. So far so good just need to not forget.

12JAN12 Thursday

All the boards are about done with the scarfing, they are sitting pretty nicely. The whole process went pretty smooth, I was thinking I would do layer by layer for each set of three but it ended up that it was so much easier to clamp them together with a couple bolts through the holes that I had already lined up then grind the set of three together. They came out pretty smooth and look to fit pretty nicely. Shea worked on cleaning up a mess the rain storm let in because I wasn’t able to get the tarps completely tight around the mast then she spent the day helping in the cafe, they made cakes and pies. We were picked up by our new friend in the evening and went for a visit and dinner. We had such a wonderful time sharing stories and eating great food. We feel so blessed to have met some new friends! Our plan to go out and experience places and people was not planned to be here in Virginia but we have been trying to take everything in, and enjoy everything and everyone. We really have enjoyed every single day here and though I don’t always get as much work done as I want we are enjoying the company of wonderful people and learning new things about ourselves and the people around us!

11JAN12 Wednesday

Today was not productive at all for the cabin top, I’m using the rain and thunder showers as my bad excuse. We spent the morning doing a few things online then on the way up to the boat we offered to help a man and his wife who were putting their sailboat on a trailer. I was able to help line it up and fill my shoe with water while the guy and his wife took care of everything else. After we finished the couple invited us to dinner tomorrow at their house up the road, that was very kind of them. We look forward to getting to know some new friends!

10JAN12 Tuesday

I worked on putting all the holes for the bolts in the three layers of plywood for the cabin top. It was slow going at first as I figured out the best way to do it. At first I tried setting a little round piece of bird shot in a inserted philips head bolt then laying the plywood in place and giving it a tap. This worked well but was getting to be to time consuming. By the end I was just inserting all the bolts and flushing them up under the piece of plywood set into the correct place and giving all the heads a tap with the hammer. They left nice marks and I would drill them out, it worked pretty nicely and sped things up. Shea put the laundry away and cleaned up the boat then did a few things online and made sure lunch was ready and that dinner was good, we had chicken soup that tasted really great!

09JAN12 Monday

The rains came in so I tarped the boat over again trying to make sure all the little leaks were covered around the mast, I missed a little spot and have a little water leakage but overall it works pretty well. I spent the day drilling and tapping almost all the holes I’m going to need. It was a slow process but they have all turned out well so far. I followed the advice from the friend that lent me his drill bit and a larger tap handle to make things easier. It was very helpful advice. Shea decided to help out in the cafe some more and spend time with our friend that works there, as well as take care of our laundry. Even with the cold and the rain we still got a fair amount done. I’m looking forward to getting things finished up with the top and putting the boat in the water so we can head out, hopefully sooner then later, time will tell.

08JAN12 Sunday

I cut out all the pieces of plywood and laid the three layers into place, they look like they will fit nicely once scarfed and fitted. Shea was able to help out in the cafe some more, she likes it and is able to make a couple dollars so it works out nicely for us. I spoke with a friend about tapping the new bolt holes and how I planned to use a drill bit that was close to the recommended size but slightly to small and he offered the use of his drill bit and said he would drop it off tomorrow, very kind of him. We spent the evening with a couple that are able to come down to the marina about once a week or so. They are real characters and we really enjoyed our time with them. We ended up going to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, had a great time and with good food.

07JAN12 Saturday

Shea worked some more on cleaning up the rub rails while I finished cutting out the templates and cleaned a little more around the holes. The primer had not fully cured yet so I had to be careful while working around it. I did smudge a couple spots but it looks like it will be fine. All the templates laid on the piece of plywood looks like there will be a little section left over that will give me enough if something goes wrong with one of the big pieces or a couple of the little ones, I should be able to cut a new one though, I’m hoping that won’t be the case. I had forgotten when I was first laying them out that the plywood will bend better in one direction then the other so I was lucky to have remembered that before I made any cuts and was able to lay them so they will form more easily to the cabin tops arch. We also looked at maybe using any of the left overs as a table because we don’t have one right now but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a plausible thing with how little is left. I did draw up some plans for a dining table and navigational table combined into one that I think would work very well and allow for adding new instruments and things as time goes on if I should wish to add them later, I’m not wanting to spend that kind of money right now on equipment or probably the material for the table so I’ll have to keep my eyes open for anything that may pop up that I may be able to use. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to get all the pieces cut and all the edges scarfed to a nice fit but I suspect that will take longer then the one day. The weather has been so wonderful and perfect for the glueing that I need to do but I don’t want to just throw it together and miss something. Having never done this before I really want to be certain of each step while moving forward. I hate doing thing over again because of a stupid mistake that I could have avoided if I had just thought things through a little better. I am bouncing my thoughts off of a friend or two in the yard who are also working on their boats and they give good feedback as well. Shea worked again this evening helping in the little cafe, that was really cool. Everyone seems to like working with her and she is very willing to work and help out wherever she can!

06JAN12 Friday

Shea worked on cleaning the rub rails that we scored from the boat in the yard that was being tore apart for scraps while I rounded down the metal edges of the holes to remove the rust and lose paint then primed them. While I worked on making templates for the pieces that we’ll need to be cut, our friend stopped by as he was going to town and offered to give us a ride so I could pick up a tap and die set. We headed in to the local store and there were only sold separately ones. I figured I would have to build a set but our friend was determined to make sure I got a full set so we ran to several stores making our way further away from the marina. It was a couple hours and about forty five minutes away before we found a set, I couldn’t believe he went to so far out of his way, the weather was wonderful though and we had a great time getting to know our friend better during our outing. When we got back Shea was able to work for the cafe while I put another coat of primer on and finished picking everything up then we were invited to have dinner by the lady who runs the cafe, she is the one that treated us to Christmas at her house. We had a great day and finished it up by practicing a tin whistle that we received in the mail along with some flip flops.

05JAN12 Thursday

Just worked on making sure the top is dry and cleaning it up so tomorrow I should be able to start dry fitting and if it’s warm enough I’ll grind down the metal edges and put some primer over all of it to be certain that it’s a clean sealed surface to adhere to. One of the now many friends we have, offered to drive me into town as well, if he was heading in so that I could pick up a tap and dye set for putting some new holes for fastening the new wood down with. I’m hoping the wether will hold up long enough for me to do a good job and get this job done nicely. If not then I won’t be finishing it until it does allow because I don’t want to mess it up at this point. Shea went into town with the owners again and got a few things that we forgot last time and restocked on the veggies. She also found some good priced take and bake pizza so we were spoiled a bit and had that for dinner. We’ve been craving pizza for a while now, there has been so many commercials for it and every time we think about food we crave the pizza. It sure was yummy! OOH! We also got some of the stuff we ordered to keep us safe, two Grand Prix Life Jackets, Icom IC-M34 VHF Marine Radio, SOS Day Distress Signal Flag, and ACR GlobalFix iPRO 406 MHz EPIRB w/ Internal GPS: Category II Manually Deployable. It was a little spendy but I wanted to make sure we have good stuff and that we would actually use it.

04JAN12 Wednesday

Today I finished grinding the scarfing cuts into the cabin top, they may still need some sanding a cleaning a little but I’m glad to be done with them. Our friend that is renovating the old store stopped by and gave us an old folding boarding ladder. It’s such a blessing, we’ve been looking at them for a while trying to figure out what we were going to do regarding one and thought about maybe making one. This way we have time to decide and build one. He also offered the use of a heat gun, I spent a good part of the day making sure spots were dry. I think for the most part things are pretty good regarding the drying but I really want to be certain so I’ll probably spend at least one more day going over all the cuts drying them out. Another friend that has been working on his boat offered the use of some of his tools if I need for the trim work that will need put on at the end of this little project. Shea did some research for food items onboard, checking to see what would last for a while and the best way to store things. She also looked into getting some bulk spices to keep the food yummy. We’ve been eating a lot of rice and beans, I think the meals have been turning out pretty well but Shea is ready to expand the menu and let the beans take a little break for a while. I look forward to tasting the expanded menu!

03JAN12 Tuesday

Just another day working on the cabin top, the yard boss offered to stop by during the morning and have a look and answer some questions I had. He helped me out and said I’ve been doing pretty good, only thing is the spots that may be a little wet still. I’m hoping they dry out though if they don’t I’ll have to go deeper even though at this point it’s just wet solid wood. Shea worked on the blog and ran into town with the owners for some food and things we needed. The weather is getting really cold for the next couple days so we tried to make sure all the holes have some insulated coverings and something to break the wind from coming in.

02JAN12 Monday

More grinding on the scarfing all day for me while Shea touched up cleaning a little more dust then went off to make some food and figure out some stuff that we’ve been wanting to order for the boat. During lunch we met a guy that comes to the marina a few times a week and goes directly to his boat, once done with what ever it is he is doing he promptly heads out. We happened to be walking to dock at lunch time and met him on his boat. He seemed very nice and had a couple interesting stories to tell of past sailing experiences. It’s great meeting people and hearing their take on life and what they have seen.

01JAN12 Sunday (New Year)

Last night was a lot of fun, Shea and I played Trivial Pursuit with a couple friends in the lounge for a while then rang in the new year, it was promptly off to bed after that. Today I worked on the cabin top more grinding out for the scarfing. During lunch Shea and I talked with some people that we have seen around, they are kind people and told us about a little project they are working on, a sort of invention. They also offered to let me use their bolt cutters to get the couple bolts out of the roof that were seized in. Shea worked on cleaning up and sealing out the dust that I’ve been making so much of.  I kept up the grinding in the afternoon then we headed over to the home of the owners of the marina to share New Years dinner with them. They were very kind in their invitation. Shea and I enjoyed it very much!

31DEC11 Saturday

A fairly productive day, holes were cut into the other two soft spots and the smallest one was cleaned up and scarfed out six inches to prepare it for the new pieces that will be laminated over it. I’m not certain of exactly how I’m going to do the big hole on the starboard side but the small ones should be easy enough. I talked to a guy that has his boat a few down from mine we hit it off, he was very kind and happened to be of an engineering background. He has built a couple boats as well and I appreciated his opinion. He agreed that the large hole should have some sort of structural support in place to help spread the load so the scarf joint wouldn’t be taking the entire thing. He also offered some material if I should need it, I’m glad to have made another friend. Shea made some great chili for lunch/dinner and she even made a few bucks helping at the little cafe this evening. We are going to spend the evening playing games with some friends and eating some snacks that they have prepared in the little lounge that is provided by the marina. Happy new year!

30DEC11 Friday

I worked on taking some more of the cabin top out this morning while Shea worked on some odds and ends. About lunch time one of our friends stopped by to have some lunch at the cafe that we eat at sometimes, they happened to be closed so he came over and I asked him for his opinion on the project, he looked it over with me then told me “when in doubt tear it out” I feel the same way and I want to trust the work that is done and not have any doubts. I went and gave our friend a hand at the old store he is renovating while Shea prepared lunch for us, once we had finished up the few things that he needed help with we returned for a good lunch and a little conversation before getting back to work. I ended up cutting a fairly large hole out but I did know the wood was wet into these areas. I was hoping to hit dry wood but no luck. So I’m going to see if it dries and see if I can work it from there or if I need to cut further back.

Sunset from Yankee Point 30DEC11

29DEC11 Thursday

Shea went with a friend to do some shopping and run some errands, she enjoyed getting out. I spent the day cutting out more soft wood, so far I’m thinking I’ll still be able to just scarf in the new pieces of plywood and glass over it all while maintaining the structural interegity that it needs. I did chat with a friend that is working on his boat nearby, he is very kind and has offered his help if we need. The owners also asked us over for New Years day, it seems a day doesn’t go by that we receive kindness from the people around us.

28DEC11 Wednesday

I sanded for a bit then the sander went kaput, again… so I tore it down and soldered a couple pieces together while shea looked up the replacement parts online. We ended up ordering a couple brushes for the motor and a bearing. I then worked on sanding some more until the bearing felt like it was going to cause some permeant damage. After that I worked on grinding on the bad spots and trying to get a feel on how deep everything is going. The more I look at this the more I wonder if I’m going to end up taking out and replacing to much supporting structure. If it looks like that may be the case I may end up just seeing how much it would cost to get a piece of steel welded on and then put some insulation under it. I figure it would about double the weight in the roof though I would be done with all the soft wood. Shea kept up the search for safety equipment, need to make sure we’re safe!

27DEC11 Tuesday

The plan was to sand today but there was a storm that blew in (I know it seems like I’m dragging my feet and though I may be a little I really am trying to get this work done as best I know how) so we spent the day looking into some safety equipment we need for the boat online and I tried my hand at making a net out of some small line to be used for some stuff on the boat Shea also prepared some really good food for dinner! After that a friend of ours that lives close by stopped to ask for some help with her computer, so we headed off to see what we could do. It didn’t take long and we were able to help get everything up and going again.

26DEC11 Monday

On our way back to the boat we were able to stop by an old store that a couple of our friends are renovating. After what we thought was a very interesting tour we headed back to the boat. It sure was nice to get back to “Full Moon”, it may not be much but it’s really become home over the past few weeks. After settling in a bit we decided to take a walk and just enjoy the beautiful day. After a while out we made our way to the renovated store and visited some more with our friend. He gave me some good advice and offered his help if I needed to use some tools, he even asked if I would like to do a few odd jobs for him to make a little money. I appreciate his offer very much and plan to take him up on it if he still needs help next time I see him. His step son and him are the ones that gave us the alcohol heater, there are so many kind people out here.

25DEC11 Sunday (Christmas)

Merry Christmas!
We spent the day relaxing and eating great food with our wonderful friend. We even got a little something under the tree! Shea and I are very thankful for all the very kind people that we are able to meet and enjoy time with.

24DEC11 Saturday

Our friend picked us up for the weekend, Shea and I were able to spend the day helping around the house a little and enjoying the company. The food was awesome!

23DEC11 Friday

Shea and I received presents from our parents. There were some goodies that we both enjoyed. Shea continued on finding homes for everything while I tried to sand. The sander ended up having some problems so I ended up working on it for quite a while though. We are going to spend the weekend over at a friends house for Christmas so I’ll be seeing how well the sander works when we get back.

22DEC11 Thursday

I made a list of everything that I think I will need to get the glass laid down at least and bought it all today. Now I only have to sand sand sand and cut all the replacement pieces then laminate the three layers into place, put some filler in, then put the cloth on. I’m really hoping I can make this all work out smoothly, being the first time I’ve ever done this before. We received a care package from some friends back home, we enjoyed it very much, we’re very lucky to have so many great friends! Shea helped make cookies with a great friend and her daughter for the marina employees. She also made sure the laundry was taken care of. Thank you Shea!

21DEC11 Wednesday

Shea and I went into Richmond with a friend to get some stuff that my uncle shipped out for me. We also did some shopping and happened to get a little lost for a short time, it made the day interesting.

20DEC11 Tuesday

Spent the day sanding on the cabin roof for the most part. I also was able to get some stainless steel trim for the rub rails from a boat that was being pieced out for pretty cheap. Shea went with one of our friends to spend some time away from the marina and have some fun. She also picked up some food and boat stuff.

19DEC11 Monday

I worked on the cabin roof some more just grinding and started on tearing out a area that will need to be redone. The screws that hold the cabin top on appear to thread into a nut that I will not have access to unless I take the roof back far enough to reach under possibly. Not sure if that will work or not, I may have to figure another way. I ordered a 1/4 inch piece of marine plywood that came in today. It’s A/A and stacked three times should fit nicely into place I’m hoping while giving me the ability to mold it slightly. Shea worked on putting the budget together some more and making it all look nice in a spreadsheet. We also found two sets of rain gear that had been hung on our ladder. We suspect they were a gift from someone and we are very appreciative. I wish I knew who to thank for their kindness.

18DEC11 Sunday

The paint is ground off for the most part and I did a little sanding with the now dull grinder pad. The previous owner stopped by to say hello and see how things were going, He also brought a small electric space heater. That was very kind of him! This evening we spent having dinner at one of our new friends house. We had some great spaghetti for dinner and for dessert a super chocolate cake with coffee. We enjoyed it very much.

17DEC11 Saturday

Shea worked on organizing our receipts into a nice spreadsheet so we can keep tabs on the budget and I worked on grinding the cabin top down. The paint is almost completely off and the sides are maybe a third of the way ground down flush.

16DEC11 Friday

I arranged the tarps to hopefully work a little better in holding in the dust and keeping the rain out while still allowing some ventilation to pass through early on then worked on putting the hinges on the new cupboards I had cut out the other day. It was a little more work then expected as I had to pull the entire board out that everything mounts to because the head is so small I wasn’t able to access all the areas I needed to. Shea went through a little more stuff and found homes for more things and just kept organizing, trying to get everything settled into a nice permanent place. She also worked on some online things and making sure that dinner would be good by prepping and soaking the beans and getting things ready. This afternoon we made a list of things that we’ll need to ordered or will be a large purchase for the cabin top then went down to the store and checked on prices. It looks like it will be a little bit of money but it was expected since I decided to do the full repair vice doing a half ass job. We’ll need to make sure we make all of the purchases of things we’ll be needing over the holidays because the marina closes for a week and a half. Something that I forgot to mention the other day is that we had bought some replacement knobs for our port lights because the old ones were aging and just plain breaking apart. I think one reason may be because they were over tightened. The stock BOMAR knobs were running about $13.00 to replace and I wanted to replace all eight port lights worth (sixteen knobs), so I found a woodworking website that sales knobs for jigs that would be the same thread size (16 tpi) and made my purchase, they ended up running $1.75 a piece (#142232, Knob, Four Arm With Through Hole, 3/8″-16 Insert, They fit nicely and don’t look bad at all. I’m happy to have found the replacement knobs that I did.

15DEC11 Thursday

Shea worked on making sure all the through hull fittings were clear of debris and the valves worked correctly. We also found out that the vent line for the holding tank was spliced into the upper bilge pump line and at some point the holding tank appears to have overflowed into the upper bilge pump line. With a little cleaning up we cleared the clog and everything seems to work nicely. I think I may end up re-plumbing the vent line so this doesn’t happen again. Something else to add to the list. I worked on sanding the top down and just preparing for fiber glass. It’s going to be a little bit it seems. We decided that we will probably end up waiting until after the new year to launch because the marina closes for a week and a half over Christmas and New year.

14DEC11 Wednesday

The heater seemed to work well, we filled it up to it’s recommended full level and let it burn on medium low. It burned for seven hours and kept the chill away for the most part though I kept a lot of ventilation available so it didn’t get to warm. I watched the CO detector and it never went above zero. This morning I closed a couple cabin vents and just kept a through draft and everything seemed to vent well and the detector still read zero so I think I’ll try that on the next cold night. Shea worked on laundry and cleaning up and doing some online research for good dry foods while I worked on grinding the cabin top. The tiller cover was also finished being repaired. It had been designed a little off so as to not seat properly when it was slid over the tiller. I ripped some seems and sewed it up a little by hand so it would fit better last night then fitted it with some shock cord through some eyelets that I had put in it so it would sit nicely without coming off.

13DEC11 Tuesday

We used our new heater, it seemed to take the chill off but we kept it turned to it’s lowest setting and still ran out of fuel as we didn’t fill it very full. Shea finished off the very last of the bottom paint while I worked on grinding the sides flush and taking the paint off the cabin top. I think things will move along better using the grinder I’m just going to need to be careful I don’t go to deep. We’re going to need to sand everything down after the top layers of paint come off. One of our new friends gave Shea and I a ride into town, we had lunch at an asian restaurant then did a little shopping. Our friend gave us a tour as well explaining a lot about the area. We really enjoyed our time out.

12DEC11 Monday

Today has been a very great day! Shea and I decided that I would work on getting a little more space by cutting in cupboard doors into a void that a hot water heater used to be stored in. She worked on cleaning and organizing a little more. First off we got a package that contained our soap that we plan to use for just about everything (Doctor Bronners). With a “Merry Christmas!” we received a gift of a heater from some wonderful new friends. During lunch the owner of the marina and I talked about needing to paint the bottom in those couple spots still and he called in someone to move the stands as we ate. After lunch my grinder was found sitting at the base of the ladder so I’ll be able to get to work on the cabin top tomorrow. Shea did the little remaining sanding and put the first coat of bottom paint on the needed spots while I finished up cutting out the cupboards. During that time Shea’s slippers came in, she was very excited to have some nice warm slippers for the not so warm cabin sole.

11DEC11 Sunday

Shea organized the cabin again, things are beginning to find a more permanent home. I cut almost all the overhang off of the roof and both of us chipped away for a while and looked over how we are going to arrange everything for the new top. The bottom paint looks pretty good but you can see a couple places that it’s thinner so when we get the last few squares when they move the stanchions we’ll use the left over paint to cover up those areas and maybe cover the leading edges again.

10DEC11 Saturday

Today has been a relatively lazy day, Shea and I have gotten some work done online but the boat has seen practically no forward movement.

09DEC11 Friday

Shea still has her rash, I’m hoping it will pass before long. We can’t think of much that it would be other then all the sanding she has been doing. On the bright side we are done with the bottom paint for the most part as the second coat is done! Only thing left is the little squares from the stanchions that hold the boat up. We’ll get those moved early next week and put a couple coats on, once dry “Full Moon” will be ready to go in the water I think. Above the water line we still have a lot of work to do on the cabin roof but I think we’ll be able to move along at a decent pace if the weather allows.

08DEC11 Thursday

Sanded the last few spots and cleaned the bottom then put the first coat of bottom paint on (Pettit Hydrocoat) It turned out pretty well, though we were stretching our gallon at the end, I hope we’re able to stretch the second gallon further on the next coat. Shea and I were able to go into town and return a few things we didn’t need and get a few supplies thanks to a ride given to us from the owners of the marina.

07DEC11 Wednesday

Worked on the Cabin top for the most part scraping and removing a little more of the trim. Shea applied both coats of primer and with just a touch here and there of sanding and cleaning up the dust we will be ready to paint!

06DEC11 Tuesday

Shea woke up with a rash on her face, we think it may be from the bottom paint she was sanding yesterday. Her and I worked on the prep work for the bottom paint and pretty much finished up the sanding, just need two coats of primer on a couple small spots of bare steel then we’ll be ready to paint. Now to watch the weather as the forecast is for rain. I also was able to spend some time on the cabin top and removed almost all of the mahogany trim around the outside of the roof. I’m excited to see how this turns out. Shea was able to go into town with the owners wife and pick up some needed stores.

05DEC11 Monday

Shea just about finished sanding below the water line, we are almost ready for bottom paint! I worked on the cabin roof some more and was able to talk with the yard boss again. With his help I was able to decide on how I want to fix things. It looks like we are going to remove the lip around the edge that has been causing the problems and then fiberglass down the edge and wrap it all with teak too, so that nothing will get back up inside. I’m glad we have decided on something though it’s going to be a little work. I look forward to learning new things my only real concern is will the weather allow this to go smoothly or not.

Gouging the underside of the cabin roof.

04DEC11 Sunday

Shea finished stowing the last of the things we had flown out with today, so nice to have it tidy below decks. Topsides we worked on the cabin top and Shea sanded the bottom paint to prep for a new coat. She found a small spot that flaked off all the way down to what looks like bare steel that I will need to address before we cover it up with fresh paint. The cabin top I continued to gouge out the wet soft wood that I could find and did a little sanding. Still not sure of exactly how I’m going to fix it though I do have some ideas and plan to talk with the yard boss again tomorrow.

03DEC11 Saturday

There was some work that was able to get done in the AM, though Shea and I had been offered the use of a car to run into town and jumped at the chance to pick up some needed tarps and additional provisions before noon. The afternoons work showed a little more clearly what we were in for regarding the cabin top. I’m debating on how I want to do it exactly with the cold weather coming in. The previous owner stopped by to make sure all was well. We talked for some time about how things had been put together so I would have a much better idea of how to address them He also offered some advice and more ideas on how to fix the spots.

Shea helping!

Josh working on the porthole.

02DEC11 Friday

Shea was able to use the new pot and pan we bought to make oatmeal for breakfast on the boat, the first meal cooked onboard for us! Familiarized with the area and was able to get the yard boss to inspect my trouble spots on the cabin top. He gave me some ideas of how to possibly fix it and told me he would make sure I used the epoxy and resin correctly when the time came.

Shea made oatmeal!

01DEC11 Thursday

Arrived in Virginia and began to unpack and find a place for everything that we have brought out so far. We have found mostly ample space and plan to make a little more by making a couple little voids accessible. There was a small amount of water directly below the mast that looks to have come in with the rain, uncertain if it was just runoff down the mast or from the needed work on the cabin top. Everything looks to have held up nicely so far and we look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

Layover in Charlotte

30NOV11 Wednesday

Most affairs have been tended to and everything has been packed to be shipped or is packed aboard the plane to accompany us out today. Today is the day we depart from Washington State for Virginia to live aboard “Full Moon”!

24NOV11 Thursday

Happy first birthday to my beautiful niece and happy Thanksgiving day!

01NOV11 Tuesday

Returned to Washington State for a month of packing and preparation. Plan to return to “Full Moon” after spending thanksgiving with family and all affairs are in order.

31OCT11 Monday

Purchased “Full Moon” after several days of inspection by myself, (Josh) and a professional surveyor at Yankee Point Sailboat Marina Inc. Everything looks to be in order aboard the vessel with a few minor exceptions to the cabin roof, some safety equipment, and some general maintenance.

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