We Will Know When We Get There!

Well we are back at it again and as I type this we are cruising across the banks of the Bahamas to Green Turtle Cay! Josh is at the helm and and I am recuperating after a 10hour watch of fantastic sail across an only slightly bumpy gulf stream.
I can’t begin to describe the beauty of the deep clean blue of the ocean between Florida and the Bahama Banks. As Full Moon pushes her way through the swirling waves and small sweeps we can see from the distance where the Banks start, you know you have arrived based on the distinct turquoise line in the water. The makes it appear as if they are are oil and water prevented by their make up from blending together… Absolutely amazing. Did I take a picture? Of course not. I would love to tell you I had a good excuse; it would ruin the ambiance, it can’t be captured on camera, water spirits came and stole my camera when I tried to take a picture, or I was afraid of getting the camera wet. But surprising none of these are true, I have simply because lazy about taking pictures.
Last year we barely took any pictures of our time in the Bahamas and we didn’t blog a bit. In attempts to make amends we now have a waterproof camera hoping it will encourage us to take more opportunities to share our lives with you, our obviously dedicated readers who have stuck with us despite a year of blatant neglect on our part.

For those of you would like a very brief over view of what we have been up to in the last year here it is.
January of 2013 We took Full Moon on here first trip to the Bahamas traveling with a few other boats along the the way; Bay Tripper, Amicus II, Mambo, Paragrine, Silver Lining, Wildest Dreams. We crossed from Miami to Bimini then worked our way south to the Exumas where we spent most of our time. We made it to Georgetown, we found fascinating in it’s own way although it was kinda like a day camp for retirees.  After a month or so we stated working our way back north back through the Exumas, over to Nassau, then turn Eluthra, and finally the Abacos before heading back to the states in April.
We put Full Moon on the hard at Green Cove Springs and made it back to Washington State to surprise our moms for mother’s day. We stayed the summer to pickup some work and spend time with our families until November. Once back on the boat we attended to some much needed maintenance on a couple rusted holes in the bow of the hull. Josh also added a table, a tools storage compartment in the vberth, and did some work on the engine. We chased rust spots around in circles, I made a new mainsail cover, and we made lots of new friends.
Full Moon has a new Rocna anchor and a wind generator as well!

So as I said we are once again in the Bahamas with Bay Tripper at our side. We have plans for spear fishing (Bay Tripper caught a Mahi Mahi on his troll line right as we hit the banks today), conch diving, lobster hunting, coconut gathering, beach combing for shells and sea beans. And since we all know the true definition of cruising is working on your boat in exotic ports I guess we will make a little time for that as well. How long will we stay in the Bahamas? Until we are ready to go somewhere else.  And what is next? We will know when we get there!

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One thought on “We Will Know When We Get There!

  1. Jim and Arlene Scott

    Thanks for the news on your travels. We like knowing what you are up to and where you are. Hugs and safe sailing.

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