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So I’ve been slowly digging away at the plywood that acts as the cabins roof. Every time I take a little more out I feel like it just means that much more work and structural integrity lost.

Stbd side cabin roof soft spot

I asked a friend of ours to take a look, He has been a house inspector and done work on his own boat as well. I wanted a real opinion, He said “when in doubt, cut it out” we talked it all over a while and went back and forth on all my thoughts. He very patiently waited until I had finished spilling everything then told me that if it needs to go then just get rid of it. No reason to take so long in slowly going in. If it needs structural bracing then it needs it, just build it back into it while I’m putting it all together. It was a push that was good to get. I have been going back and forth on how far to cut in and that I still want to do it correctly but don’t want to lose the structural integrity that is needed. He is right though, so I cut a hole that encased the entire area that is in question.

Starboard cabin roof soft spot

I hoped it would reveal nice dry wood I would be able to work with… NO! It is still almost to the point of dripping in some places, the thing I’m seeing now though is that it all looks to be very solid just soaked in water at this point. I don’t see any de-lamination what so ever.

Can see the wet spots along the fresh cut edge

I’m going to let it sit overnight with a small space heater/fan in the cabin to see how it dries then tackle it tomorrow. I’m hoping it will dry nicely and I will be able to begin cutting it for scarfing the new pieces on. Another problem that I haven’t quite figured out yet, there are bolts holding the cabin roof down every four inches that are held in place by a receiving nut. I’m not able to reach the nut because there is wood structure on the cabin interior sides that I don’t really want to attempt to dismantle, I don’t feel that it would come off nicely to replace. So at this point it looks like I’ll probably be cutting the bolts out then trying to figure out another fastener to use. As of right now all I can think of is using an epoxy or something like 5200, an adhesive meant to never come off. I’m hoping to figure out a mechanical fastener to use if possible. I’ve located a total of three spots and it looks like only one is very extensive so far.

Forward cabin roof soft spot

Port side cabin roof soft spot

I’ll dig into them a bit more once I feel confident that the big one is in a place that will work. If I feel structural support will be required the couple thoughts I’ve come up with are to possibly laminate an extra layer of plywood under and/or over the entire area, that would allow for a platform at the base of the mast for a person to work all the halyards and winches that conveniently are right above the hole.  Another thought was to run a couple supporting pieces across the bottom then use them as some sort of useful structure.

Shea looking at the large hole I cut, see the entry way to the V birth

Maybe some place to hold charts, problem with that would be that it’s kinda in a passage way, I already can’t stand up perfectly straight inside, I would probably hit my head all the time if I put something in there that hung down.

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Josh – Work on the cabin top

I’ve been working on the cabin top since we arrived here just about and I finally know how I’m going to go about fixing it. So far I’ve cleaned out most of the rotten wood I could find and tore off the trim pieces that seemed to play a major roll in the moisture seepage. Shea and I have also spent some time scraping the old paint off, though we still have a lot to go before I think it will be ready to begin the rebuild portion.

After talking with the yard boss about it and getting some ideas going I’ve finally settled on cleaning the entire top of everything including the vents, hatches, and paint. Once everything is cleaned off I’m going to laminate some new plywood in place of what needs to be removed then fiberglass the entire top and rap it down to the steel cabin sides. Once all that is finished nicely, I plan to wrap the entire thing with teak so the fiberglass won’t peel or allow water to come back up behind it. I plan to get some pictures of the project and keep things updated along the process.

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Josh – The road is before me and so the waves will fallow!

Shea had been taking a break from looking for boats online as had I. We turned our focus to preparing for a backpack departure and had been trying to get the odds and ends that would benefit us in the endeavor as well as getting rid of as much as possible.

I began to get the itch for a sailboat again (like always) and I looked a little, Shea jumped right back into it and began making contact with sellers on potential boats using the criteria I had set as the “bare minimum” requirements that I desired the boat to have. During her search she found a steel hull sailboat on the east coast in Virginia. I shied off a little as it was on the wrong coast from where we were and steel being what I had worked on for the past five years just didn’t jump out at me at first. The more I thought though the more it appealed to me and the information we were getting back from the broker seemed promising. With Shea’s persistent drive and my never ending scrutiny we continued little by little. It wasn’t very long and I had enough information to (with a little needed encouragement) buy that plane ticket and fly out to check out the boat. Now expenses were something I never discard and thinking it was going to cost an arm and a leg just for lodging and transportation once I was in town I fretted a little. I kept my optimistic view though and posted on Facebook asking if there was anyone that knew of a place I could crash while I was out there, hoping that my navy buddies may help out. Well it didn’t take long, only a couple hours after the ask for help, a friend responded back offering his spare room and even the use of his truck for the small favor of watching His and his Wife’s dogs. I gladly jumped at the opportunity he allowed me and it worked out very smoothly.

While in Virginia I was able to help my buddy out around the house some and we caught up and just had a good time. When I needed to make trips up to the boat for the first look and inspection done by me, then the fallow up survey, He had no reservations in offering his truck. It was very kind of him and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

So after looking it over and rolling it around I was trying to suppress the excitement I was feeling so I wouldn’t make a rash decision. I kept the logical mind present through the entire event and could not find a good reason to throw this boat back as the owner and I poked around and conversed. He was very pleasant and seemed to know what he was talking about, he wanted to point out any defect he knew of. He genuinely cared I felt, that goes a long way in my book. It wasn’t long and I was trying to figure out why I shouldn’t buy the boat, the survey was complete and I had my warm and fuzzy that I had wanted from that. I felt pretty good from the first day I had poked around it by myself looking in every nook and cranny that I could find, the decision was made.

We set the appointment up and met the day before I flew back to Washington. I purchased the boat and was surprised at how little paperwork I had to do as apposed to the previous owners (now). They even invited Shea and I out for dinner when we get back out there to do the little work that is needed and outfit “FULL MOON” for her first voyage under her new skipper.

I’m happy to have made some new friends and I think this boat was worth the wait.

Now Shea and I are going through everything trying to figure out what we need on the boat and what we “want” on the boat then the rest gets the boot with a few things getting stored for possible use later. We have been making the “boat” pile and trying to add what may go then reducing it down over and over again. It’s getting there and I’m getting as excited as I usually get about things. I seldom jump for joy or tell others of how excited I am, I think Shea is taking care of it for both of us right now though!

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Josh – Decision to jump

Returning from one of my deployments a friend of mine suggested we go skydiving in Hawaii, having always wanted to do that I eagerly agreed to go! The feeling of it all was exactly what I had been searching for.

Whenever I approach the edge of a high  up place I always have an urge to fly off. It’s not the jump or the ground that calls to me it’s the part about being completely free of everything and just soaring above that I yearn for.

I decided that day in Hawaii that I would get certified and continue to jump. It really is an un-describable feeling that comes over me and it never went away. It took a few years but here I am. I had been thinking all summer of just doing the classes but had found one stupid reason after another not to go. I finally made up my mind and figured I would do another Tandem jump just to make sure it was everything I remember it being. Needless to say I called that Wednesday afternoon after my jump extremely excited to be reserving my spot in the next Advance Free Fall class that was being offered.

That Saturday I showed up early bright eyed and bushy tailed, I filled out the paperwork and then waited with a few of the other perspective jumpers. We became friends and continued to feed on each others excitement. Even after the five hour class we were all still raring to go. I couldn’t believe how fast it had come, I was standing in the door of the plane with an instructor on either side of me. My own shoot strapped on and wind blowing it was truly an exciting experience! One step out and I was flying again, not forgetting my instructions I went through the pre-rehearsed routine then took ques from my instructors in proper falling techniques up until I waved them off and pulled my pilot chute (ripcord). The parachute opened with a rush pulling what felt like upward as my instructors fell away. I had an ear to ear grin as I took hold of the steering toggles and began to fly toward my holding area. Once in place over the mark I began doing loops learning and having fun as I slowly floated towards the ground. Once my turn came up I began my landing turns as we had talked about in class and listened to the voice over the radio that was strapped to my chest. I cornered as instructed and pulled on my brakes as right before I set down, I had hoped to have a graceful landing on my feet though my first landing was not to be so. The chute continued to move forward as I had pulled my brakes just to late and I let my feet slip forward as I went for a short ride on my rear end. That wasn’t enough to wipe the grin off my face though. I wore it back and talked over the jump then decided that there was still time for another!

I have made a total of seven jumps so far after that class, earning the ability to jump without an instructor by my side though I still need to be checked out prior to my jumps and need to pass more jumps to receive my license. I’m well on my way and looking forward to getting it!

After that I plan on continuing my jumps so I can then learn to use the wingsuit and learn to B.A.S.E. jump. I would love to jump all over the world when the opportunity comes.

The Dream!!!

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Josh – Learning to appreciate

There are so many experiences in life that are taken for granted and I think it’s time to attempt to appreciate them!

When we were young the things that mesmerized us were the things we now desire to have in our life and bring back that lost feeling of amazement. It was the small things and simple things that captivated our minds and exploited all of our senses that have now become dull as we set these things aside.

It’s not enough to just add on to our lives the desire to appreciate these small things that have passed by the way side, we must de-escalate our priorities and relearn these things.

Giving up all the things that really have no importance to the life that we truly yearn for is the beginning and though it is very hard at first to allow ourselves to let go of these items that we have worked to acquire it will begin to feel as a weight is lifting off of your shoulders because these items bring stressors into our lives. The ease that will come over a short time of letting these go and the relief that it brings will fuel the fire to continue the quest that has begun.

 My story:

I have always had a desire to live a very modest life with very little in my possession. This desire has been overwhelmed many times throughout my short life and though it peeks through from time to time suggesting that I listen to this feeling. It has been acted upon so little until this point that I find it difficult to fallow through. I do not want to have this be another instance that this flame inside of me is smothered so I am trying to be diligent and fallow through.

God has allowed my life to take many turns and I appreciated the travel so far and am looking forward to see what happens!

After I decided to separate from the Navy and see what else I could find out of life these desires continued to grow inside of me. I have built up a wanting to continue traveling and the call of the ocean has escalated inside of me so I would like to fallow that and see where it leads me.

So far I have been researching a lot about boats and how to use them though I have gotten a little lost in the search and lost sight of the goal. I need to focus on what it is that I am moving towards and continue to move forward and not stray.

I have made a friend that has been feeling a very similar desire as I. We have begun to feed off of each other and the company we keep is allowing us to not lose sight of what we would like to achieve.

I have started to get rid of stuff that really has no business being in my life I have decided. It took some encouragement though once I began it started to get easier and although I still have a heavy weight of things left to discard I’m bent on achieving this.

The gravitation that pulls me towards this is growing. If it leads me on a path that may be difficult though allows me to appreciate everything around me and live with just enough to get through the day I welcome the day I can learn to exist in such a state.

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Josh – Finding my roots

I’ve lived life aquiring more and more and losing touch with what is really important to me. I’ve decided to change that and have been slowly going about doing that for some time now. It’s time to really make a move and jump so most everything will be going and a few things stored then it’s off to find myself!

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