After receiving so many request to update our photos we finally put some new ones up! We are still working on organizing and labeling them but please feel free to check out the Life As We See It Page!


Josh and Shea


Josh and Shea have decided to sell everything and move aboard a thirty two foot sailboat and see where life will lead them. They are learning to appreciate the little things and look forward to not living life wrapped around a clock and devoted to a job. The friends they have made and experiences they share have caused growth in their lives that fuel the desire to continue on their current course in life. They are both keeping a record of sorts; Josh writes in “Josh’s Journal” almost daily given the availability of internet, while Shea records her thoughts in an ongoing letter labeled “Dear Anna“. There are also pictures and maps that get updated every so often. Fallow along with them on the adventure and share your thoughts if you like!

Note from Josh and Shea:

Thank you for visiting the blog, we always enjoy making new friends and hearing from the many that we have made this far!

Josh and Shea


24 thoughts on “Home

  1. best of luck

  2. joseph williams

    Hi how’s the adventure going and your new home

  3. I’m so excited for you two. Actually following your dream is something many people miss in life. Some don’t even have a dream so can’t appreciate the journey you’re about to take. I love the way you do your homework and research before jumping in but you don’t let it scare you. I’m confident you will have a safe and rewarding experience. Who knows where it will take you? Thank you for letting me be a small part of it by following your blog. As for me, I’m happily living my dream of living on a farm, riding often, traveling when able and always being open for the next adventure. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet up with you during your sails. You’ll always be just a plane ride away! (well maybe a couple of planes – lol) Hugs and best wishes to both of you and Josh, remember which niece Shea is to me! – Love, Vicki
    PS – I’ll get those pics posted soon.

  4. I am so glad you are keeping up on your blog. I try to read it every few days and am always happy to hear about all the nice people you are meeting. It is amazing to hear how God took care of your Christmas and is even giving you opportunities to make a few bucks.

  5. Sallie Hawkins

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Enjoy your adventure.

  6. jazz606

    Hello Josh

    Thanks for liking my boarding ladder. If you tried to send me an email the account shown no longer exists, try ah7659@gmail.com.

  7. Toy

    Any great fish stories yet? Or good portcall stories?

    • Josh

      Not to many yet, we are still working on the cabin top. We have met a lot of really nice people and are enjoying our time so we’re doing what we set out to do just not on the water yet. Shea did make the local paper apparently, she had gone for a walk one day and a local lady saw her near a drive way and questioned her very aggressively, then filed a police report for suspicious activity. I heard they posted it in the local paper, as far as I know nothing will come of the whole ordeal. I guess the police get reports from this person often enough.

  8. gramps

    yes maybe you are a strange shady lady.be careful out there. gramps

  9. Toy

    So….no logged miles yet, huh? This underway schedule is what I’ve been looking for in all my deployments. Anyways, what’s the ‘almost ready’ date for sailing?

  10. Bob

    Hey any pic?

    • Josh

      Yeah we will be putting more pictures up tonight and tomorrow night.

  11. Fred Whitson. Sv. Haleyanna

    Hello Josh and Shea. Mike and I are in Kilmarnock at Chesapeake boat basin. Saw a neat winch mount on a ketch here. Will try to send photo. Fred W

  12. Joseph williams

    josh you should post some pics of the boat and the new hair cut lol well hope all is well and life is going well for you

  13. Toy

    So when is Full Moon finally going out on deployment? I’m up here at Dahlgren till the end of July, so I can swing by and see what’s been changed.

  14. Josh

    Full Moon now has a new mooring, and we don’t have reliable internet right now. If you are planning a trip down sometime let me know and we’ll give you the tour, she is getting there and the good news is that things are being put together instead of being taken apart… mostly.

  15. Ron Brown

    Hey Josh & Shea, I met you in March on the other Topper Hermanson. Read you were doing some major wiring and were having problems with the engine. I would like to help in any way I can. I just completed rewiring my batteries and simplified my house & starting charging systems. If you’d like to talk send me an email with your number. Cheers, Ron & Terry on Golden Echo.

  16. Skip

    Hey guys! Looks like Tangier Island? Hope you’re enjoying yourselves. Miss the place.

    • Hi Skip!
      Yes, we did make it to Tangier! I got there a little after sunset and had to anchor in the middle of a field of crab pots. Around midnight Josh noticed our anchor was dragging and we spent almost almost 2 hours trying to make sure it would hold! We were there one night and then headed on to Onancock.

  17. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! We miss you! We had dinner at Dreamland. Love, Vicki and family

  18. Mcchain

    Hi josh and Shea! Have not heard from you guys in a long time! We are back home in va and preparing for Christmas. We wish you both a Merry Christmas and are always anxious to hear how you are doing and where you are now!
    Ed & Mary Ann

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