So I’ve been slowly digging away at the plywood that acts as the cabins roof. Every time I take a little more out I feel like it just means that much more work and structural integrity lost.

Stbd side cabin roof soft spot

I asked a friend of ours to take a look, He has been a house inspector and done work on his own boat as well. I wanted a real opinion, He said “when in doubt, cut it out” we talked it all over a while and went back and forth on all my thoughts. He very patiently waited until I had finished spilling everything then told me that if it needs to go then just get rid of it. No reason to take so long in slowly going in. If it needs structural bracing then it needs it, just build it back into it while I’m putting it all together. It was a push that was good to get. I have been going back and forth on how far to cut in and that I still want to do it correctly but don’t want to lose the structural integrity that is needed. He is right though, so I cut a hole that encased the entire area that is in question.

Starboard cabin roof soft spot

I hoped it would reveal nice dry wood I would be able to work with… NO! It is still almost to the point of dripping in some places, the thing I’m seeing now though is that it all looks to be very solid just soaked in water at this point. I don’t see any de-lamination what so ever.

Can see the wet spots along the fresh cut edge

I’m going to let it sit overnight with a small space heater/fan in the cabin to see how it dries then tackle it tomorrow. I’m hoping it will dry nicely and I will be able to begin cutting it for scarfing the new pieces on. Another problem that I haven’t quite figured out yet, there are bolts holding the cabin roof down every four inches that are held in place by a receiving nut. I’m not able to reach the nut because there is wood structure on the cabin interior sides that I don’t really want to attempt to dismantle, I don’t feel that it would come off nicely to replace. So at this point it looks like I’ll probably be cutting the bolts out then trying to figure out another fastener to use. As of right now all I can think of is using an epoxy or something like 5200, an adhesive meant to never come off. I’m hoping to figure out a mechanical fastener to use if possible. I’ve located a total of three spots and it looks like only one is very extensive so far.

Forward cabin roof soft spot

Port side cabin roof soft spot

I’ll dig into them a bit more once I feel confident that the big one is in a place that will work. If I feel structural support will be required the couple thoughts I’ve come up with are to possibly laminate an extra layer of plywood under and/or over the entire area, that would allow for a platform at the base of the mast for a person to work all the halyards and winches that conveniently are right above the hole. ¬†Another thought was to run a couple supporting pieces across the bottom then use them as some sort of useful structure.

Shea looking at the large hole I cut, see the entry way to the V birth

Maybe some place to hold charts, problem with that would be that it’s kinda in a passage way, I already can’t stand up perfectly straight inside, I would probably hit my head all the time if I put something in there that hung down.

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